Season 5 Episode 7

Dr. Joshua Lee

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 11, 2007 on FX
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Sean tries to regain his youth through his relationship with Eden. A violent and traumatic event causes Julia to question her relationship with Olivia. In an effort to better her life, Kimber makes a decision that devastates Matt.

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  • This episode isn't the first episode to jump the shark but it rubs your face in the fact the show jumped a long time ago.

    on the director's commentary from the first season dvd they mention that the series should not take place in LA because it would mimic other shows. by moving to LA the show not only manages to make me hate every character but it makes me look at my tv with a "what the hell are you thinking" frown when someone is talking. these characters could not be more messed up. the low points of this episode are:

    -Matt catches fire

    -Liz talks about her UFO sighting

    -Julia and Olivia rip off David's car jacking from Six Feet Under -A completely useless scene about a Rape Kit test (the cop must have been somebodies cousin or won a contest or something stupid)moreless
  • There's really only one thing that brings this - otherwise - phenomenal episode down: Julia.

    Well this was a fantastic episode with great storylines. But Julia's wasn't.

    I honestly don't think she's lesbian. I dont have problem with being homosexual but it makes no sense for her to be that. Besides, it's just an annoying storyline! I hated how she blamed Sean for sleeping with Eden. She's young, yes. So what? Julia's sleeping with Olivia! She's a girl!

    In addition, Olivia and Julia got carjacked: so-so. It was funny to see how scared Olivia was then afterwards how she pretended to be fine. I dont like her character... not even one bit.

    Sean's somewhat hypocrite too but its sort of part of his character development. However the fact that he ignores what Eden has done to his daughter worries me.

    But I did like Sean's attempt at being young again. Aidan is a cool guy, and I like Bradley Cooper alot.

    Kimber and Matt finally break up - FINALLY!!!! But hmm. Matt at the end - fantastic scene, especially how the music stops immediately after he falls into the pool. Kimber - she's back to her old self . . . Being a pornstar.

    Christian sending off Matt was my favourite scene of the show. Matt really deserved that one after all the crap he's done in the past seasons... And admittedly, it was getting really annoying that EVERY TIME either Sean, Christian or Julia supported him in his stupidity.

    There's one more thing: the patient of the week. So he was really abducted by aliens? Right. That was maybe a little over the top for this show, but still pretty cool.

    Overall, this episode is keeping up the high standards of S5.moreless
  • Overrated, but good...

    I have to say that, given the score of this episode, I expected more. Nonetheless, this was better than it needed to be to get things moving. The brief interlude with Julia and Olivia being kidknapped ran far shorter than I expected or it should have - I expected it to run for the entire duration of the episode, resulting in some form of a death perhaps.

    Death seemed to pervade through the episode, resulting in Matt's rather unfortunate situation at the end of the show. I was expecting Matt to be killed in the meth explosion, yet at the same time, one must consider the episode "Connor McNamara 2029", which, if we assume it to be an accurate prediction of the future, tells us that no primary players will die.

    The alien storyline was interesting, and rather smartly, as with the "Agatha Ripp" episode, they didn't delve too far into the transcendtal and kept things ambiguous.moreless
  • A bit of wow

    Alien abduction? At first was a little bit laughable... but then I kinda started to like it.. Even if it was kinda stupid... And Matt.... Oh my. Not him! He is one of my favorite characters from this show... and it breaks my heart. I hope he doesn't die.. can't even stand the tought. Anyway.. Eden is pissing me off... she's the b****! Kimber is nothing compared to her! But it's kinda good because she spice up the action a little bit. In conclusion... it was a nice episode.. not that good as in the old times but good enough to keep me tuned in.moreless
  • Carjackers And Abductees Written And Directed by Brad Falchuk

    Julia (re Olivia panicking): "When she's scared she has a right to be"

    Carjacker: "And you're not scared? Are you the man?"

