Season 6 Episode 2


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 21, 2009 on FX

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  • GREAT EPISODE! Storyline was dramatic and excellent!

    Nip/Tuck is officially back to its roots with the patient Enigma having all those scars in his face and ends up killing his whole family! Christian will never change, Liz drops lawsuit. Kimber looks for new ways of making money, (well not that new!) Sean gets himself in trouble with two maniacs, Teddy and the emo chick! Teddy is a backstabbing whore! Where is Matt in the episode, Julia? Annie? Btw, The conversation between Liz and Kimber was intense! Liz told her off big time! This season is intense and cannot wait to see whats in store for the final season.

  • First great Nip/Tuck episode for a long time

    It seems like the writers are going back "to the roots" with this season. It was about time. I liked this episode very much; the focus on the characters, the little details like the hospital scenes that explore the darkness not only of the characters but of all people and our society. I loved the patient of the week and the nice unexpected twist when Enigma killed his parents after all. It felt like watching one of the first four seasons again. And if this season continues this direction, we really can hope for a great final seson and an ending that Nip/Tuck deserves.
  • Christian and Liz fight over money, which roots from the anger over the break up. Kimber and Christian decide to start a new venture and Sean has a difficult time coming to terms with his anxiety.

    The storyline of Enigma made a sense of relation to the sense that Christian is the heartless person everyone thinks he is, and even with a slight light of hope, he reverts to his old relationship patterns.

    Sean's storyline also relied on showing peoples nature,with a stumble in his ethics and some would say standards in woman. It ends up saddening me in the conclusion.

    All in all the Christian/Liz storyline was the most heartbreaking to watch, because of Christians obvious destruction in his relationships with woman, and his inability to be loved. Liz has obviously decided to cut the fat and move on with her life.
  • Crazy Is as Crazy Does

    I wasn't totally enamored with Sean's storyline (especially as it felt a lot like a retreat of past episodes, including his fling with Teddy 1.0 just last season), but Amy Price-Francis was great as the crazy self-harming junkie. Her deal reminded me a lot of the J.G. Ballard story and subsequent movie Crash, with the arousal as a result of something so violent and tragic. In this case, getting off on the injuries of others. I'm happy that it seemed just like a one-episode story though, as I'm not exactly eager to see Vivien again.

    Teddy was more interesting this week, especially as she's now set her sights on Sean's life insurance policy and appears to be weaseling her way back into Sean's bed. Rose was fine in some of her scenes but, while I love her as a person, she's not a great actor. And when you have somebody like Amy Price-Francis, who plays a crazy wingnut to a tee and even looks like Katee Sackhoff, it just makes Rose's flaws in this role all the more obvious.

    Really loved the entire Kimber/Christian storyline. Sure, it's more of Christian seeking sexual gratification from the one person he knows will give into him, but hot damn it was a fun subplot. From those awesome Korean manicurists ("Orange face push too hard") to the still-hot-after-all-these-years chemistry between Julian McMahon and Kelly Carlson, it was real good.

    Despite Kimber and Mike's relationship, there were a couple of moments in the episode where you could tell Kimber was still completely in love with Christian, occasional glances and little smiles here and there. And while Liz is right that she's once again falling for his tricks, I still cling to the hope that they'll get together in the end.

    Liz and Christian's divorce proceedings reached a climax, and while I'm sad to see Liz apparently ending their friendship, I'm happy this particular storyline is over. It never really worked for me.

    The patient of the week was pretty disturbing. Enigma himself gave me chills, but it was that shocking coda which really squicked me out. A really bleak ending, especially when Mr and Mrs McCloud appeared to only ever want their son back.

    Another impressive episode. Sure, there were a couple of blips, but those are easily excused when the general quality of the hour was so high. You can really tell the writers aren't phoning it in anymore, in an attempt to try and let this show go out on a high. People are still gonna complain, but boy am I satisfied so far.

    Director: John Scott
    Writers: Lyn Greene, Richard Levine
    Rating: B
  • Once again, the writers try too hard to come up with something weird, but the episode had its moments.

    Do you ever wonder why the characters never seem to question that they live in this alternate universe where you have a run in with a psychopath on a weekly basis? Or where plastic surgeons are unrealistically good and have ridiculously large penises? Sometimes I wish my life was that exciting...

    Where the hell was Matt this episode? Honestly I think he has the most interesting arc going on right now, which is kind of sad, really. I really like the addition of Mario Lopez this season. He's a good actor and I'm sure, like Quentin did, he will cause some havoc (well obviously not in the same way). I was kind of unsure of his acting abilities in season 4, but I like what he's brought to the table this time around.

    Sean's growing addiction is kind of fun to watch, but why does his turmoil always have to attract such weird-os? What was the point of Sean meeting this chick? I guarantee you we won't ever see her again. This was definitely the low point of the episode.

    The Christian/Kimber dynamic is getting kind of old. Ok, we get it: Christian is a manipulative jerk and Kimber falls for it. Big deal.

    Kind of disappointing, but there have been worse episodes.