Season 1 Episode 13

Escobar Gallardo

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 21, 2003 on FX

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  • Gracias

    Que buena manera de terminar la primera temporada. Aguda, divertida, nerve-wracking. En algún momento creí que no iba a tener las ganas suficientes como para empezar a ver la segunda, pero ahora sí. It´s not the best show ever but I need it. Aprendí un montón de él. Me divierto, me olvido por un rato de lo inocua que es mi vida. Bastante, no? Por lo que sabía antes de empezar a verla (su nombre: Nip/Tuck) es bastante. Y agradezco, lo menos que puedo hacer.
    Qué pasará con Christian y su hijo? De quién es hijo Matt? Qué será de la vida de... todos? I can´t wait to know...
  • mr escobar gets played...

    fantastic wrap up to a fantastic season. apart from the far too perfect face change escobar had, this was almost flawless.

    i love how the show has this overall storyline that keeps coming back from time to time... it keeps the suspense up and the characters involved.

    my favourite part apart from the ending is where sean confronts escobar. this is for several reasons. firstly, it was well acted. secondly, the dialoueg was great. thirdly... wow, i love escobar's character! sure, hes evil as hell, but hes really good.

    this is just like any other season 1 finale which means we get more of a conclusion ending rather than a cliffhanger ending, which was good. even, great.
  • Gallardo, Interrupted

    A near-perfect season finale, which brings together all the tension and craziness of the previous episodes and produces a great final hour. It also creates a lot of storyline opportunity for season two, including most importantly the issue of Matt's paternity, which Julia is still keeping quiet about before the credits roll.

    Escobar Gallardo continued to be a terrifying bad guy, and it was great to see him get caught by the authorities in the end. While the whole "new face ending up being one of a wanted criminal" twist ending was a little ridiculous, I was just glad that he was locked up. It wasn't fun seeing what he was doing to Sean's character, making him a complete loose cannon willing to shoot and kill him in order to get him out of the way. But at least that inadvertently did end up saving the day, since I'm sure Gallardo would have continued being the evil puppet master behind McNamara/Troy for as long as possible.

    Meanwhile, Gina went into labor, and ended up giving birth to a bi-racial baby. So obviously not Christian's. While in the long term it would clearly be wrong to completely humanize Christian, there's a part of me that was kinda disappointed that Christian wasn't the baby-daddy. You could really see the look of disappointment on his face after learning of Gina's "black-out sex", especially as he'd grown so much as a person since he discovered her pregnancy.

    It was great to see Kimber again, even though she's turned into a huge coke fiend since her last appearance. And while it's sad in theory, you can't help but laugh when Bobolit's empire crumbles around him. He was always a complete jerk, so it's kinda neat to see him end up a failure, all because of that damn show dog.

    While most shows usually produce a mixed bag of episodes during their first seasons, Nip/Tuck never really faltered in its opening year. It didn't take long for the show to find its footing, and produced some of quirkiest, disturbed, convoluted and ultimately endearing characters on TV. Roll on season two!

    Director: Ryan Murphy
    Writer: Ryan Murphy
    Rating: A

    Very nice ending! I didn't expected at this kind of a final. The way Sean and Troy handled with Escobar was extremely smart.His face when he gets caught is priceless!! Even I couldn't think of a better plan (and I'm the smartest person I know - yeah, I'm very modest). I was starting to like Escobar (don't ask why),but they will not get rid of him so fast (as you'll see in the next seasons). And I adoreeeeee that song when Escobar appears (from Gary Neuman,Cars) it fits him.Strange. Anyways, the episode is one of my favorites,it's well written,as many others from this season,and very unexpected.I love it
  • A great way to end the series.

    Sean and Christian are still doing drug deller, Escobar Gallardo's dirty work. Taking implants out of drug mules whenever he snaps his finger.

    Sean is at breaking point and the surgery is hitting tough times as the guys aren't getting any cash in and their competitor Merl is stealing all their business.

    Desperate for money they nearly take on a client who want's surgery done to his dog. The refuse and Merl takes on the client. It appears that Merl may be ruined because the Dog dies while in surgery and he is being sued for 10 million dollars.