    After a slew of shaky episodes that haven't been providing much in terms of water cooler moments this season, it seems we're finally in luck. Here is an episode that is both awesome and eventful. Unfortunately like "Sal Perri" back in Season Three, it's a little experimental and not the kind that has sat well with other viewers. To be honest, that's a shame because for the first time this season, I felt we had something rather powerful.

    First thing is first – the Julia and Olivia plot of the episode. It's been well publicised before Season Five hits the screens that these two would go through a terrible carjacking ordeal and here is the episode in which this happens. When Six Feet Under did this plot with the episode "That's My Dog", it too generated a fair amount of flack but that's where the similarity ends.

    I said that because we don't have through scenes of Julia and Olivia fantasising about their kidnapper nor do we have to see them crapping in the streets. Give how Nip/Tuck wouldn't be adverse to that sort of thing it's a bit of a surprise really. Julia and Olivia happened to be in a heated argument when some random bloke pulls a gun on them.

    First he forces Julia to empty out her ATM while Olivia breaks down and in the car; he comes up with the deduction that they're lovers. As soon as he did, I'll admit to dreading where this was going to go as a plot. What are the odds that this creep would either try to rape them or force them to degrade themselves for his own ends?

    Suffice to say, the evil bastard forced them to strip but while Olivia was increasingly losing her nerve, Julia suddenly found hers. I actually love Julia when she's really being assertive and what not and seeing her kick a sex toy at the carjacker because she couldn't hurt Olivia reinforced some respect for me.

    Now as for the performances and the women's reaction to being held hostage, I was impressed. Neither Olivia's fear and panicking or Julia's attempts to reason and then her righteous anger felt remotely untrue. I've never seen Portia De Rossi do any real dramatic acting but she totally nailed her scenes so beautifully. Then again, I'm still happy that six episodes in, Olivia is still a sympathetic character.

    The bummer about Julia and Olivia's carjacking experience (aside from the fact it happened to them at all) was that instead of it bringing them closer together, it seems to further their divide as a couple. Julia's still got hang ups about being in a relationship with a woman and Olivia's need for Julia to prove her commitment doesn't help matters either.

    It also doesn't help that Julia called Christian to pick her and Olivia up from the police station. It's clear that Olivia views Christian as a threat and her fears are justified really. A part of me thinks that Christian is resentful of Olivia getting Julia to sleep with him to get him out of her system. Julia's gun training session with Christian later on yields some predictable results too. You have to wonder if the writers do actually listen to their audiences sometimes because I am far from the only viewer who doesn't buy Christian's longing for Julia. That woman gets more bored and restless than him. A relationship between the two of them wouldn't last and Christian at this stage in his life should be more careful with who he chooses to screw around with. This might sound terrible but it's not Sean's feelings that I'm worried about, it's Olivia's. If Julia can't commit to Olivia then she should dump her and Olivia can hook up with Liz. Blowing hot and cold with Olivia isn't fair on either of them.

    Also another thing that Olivia will find problematic is Sean screwing her antichrist of a daughter. Yeah, after all of her weeks of scheming, Eden has finally gotten Sean to fool around with her. When Nip/Tuck do sex scenes that make you want to vomit, they do them pretty well and seeing Sean and Eden have at it is pretty vomit inducing in it's own right.

    Of course Eden doesn't want a long term boyfriend and she's quick to belittle Sean in order to keep control of him. Luckily for Sean, the amoral but weirdly funny Aidan gives him some tips to fight with fire. Now Aidan in a lot of ways is a Junior Christian, except for the fact that's he famous and a bit younger.

    The things that Sean can't bond or understand about with Christian are the things he's able to embrace with Aidan. I mean they get pampered together and Sean isn't exactly repulsed when Aidan gives him advice on how to seduce younger women. No if anything Sean is pretty happy to embrace this advice.

    When Eden arrives at Aidan's little party, Sean gets her back by playing cool. Instead of following her around like a love sick puppy, he barely registers her. Seeing Eden getting jealous is oddly intriguing. I still hate the woman but I liked how she had to fight for Sean's affections. Too bad their latest sex session then put Sean in hospital. Well that and the adverse reaction to Ecstasy. Then again I'd need drugs to tolerate Eden, never mind sleep with her.

