Season 5 Episode 8

Duke Collins

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 18, 2007 on FX

Episode Recap

Christian and Sean talk to their latest clients: a group of Christmas carollers who need surgery after being attacked by a group of thugs. The carollers hope to have their surgeries done for free, in return for offering their services to McNamara/Troy, brightening up the hallways by singing traditional Christian songs for them throughout the holidays. The doctors agree to the deal.

At their apartment, Sean convinces Christian and Julia to take part in their traditional Secret Santa game. Their happiness is interrupted when Sean receives a call telling him that Matt has been rushed to hospital following the explosion at the motel last episode. The doctors tell them that Matt is in a stable condition, but needs surgery for his burns. Julia is outraged to discover that Matt was using meth, and that Sean and Christian didn't tell her.

The surgery goes well, but Matt needs some skin grafts. Julia doesn't understand why Matt would do what he did, but Matt says he only did it because of his sadness over losing Jenna. Sean yells at Matt, telling him to stay away from their family over the holiday season.

At McNamara/Troy, Sean performs a consult on Duke Collins, a mall Santa who was shot in the face by a young child at work. In flashback, we see the child get on his lap, yelling at him for not getting him the gifts he wanted. He suddenly pulls out a gun and shoots him. Duke says that the kid was caught, but that he didn't press charges because of the kid's rough life. Sean is surprised at his kindness.

Later, Christian and Julia relax in bed after sleeping together. Julia tells him that she doesn't want to tell Sean about their relationship until after the holidays. Suddenly, Sean comes home. In desperation, Julia hides in the closet, while Christian tries to distract Sean and get him to leave the apartment as quickly as possible. Sean calls Julia's cellphone, and is surprised that it's in Christian's bedroom. He covers, saying that he accidentally picked it up when playing Secret Santa. Sean leaves to pick up a Christmas tree.

In hospital, Matt has flashbacks to the motel explosion, and meets his rehabilitation counselor, Rachel Ben Natan, an Israeli woman with horrific burns on her face. She tells Matt that she was disfigured after a terrorist blew himself up near her in a college attack in Israel years ago. Rachel continues, telling Matt that he can't let something bad destroy his entire life.

Julia tells Christian that she is visiting Kimber to try and get through to her and change her mind over Jenna. Christian comes with her. They find her and Ram at a porn party. Kimber explains that she and Ram are getting married, and that he will then legally adopt Jenna. Julia tells Kimber about Matt's accident, but Kimber doesn't care. Julia yells at her, saying that Kimber robbed Matt of his identity, but she won't rob him of his daughter. Kimber throws the pair out of the party, Ram wishing them Merry Christmas as they leave.

Meanwhile, Eden prepares a fruitcake at her apartment. She pours a small vial of mysterious orange liquid into the mixture, and puts it in the oven. Julia returns home, and Eden tells her that she made the fruitcake for her as a peace offering. Eden apologizes for her behavior and her anger toward her from the start of her relationship with Olivia. Julia is surprised by her kindness, and eats a slice of the cake. She also says that she wants Eden to join them at the family Christmas gathering. As Eden leaves, she snarls at Julia that the cake's "all your's".

At the hospital, Matt and Rachel talk about her past in the Israeli army. Christian and Julia show up, and tell Matt about Kimber's plans and how unlikely it is that he'll win custody. Julia tells Matt to grow up, and that he wouldn't be able to raise a child. Rachel attacks them, and tells Matt that he should stop looking for his parents to rescue him, and get back his child. Christian leaves to talk to Rachel, while Julia suddenly comes over a little faint and drowsy.

Christian offers Rachel free surgery for her disfigurement, but she turns him down. She claims that she's happy. Not a martyr, but a survivor.

At the apartment, Christian and Julia decorate the Christmas tree, and Julia continues to feel drowsy. Sean notices that Julia has her cellphone, and Julia says that she's been leaving things hanging around a lot recently. The three of them open their Secret Santa gifts, and Sean is shocked when Christian buys Julia beautiful jewelry. He immediately realizes that they've been sleeping together. Sean is angry, and thinks it's unacceptable that Christian thought it was okay just because he and Julia are divorced. Christian says that he and Julia love each other.

The next morning, Christian tells Sean that the only thing that could ever break them apart is Julia, and that if their relationship upsets Sean so much, he'll end it. Sean says that he doesn't know if he'll be able to give them his blessing.

Sean performs a follow-up consult on Duke Collins, and they are interrupted by a woman and her son. They are Duke's wife and son. The son is none other than the boy who shot him. Nancy Collins is angry that Duke stole child support money to use on emergency surgery. Nancy wants Duke to apologize to his son for abandoning him. The Christmas carollers enter, and Nancy suddenly pulls out a gun, hitting one of the carollers. The police take Nancy away, and the caroller is taken to hospital. Duke leaves too, and his son is taken away by child services.

Sean visits Matt in hospital, and asks him to spend Christmas with him and his family. Matt turns him down, as he has made plans with Rachel. Sean tells Matt that he thought everything would be fine when his own father left, and that he is just replaying with Matt what his father did with him. Sean gives him a wooden box that his father gave him before he left, and begs Matt to forgive him. He tells him to keep the box. He'll never be a decent man if he keeps being somebody's child. Matt wishes him a Merry Christmas and leaves for the burn unit.

Sean, Christian, Julia, Liz, Annie, Conor, Wilbur, Olivia and Eden all gather at the apartment. Christian watches as Julia and Olivia flirt, and Liz and Olivia see each other and smile. Sean has given Christian and Julia his blessing. Eden enters and sees Sean, who turns away from her and walks away. Eden and Julia hug and Eden gives her a gift, which surprises Olivia.