    During a drug filled implant removement, Escobar orders Sean and Christian to take out one of the girls Kidney's. Sean refuses and Escobar shoots Liz. Later after Sean and Christian are finished they send Liz away on a holiday.

    Julie and Sean's marriage is in tatters and Sean being a desperate man, trades in Julie's wedding ring for a gun, where he confronts Escobar. He can't kill him but. Escobar says one more surgery and they are free. Change his face.

    Christian pleads with Julie to stick buy Sean as he needs her more than ever if he is to get through this. This works as Julie and Sean seem to be safe again for now.

    Gina has the baby but Christian is shocked to find that when it comes out it is a drak skinned child.

    Christian and Sean do a full work over on Escobar and we flash forward to four months later when he is totally healed. He is arrested by the F.B.I at an airport but not for being Escobar. Instead Sean and Christian have altered him to look like another criminal even higher on the F.B.I 10 most wanted list than Escobar.

    This was a brilliant way to finish off a fine first season of Nip/Tuck. Not the best episode of the season but a great way to finish it ff none the less.

    Changing Escobar into another criminal was a stroke of genius and the look on Christians face when he pulled out a black baby was priceless.

    9.8/10 for this one
  • Sean: \"Is this where you thought we\'d be at forty Christian? Further behind and more confused then we were at twenty four.\"

    I was pleasantly surprised when McNamara/Troy turned down the dog as a client, even though they desperately needed the money. It was a delight for me to watch as Bobolit then took on the dog and accidentally killed him; resulting in a ten million dollar lawsuit. I was glad that Christian and Sean\'s ethically right choice ended up helping them out, and that bozo Bobolit is finally out of business.
    I couldn\'t believe Escobar today. The breast implants full of heroin weren\'t enough; he actually wanted the doctors to steal one of the girl\'s kidneys. I was glad Sean finally decided to take a stand, although it resulted in Liz getting harmed. I actually gasped out loud when Escobar shot Liz. But what a trooper she is. Even after getting shot, Sean and Christian still practically had to force Liz to leave until she recovered. She just wanted to stay and help.

    Gina doesn\'t seem to have a lot of faith in Christian\'s parenting skills. I was happy when Julia defended him, because frankly Gina\'s not any better. I was surprised when Gina\'s baby turned out to be black, and even more so when Christian said he wanted to raise the child anyway, knowing fully well it wasn\'t his. It seems like these last couple of months have changed him a little bit, as the old Christian never would have raised the child of another man.

    Julia finally got the guts to find out the results of the paternity test. She looked disappointed when she found out. This could be because Sean isn\'t Matt’s father, or because she was secretly hoping Christian was the father and it turned out to be Sean. Julia\'s a tough character to read sometimes. It looks like we\'ll have to wait till season two find out the truth.

    This was a solid finale that managed to wrap up many questions, while leaving just enough open to make us come back for the next season.

    Final Notes and Quotes

    - Okay yeah, I admit there were a lot of things wrong with that ending. But it was still a fun twist.

    - Sean: \"It\'s ironic isn’t it? You\'re staring a family and I\'m loosing one.\"

    - I was glad Julia came back to Sean in the end.

    - Gina and Christian were actually amiable towards each other today. The both of them trying to have sex, with Gina\'s stomach getting in the way, was just hilarious.

    - Sean (to Julia): \"Don\'t you give up on me.\"

    - Kimber seemed very bitter towards Christian today, calling him a \"serial heartbreaker\".

    - Speaking of Kimber, I can\'t believe Merril\'s marrying Kimber without getting a prenup. Can you say idiot? Although I’m not sure how much money he has left to loose, considering he just got sued.

    - Gina: \"I need you to make love to me.\"
    Christian: \"You better have made a kick-ass dessert.\"
    Gina: \"I’m serious Christian. I’ve got to get this baby out of me. My back aches and my bowels are backed up like a stadium toilet.\"
    Christian: \"Your seduction skills need a little work, sweetheart\"

    Final Rating: 3 out of 4 stars.

    - Tim Bronx
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  • A great way to end the season.

    When performing yet another surgery to remove heroin implants for Escobar, Sean and Christian are asked to help him harvest organs, in this case, one of the girl's kidneys, so that Escobar can sell them for money. Sean and Christian refuse until Escobar shoots Liz in the leg and threatens to kill her.