    As if getting humiliated wasn't bad, Sean then had to listen to Julia bust his balls over Eden. Granted the woman had a valid point but was she really in a position to pass judgements? Even Christian was able to bite his tongue for once by reminding Sean that he too had a penchant for screwing younger woman. That was one of three things Christian did in this episode to gain some respect.

    Julia on the other hand went for the jugular with Eden. For weeks I've wanted to see that antichrist get her just desserts and having Julia get in her face about sleeping with Sean was satisfying. For a moment Eden did look a bit scared but something tells me that she'll probably repay Julia for that confrontation. We know how good Eden happens to be with a hidden camera.

    Of course Eden isn't the only evil and pathetic person here. There is of course Matt and Kimber who also embody those characteristics pretty well. They think by becoming clean and telling Sean and Christian about their crack addiction, they'll get money. Wrong! Sean and Christian actually have the sense to more or less tell them to go screw themselves.

    Kimber isn't exactly used to supporting herself so she thinks that getting Christian to do surgery on for free will help. Luckily Christian has some restraint and manages to not succumb to her pitiful attempts of coming on to him. Kimber really doesn't any self-respect for herself. Her reasons for doing crack were lame enough but demanding that Christian do her surgery for free on the grounds of leaving Matt is low even for her.

    Christian does agree to do it and Kimber more or less lives up to her word. Matt managed to get himself a crap job in order to support her and Jenna and Kimber further humiliates him by admitting she's sleeping with Ram and cruelly telling him that she never loved him. It's amazing that in five seasons, Kimber has gone from a Grade A Irritant to an unsympathetic **** of the highest order.

    She's deluding herself if she thinks that Ram actually cares about her. Like Christian, Merrill and any other guy who has an advantage, he'll tire of her quicker than sales of her next porn film. Kimber mentions her looks being her only asset but with the way she's going, even they won't help her out.

    A part of me was pleased that Matt slapped. He looked like he regretted it but Kimber's becoming so bad, Eden could almost look good compared to her. It doesn't help that Matt's feckless attitude then has Christian ostracising him as well. Matt deals with that rejection in a mature manner – by setting his motel and self alight. If Matt wasn't so death defying stupid, I'd feel for him. That boy needs to grow up because even with a sugar daddy, Kimber's still gonna be a destructive influence on Jenna's life. We know he cares about his daughter but he really does need to prove. Plus Kimber deserves ultimate pain after her antics in this episode alone.

    Well with all the chaos going around, I suppose an interesting patient wouldn't pop up. Luckily one actually does in the form of Dr Joshua Lee, an astrophysicist who asks Sean and Christian to remove an implant that aliens put into him. I know some people found this plot stupid but compared to ageing male escorts and gay fashionistas, I thought this was enjoyable.

    Sean and Christian were their usually cynical selves in regards to the idea of little green men in flying saucers but even Liz was able to believe Joshua. It's also funny that when Wendy (his daughter) and some orderlies claim him, you get the feeling that something doesn't quite add up. I didn't believe that Joshua was being delusional (or had Alzheimers) so when the real Wendy showed up, I was glad in feeling justified in those feelings.

    Sean and Christian realised that they might have misjudged Joshua and now there's a somewhat potentially interesting mystery for the season. Unusual perhaps but we could get something brilliant out of this and everyone was shocked when that implant bolted as well. What could possibly be going on here?

    Also in "Dr Joshua Lee"

    Both Joshua Lee and Kimber were the only patients in this episode. How many surgeries has Kimber actually blagged for free now? I've lost count.

    Sean: "This is wrong"

    Eden: "It was inevitable".

    Eden admitted to Sean that she has Daddy issues after their first tryst. You'd think something like that would turn Sean off.

    Matt (re himself/Kimber to Sean/Christian): "I know you guys are disappointed in me but can't you see us for what we have overcome?"

