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  • Season 7
    • No episodes have been added for this season of Nip/Tuck.
  • Season 6
    • Hiro Yoshimura
      Episode 19
      In the final and 100th episode of Nip/Tuck Christian must learn to let go of his best friend. Ava considers whether or not she can have a future with Matt, Sean says goodbye to his family, and Liz gets a promotion.
    • 2/24/10

      Edith and Walter Krieger (Hildy Brooks and Harold Gould) arrive at the McNamara/Troy offices to get their concentration camp number tattoos removed. Their daughter Allison (Amy Pietz) objects, claiming the tattoos are living history and undeniable proof of the Holocaust. Julia tells Sean and Christian that she is engaged and will be moving to England, and Ava (Famke Janssen) returns on the eve of Matt's wedding.

    • Dr. Griffin
      Episode 17
      Sean and Christian reveal secrets and lay bare past pains as they begin psychotherapy together. Liz and Matt take part as well, and divulge secrets of their own. Guest starring Melonie Diaz.
    • Christian Troy II
      Episode 16

      Christian Troy II is the sixteenth episode in the sixth season of FX's Nip/Tuck. Dr. McNamara and Dr. Troy discuss the popular trend of injectables, and fear that it may cause a decrease in their business. Christian undergoes a facelift and experiences strange anesthesia symptoms. Meanwhile, Liz goes accepts a date with a handsome drug representative.

    • Virginia Hayes
      Episode 15
      The teenage daughter of Escobar Gallardo seeks out Sean and Christian for answers about her late father and a seemingly common cosmetic procedure for a struggling actress leads to chaos, when Christian discovers the truth about her.
    • Sheila Carlton
      Episode 14
      Kimber's mother pays a visit under sad circumstances. In typical Christian fashion he takes advantage of her visit. Sean's dedication to leaving the practice for Doctors Without Borders hits a wall. Shelia Carlton, the patient of the week, comes in for surgery after being savagely attacked and half her face ripped off by a chimp.moreless
    • Joel Seabrook
      Episode 13
      The Christian and Kimber marriage is lacking where it matters most for the the bedroom. In an attempt to steam things up Christian begins a dangerous new sexual act with Kimber. When all fails Christian is forced to make a decision about his marriage. Sean's ever increasing disgust of Christian begins pushing him to leave the practice and pursue a long dreamed job far away from the practice. Kimber's ultimate failure to achieve happiness leads to a possible series changing event for Nip/Tuck.moreless
    • Willow Banks
      Episode 12
      Christian refuses to perform surgery on a patient who wants very questionable work done. Sean is faced with a patient who awakes from a long coma and wants a surgery to regain his lost years.
    • Dan Daly
      Episode 11
      A self mutilating patient checks into McNamara/Troy. Sean and Christian travel back to the University of Miami to accept an award.
    • Wesley Clovis
      Episode 10
      Sean hesitates when McNamara/Troy is requested to perform a surgical procedure on a prison inmate and Kimber has some life-changing news for Christian.
    • Benny Nilsson
      Episode 9
      Christian has to deal with his growing financial debt and Sean has an unexpected visitor...
    • Lola Wlodkowski
      Episode 8
      Christian meets Liz's friend and discovers a different side of him. Sean has difficulty getting over a consultation with a demanding couple.
    • Alexis Stone II
      Episode 7
      Christian gets another visit from Alexis and a questionable surgical request from Matt. Sean and Julia plot to get back at Erica for her dirty methods to get custody over their children and Erica learns some troubling details about her new husband.
    • Alexis Stone
      Episode 6
      In this episode the after effects of Sean's attempt at suicide has resulted in Julia's mother taking action and attempt at custody over their kids. Christian's jealousy over Kimber being with another man also shines light. Patient of the week is Alexis Stone who's surgery of choice comes as a shock for Christian.moreless
    • Abigail Sullivan
      Episode 5
      The Teddy story line wraps up dramatically in this episode with suprising revelations being made on her behalf. Julia makes a return to help with the troubled Matt, but instead hurts more than she helps. The Matt mime story line ends with a bang for both the story and Matts character overall. Meanwhile there is a patient who shares in her seperation anxiety with Sean who goes off on the deep end just like her.moreless
    • Jenny Juggs
      Episode 4
      Christian has a hard time understanding one of his patient's anger-management problem. Matt's secret is outed by Christian and Sean. Teddy, Sean, Annie and Connor go out on a camping trip.
    • 10/28/09
      Sean makes a life changing decision. Christian gives advice on relationships to Mike.
    • Enigma
      Episode 2
      Christian and Kimber start doing business together. Meanwhile, Sean is struggling to find a way to fix his insomnia.
    • Don Hoberman
      Episode 1
      Sean and Christian struggle to keep McNamara/Troy successful in this declining economy. Meanwhile, Matt and Kimber have mixed results in their career paths, as Sean keeps himself distant from Teddy.
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