    Christian goes to Bobolit's home to talk to him about a false add showing Kimber's body, which Christian fixed himself, was actually done by Bobolit. As you can imagine, Christian was extremely annoyed by this and wanted the ad taken out of the magazine, but Bobolit wouldn't budge. It is obvious that Bobolit wants to run McNamara/Troy out of business and Christian out of town. While waiting for Bobolit, we see Kimber again, who has become very fond of cocaine. Christian almost pities her because it's obvious she isn't that happy, although she is getting married to Bobolit without having to sign a pre-nup, and has become somewhat depressed.

    When Sean comes home late at night, again, he finds Julia sitting at their kitchen table. You can tell by the look in her eyes that she has had enough. After she mentions the check Sean gave Matt bouncing and her credit cards not working, she tells him that she doesn't know who he is anymore and gives him back her wedding ring to sell for money. He insists that she should keep it, but Julia says that by giving it up, she is admitting what they both knew but would never say - their marriage has been over for a long time.

    Sean moves into a little motel/hotel rather than staying at home and is convinced that he and Julia will be getting a divorce.

    Christian has sex with Gina to help her have the baby sooner.

    A rejected client of Sean and Christian's goes to Bobolit's for a hair transplant surgery on his dog, although the dog dies on the table and Bobolit is sued for ten million dollars. This is great for Sean and Christian, seeing as Bobolit was their biggest competitor for business and he probably just lost all of his clients after THAT one.

    Sean decides to use Julia's wedding ring to but a gun, and goes to Escobar's, where he is called on the fact that there is obviously a gun sticking out of his pants. Escobar dares Sean to shoot him, but Sean realizes he can't because he is not like Escobar before he can pull the trigger. He and Sean work out a deal that McNamara/Troy will give him a new face so that he is a free man again if he, Escobar, leaves he and Christian alone and does not demand anymore surgeries.

    Back at his apartment, Christian is trying to get a hold of Sean but there is no answer to his cell phone. While thinking about what it is Sean could be doing, Gina's water breaks and the two head to the hospital for the arrival of baby, Wilbur. Christian decides to deliver Gina's baby, and when it is born, there isn't exactly a father-son resemblence. It is now, in the delievery room, that Christian knows he is not the father of Gina's baby...because Wilbur is black.

    After a talk from Christian earlier in the episode, Julia is informed of what exactly Sean is dealing with, being Escobar, and understands that he cannot make it through this stage in his life without her. Julia goes to the place where Sean is staying and they hug.

    Back at the hospital, Sean and Julia come to see the baby together, only to become confused and then have the situation made clear when they lay eyes on Wilbur. Despite the fact that it is OBVIOUS that Christian is not Wilbur's father, he still agrees to help raise him as if he were his own son.

    When Christian and Sean perform the surgery to give Escobar a new face, they give him the face of a man even higher on the FBIs most wanted list. Escobar is unaware of this until he is brought down by police in an airport.

    I don't understand why Christian wants to help raise Wibur. Yes, he did build Wilbur's crib and fell in love with the baby while he was still inside Gina, but he is not Wilbur's father, McNamara/Troy is not doing its best as far as money, and I wouldn't be able to look at Wilbur's mother after her saying that he was the only man that she slept with and constantly nagging about the fact that she has supposedly been celebate for eight months.

    I hope things between Sean and Julia work out, although the entire time I've been watching the show it doesn't seem like they ever really had a steady relationship, so it seems things might end badly for them.
  • Every Dog Has It's Day Written And Directed by Ryan Murphy

    Sean (to Christian): “Ironic isn’t it? Just as you’re starting a family, I’m losing one”.

    This episode had a lot almost in it. Sean almost did lose his family, Christian almost gained a biological one and the lads overall almost went under thanks to both Merrill Bobolit and Escobar Gallardo but luckily in 75% of these scenarios they triumphed – just about!