    Christian: "I guess the aliens aren't intelligent enough to prevent Sepsis" Joshua: "I picked that out with a hanger".

    Can I just say, I loved the casting of Hudson Leick as the fake Wendy. She'll always be Callisto to me but she was great even if it did take me a bit to recognise her.

    Julia: "Why do I have to decide whether I'm gay or straight?"

    Olivia: "Choosing your sexuality shows your commitment to me".

    Carjacker (re the sex toy/Olivia): "Use it on her"

    Julia: "Use it on yourself, ****

    Olivia mentioned that her gay friends advised her against dating Julia. There's a valid reason behind that cliché. Christian (to the cop): "Why don't you take your rape kit and put it next to your box of donuts?"

    Sean: "Is this gonna take away all my grey?"

    Aidan: "Look at me. My hair is like a 12 year old".

    Aidan and Sean made for a sexy duo at that party. Loved Aidan's little devil outfit and doing yoga in his underwear in this episode.

    Sean (re alien implant): "Send it for tests"

    Liz: "Where?"

    Matt: "Are you going somewhere?"

    Kimber: "You're going nowhere which is why I'm leaving".

    Would it have killed the writers to have given Ram some piece of dialogue in this episode?

    Matt (re Ram): "Did you sleep with him?"

    Kimber: "Of course I did and it was the first time I've came in months".

    Sean (to Julia/Christian): "Do you know what I'm now when I smile at 20 year old girls – a creepy old man".

    Standout music: There was plenty of variety with this episode but the big ones were "I'm Not A Pretty Girl" by Ani DiFranco, "Rabbit Fur Coat" by Jenny Lewis and for pure cheese value, "Total Eclipse Of The Heart" by Bonnie Tyler.

    Christian (re Joshua): "He did say you were fat"

    Real Wendy: "I have a thyroid condition".

    Christian (to Matt): "You need to grow up Matt and do it fast. Until then, consider yourself an orphan".

    Chronology: None is specified since "Damien Sands".

    I had reservations when I read some earlier reviews for this episode. Although I totally see why "Dr Joshua Lee" is loathed by the majority of viewers, I actually felt it was the first full blooded episode that we've had of the show in such a long time. Season Five certainly needs more full blooded episodes in this vein.moreless
George Coe

George Coe

Dr. Joshua Lee

Guest Star

Anil Kumar

Anil Kumar

Dr. Anakali

Guest Star

Hudson Leick

Hudson Leick

Fake Wendy

Guest Star

Portia de Rossi

Portia de Rossi

Olivia Lord

Recurring Role

AnnaLynne McCord

AnnaLynne McCord

Eden Lord

Recurring Role

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper

Aidan Stone

Recurring Role

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    • Eden: This was a "Get a it out of our systems" screw. Don't feel bad. After-sex clinging happens all the time. Especially with older guys.
      Sean: Are you saying there's no chemistry here?
      Eden: I like having sex with older men. It's a daddy thing. And... you're hot for your age. Even hotter 'cuz you used to screw the chick who's screwing my mom, but... I don't date guys with gray pubes.

    • Christian: (in a gun shop with Sean & Julia) A Republican is a Democrat who's been mugged.

    • Liz (about Kimber): This poor girl... trouble just walk along side her.
      Christian: Screw her. How many times have I fixed the outside of this succubus? And what changes on the inside, huh? Nothing. You know the definition of madness? When you do the same thing over and over and over expecting defferent results.
      Liz: The only mad thing about her, is that she still has feelings for you.
      Christian: Well, there comes a point where you just have to let go. Kimber has a disease of the soul. Get too close... you'll catch it.

    • Kimber: What about Jenna?
      Sean: Our granddaughter doesn't want nothing... except parental role models.

    • Christian: You want plastic surgery? Go to Tijuana. You want money? I'm sure Wendy's is hiring! You want sympathy? Ruddle it out to Oprah. The double daddy store is closed.

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