Season 6 Episode 17

Dr. Griffin

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 17, 2010 on FX

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  • Psychological Warfare

    More so than any other episode in a long while, Dr Griffin was a real valentine to the fans of this show. Shocking, absorbing and painfully honest, this was Sean and Christian laid bare, feelings put out on the table and exposing exactly who they are as people.

    It's a testament to Jennifer Salt's writing that a 40-minute episode almost entirely consisting of a bunch of people sitting around talking was ridiculously attention-grabbing. The dialogue here was insanely good ("I know where the bodies are buried"), while both Dylan Walsh and Julian McMahon put in some really wonderful performances. I'm always in awe of TV actors who are able to memorize so much dialogue with just a couple of days notice.

    Both Sean and Christian's interpretations of one other made for compelling viewing. Sean's picture of his family was revealing (he's apart from them both mentally and physically), while I loved the dialogue where Sean was berating Christian for constantly being around him all the time, and choosing to live in an apartment with so few walls, as if he's worried that Sean will disappear if he can't see him at all hours. Elsewhere, the moment where Christian unveiled the word he'd use to describe Sean was flawless: "ALCOHOLIC". Sean's always been a victim of self-abuse: drinking, cutting himself a couple of seasons back. His constant back-and-forth over getting away from Christian this very season could also be an example of that. Then there are his doomed relationships and his repeated attempts to get back together with Julia.

    Thinking about it, you can't really picture Sean on his own. While you could imagine Christian surviving as a lone ranger, out in the world by himself, Sean would just self-destruct without his 'brother'. He's always being manipulated by others. Maybe this is a fault of Christian's though; just look at the season premiere with the college flashbacks. I can't help but feel like Sean's gonna die in the end. This whole season has been setting him up for a bitter fall.

    Liz's participation in therapy was really interesting, especially when describing her and the rest of the supporting cast as "elevator music" for Sean and Christian. They're both so consumed with each other, while everybody else just flows in and out of their lives, especially in recent seasons. Meanwhile, Liz's pregnancy came as a surprise, but I can't see why she would seek out Sean for sperm. While it would have been impossible for Christian to father the child since he had a vasectomy this season, I've never gotten the impression that Liz and Sean had as strong a relationship as she does with Christian, despite the recent craziness they went through. Still, it's great to see the writers re-visiting one of my favorite Liz storylines (her wanting a child) for the final run.

    Matt's appearance frustrated me. While I support his decision to stay away from his dads, his complete dumping of responsibility for his numerous screw-ups onto his parents was another example of his complete immaturity, while he's done this same routine so many times before that you just know he's going to end up a mess again. Poor Ramona, getting suckered into this dude. But, if he has told her the whole truth of his life so far, she must be kinda moronic to voluntarily shack up with a sister-screwin', self-circumcisin', meth-smokin', tranny-schtuppin', mime-robbin' ex-con. Matt needs to die. Period.

    One of the most adult, interesting and absorbing episodes in the history of Nip/Tuck, Dr Griffin moved me like few episodes have done. It was almost unfortunate when something crazy happened and we got crazy women shooting people in their faces. I know this episode has been pretty polarizing, but for me it was something necessary for both the show and the characters, especially so close to the end.

    Director: Tim Hunter
    Writer: Jennifer Salt
    Rating: A+