    Things had been getting to a head with Sean and Julia for a while and it took a lot to remind Julia why she fell in love with him and I’m glad it was Christian who helped to get them on the right road. That scene at the motel where she just simply asked him to come home was what even I wanted to hear throughout the entire first season, let alone Sean but before we can totally revel in their reunion, there is the issue with Matt’s paternity, which not so shockingly is left unknown. I really hope Matt is Sean’s son despite not looking like him at all but I have a nasty feeling he mightn’t be. There were scenes in the first five minutes of the episode with Julia and Gina watching Matt’s birth on tape and the closeness between her and Christian is noticeably present throughout the finale.

    Even Gina notices Julia and Christian’s attraction and watching his tenderness on tape, she momentarily views him in a different light and butters him up into having sex with in order to go into labour, in one of the hour’s most hilarious scenes you’ll ever see. It must work because soon enough, she’s in labour and voila - Wilbur has arrived in the world. Now the sting in the tail is that Wilbur is black and Gina can’t remember the biological father because she had blackout sex. I felt bad for Christian and it will be interesting to see if he can actually take on the responsibility of raising another man’s child with a woman he barely gets along with. Speaking of unfond women, little miss annoying herself Kimber is back. I’d say it’s amazing to see how a character can devolve in a space of one whole season but seeing as Kimber was never interesting in the first place, it’s not. Even I was expecting her to have developed some standards but sadly she’s digressed into a drug-addled, money hungry, embittered, soon to be trophy wife to Bobolit, who also shows signs of tiring of her.

    Meanwhile for the crux of the finale, I had pondered how our favourite surgeons were going to escape from Escobar’s clutches but even I wasn’t prepared for what they had up their sleeves. Okay it was namely Sean, with a newfound stubborn steel that saved their asses but it took a lot of pushing from Escobar to force Sean to be underhanded. This is a man (Escobar) who happily tortured Christian, threatened Julia and shot at Liz without so much as blinking and treats women in a disgusting and callous manner. I knew Sean would back out of killing him just as I knew Escobar was bullshitting when he told Sean if him and Christian changed his entire appearance, they’d be free. Sean knew this too and in a great sense of revenge, the lads transformed him into another criminal and probably tipped the feds to nab him at the airport. The guy’s degrading gopher jobs for Escobar may have given them some in how they need to handle the ever recurring problems in their professional and personal lives and their protection of Liz by sending her away proved these men (including Christian) are capable of selflessness like everyone else and their refusing a certain patient, ended giving Bobolit some much need just desserts.

    Also in “Escobar Gallardo”

    The guys have been operating on ten of Escobar’s girls for the past month and these women were the only patients for them in the finale.

    Christian: “From model to maid in less than six months, that’s quite a slippery tumble down life’s slope, sweetheart”
    Kimber: “I’m hardly a maid, Christian. In fact, I tell the maids what to do now”.

    Gina (re giving birth): “Did you have any pain at all?”
    Julia: “Not until my oldest got to be 15 and now it doesn’t stop”.

    Speaking of Matt, he only appeared in one scene in the entire episode. Even Liz had more to do here, not that I’m complaining about that.

    Julia: “No-one could fault us for finally admitting we can’t do it anymore”
    Sean: “My Grandmother thought you were perfect for me”.

    Bobolit (to Debbie): “If I wanted to be emasculated, I’d stay at home with my girlfriend”.

    Bobolit the bonehead operates on a dog that dies in theatre and gets sued. I hope it was enough to ruin him good and proper.

    Gina: “I’m serious Christian. I’ve got to get this baby out of me. My back aches, my bowels are backed up like a stadium toilet”
    Christian: “Your seduction skills need work”.

    Sean (re Escobar): “You see how he treats women like they’re sub-human”
    Liz: “Hasn’t stopped me working with Christian”.

    Are the writers going to address whether Grace is still part of this show or not, already?

    Chronology is nine months since the “Pilot” to start off with, then it flash-forwards to four months later when Escobar Gallardo/Jorge Barnes gets arrested.

    Sean: “I don’t have your ring”
    Julia: “I don’t care, come home”.

    Standout music in this episode was Gary Newman’s “Cars”, Sweet Stuff’s “Freaky (To You)” and “Following” by Chungking.

    For a first season finale, “Escobar Gallardo” was a satisfying, if pretty standard ending to a great first season. However strangely enough, although the episode doesn’t end on a major cliffhanger, many arcs are still unresolved, which amps the expectations of the second season.

  • Great Season Finale.

    In the season one finale of Nip/Tuck, Escobar is threating Sean and Christian even more and they are doing surgeries and even taking girls' kidneys and giving them to Escobar. While Christian learns that Gina's baby is actually black and someone elses from an SA meeting. Christian is very disapointed but swears to take care of him as if he were his own son.

    This was one of the best season finales of a series and I really liked this episode especially Christians face when he saw the baby. I also liked the plot twist with Escobars new look and how they tricked him and gave him a face that's even higher on the top ten most wanted in America than he is.

    Overall this was a fine episode and it def. deserves some credit. Two thumbs up.
  • Great finale that functioned both to resolve some things, but leave other things open. Episode summary included in review.

    Finishing a first season, likely before the pilot had even aired, is hard to do. If a show isn’t renewed, the writers would love to create a sense of closure to make those who did tune in satisfied. As insurance, some stories are left open to be explored and resolved in the future. Nip/Tuck was faced with this dilemma. Luckily, Nip/Tuck was renewed and they were able to balance the closure with the loose threads for a jam packed hour.

    Sean is working on another mule, as Thomas Dolby’s “She Blinded Me with Science” plays in the background. They have really done a great job with the music selection in these final episodes. The surgery is different from prior procedures as well, with jump cuts as the implants are removed. Escobar stands nearby collecting the implants after Pepe cleans them. They’ve operated on ten girls in a month: Sean wants to know when it’ll end. The drug lord only cares about his own interests.

    Meanwhile, Christian is sitting in Bobolit’s house waiting to talk to him. In walks Kimber, who we haven’t seen since she went all slashy on his chest a few episodes ago. Now she's engaged to Bobolit (her second in the series) and she has developed a love for cocaine. Christian can see that she is beginning a downward spiral, even if it is hypocritical of him to denounce cocaine when he did it during their first night.

    Bobolit comes in and Christian brings up an ad campaign masquerading Kimber’s surgery as his own work. Bobolit isn’t budging. In fact, he plans to run him out of town because he refused to become his partner. Also, she still thinks about Christian while Bobolit has sex with her. Bobolit raises the stakes by offering to match prices, which McNamara/Troy can’t as Escobar continues to squeeze them.

    Julia prepares Gina for birth by showing her the video of Matt’s birth. Gina’s never known much about Christian. Since he moved into Christian’s house, she learned more about who he is personally. While watching this video, Julia reveals that they’ve drifted. Gina asks why Christian was present in the delivery room. Julia's answer and subsequent reaction to the rest of the video leads Gina to believe she has feelings for Christian.

    During their financial crisis, a wealthy man named Mr. Parks offers them $150,000 to transplant hair from his dog’s tail to its head. The desire for physical perfection stretches into the animal world. Mr. Parks showcases Sir Winston in dog shows and can make a million dollars if he places first. Dog shows are cutthroat and many turn to plastic surgeons to help them. He's upset by the cheating, but sees it as the only way to survive.

    Mr. Parks’ offer is certainly tempting to the doctors, even if it is morally questionable. The last time they picked a client for money, they wound up in the dilemma they’re in now. Their client base has suffered greatly because of Bobolit’s competition and Escobar’s mules requiring them to cancel paying customer’s surgeries. They pass on the offer either way.

    Sean’s business isn’t the only thing falling apart. When he gets back from work, Julia asks where he was, even though she doesn’t expect an honest answer. He tells her it isn’t another affair. Julia wants to know what is wrong with their bank accounts, since both Matt and she were denied when they tried using a check and credit card respectively. To help her husband, she offers her wedding ring to pawn for money. This ring has been an heirloom from Sean’s grandmother, who thought Julia was the ideal wife for him. Julia has had enough. Escobar is the last straw, although she doesn’t know who he is yet.

    Bobolit, the eternal opportunist, takes Mr. Parks' dog as a client. His assistant is much like Liz, but isn't treated as well. As he's preparing the tail hair to transplant in the front, the dog flatlines. He wants her to perform mouth to mouth on the dog. She responds by walking out. Bobolit's attempts to revive the dog are darkly hilarious, as he gags at the dog's bad breath during mouth to mouth.

    Christian and Gina eat dinner when Gina propositions Christian. She needs to facilitate labor, and sex will do it. It is provocative, but its awkwardness and strategically covered body parts keeps it from being pornographic. They try several positions, but it causes discomfort and very little enjoyment. So they try it slowly on their side. There two people who have been extremely hostile towards each other since they met share this tender moment. Christian realizes then that he truly wants to be a father.

    Ironically, Christian gets his family as Sean loses his own. He finds out about Sean's divorce as they are about to work on another mule. Bad as it is, Escobar makes it even worse by ordering them to remove one of the girl's kidneys after they remove the heroin implants. Sean refuses. Escobar puts a gun to his face. Sean remains firm until Escobar shoots Liz in the leg.

    To protect Liz from further attacks from misogynistic Escobar, they send her to Bermuda. Escobar had caused them to lose much of their clientele and because Liz is gone they can no longer operate on patients. Christian appeals to Julia to help Sean, but before they can, a desperate Sean takes Julia's ring and pawns it for a gun.

    Who would've thought Gary Numan's "Cars" could create such suspense? From the opening warble of the synthesizer, it intensifies Sean's confrontation with Escobar. The repetitious beat of this song and Blondie's "Rapture" work for this long scene. Escobar knows he came to kill him, and gives him a free shot. Sean pulls out the gun and holds it at the drug lord. He can't pull the trigger, despite all the drama in his life that past year. As a murderer, Escobar knows a lot about the psychology of what it takes to kill someone and Sean isn't one. Sean doesn't want to be the man who would murder someone like Escobar is. He feels Sean owes him some gratitude for giving him the courage to go to a drug lord's house with a gun. Escobar, in some twisted way, felt that he taught Sean a valuable life lesson. For that, he gives him one more assignment. He's trapped because he's been identified. If they give him a new face and remove all of his tattoos, he'll let them go.

    Christian tries to reach Sean, but only gets his machine. Gina interrupts him by telling him her water broke. Cat Stevens' "Wild World", a perfect choice, starts to play. Sean lies on a hotel bed when Julia knocks on the door. She apologizes and asks him to come back home as the song's chorus kicks in. It's an emotionally rewarding moment. It works because the song can be compared, even superficially, to Nip/Tuck. Even one episode is wild.

    Simultaneously, Gina is giving birth and Christian is delivering it. Soon the baby is born and Christian is shocked to find that the baby is black. Despite that, he won't stop being a father for the kid. Through Gina's pregnancy, Christian loved the kid in a way that he hasn't loved anyone outside of the McNamara family. Previously, Christian would've dumped a baby if it wasn't his, but he genuinely loves. I had a feeling that the baby wasn't his, but I was wondering how they would handle it. It turns to be a big part of resolving the conflict between Christian and the McNamaras, especially Julia.

    Julia goes to the genetics lab to find the results of the paternity test. No one else needs to know the results of this test, but she gets it anyway, probably provoked by Christian's new found fatherhood. We don't know the results, which are left ambiguous as Julia looks at her family during a happy dinner. Things are fine now. Sean and Julia have reconciled, Bobolit is ruined because of Sir Winston and Escobar is away, but not until the epilogue.

    The epilogue, set four months later, feels like a victory lap, with The Commodores' "Machine Gun" triumphantly providing the soundtrack. Escobar, fully recovered from his plastic surgery, walks through an airport. A bunch of men follow Escobar approaching the gate. They pounce on him. The officer calls him Mr. Barco and places him under arrest. Escobar is confused. The same officer tells him that if he is wanted for bank robbery and muder of a federal agent, he should "change [his] face." Then he pulls out a list of the FBI's 10 most wanted, the doctor's replaced Escobar's face, which was number 10 on the list, with the number two man. Of course there is a lot of logistics you could nit pick about, but if you are, then the episode didn't do its job. This surprise was a hoot.

    Nip/Tuck was able to craft a perfect finale. Things were wrapped up, whereas other things were left open if they were to be picked up, which they thankfully were. Some fantastic music drives the episode, which enhances the already volatile drama. Had the show not been picked up, it would've served as a satisfactory finale, even with things like Matt and Cara and the paternity test unsolved as of this episode. Thankfully it was, and these questions were solved, but that wait was a pain from the second the credits rolled.