Season 1 Episode 13

Escobar Gallardo

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 21, 2003 on FX

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  • A great way to end the series.

    Sean and Christian are still doing drug deller, Escobar Gallardo's dirty work. Taking implants out of drug mules whenever he snaps his finger.

    Sean is at breaking point and the surgery is hitting tough times as the guys aren't getting any cash in and their competitor Merl is stealing all their business.

    Desperate for money they nearly take on a client who want's surgery done to his dog. The refuse and Merl takes on the client. It appears that Merl may be ruined because the Dog dies while in surgery and he is being sued for 10 million dollars.

    During a drug filled implant removement, Escobar orders Sean and Christian to take out one of the girls Kidney's. Sean refuses and Escobar shoots Liz. Later after Sean and Christian are finished they send Liz away on a holiday.

    Julie and Sean's marriage is in tatters and Sean being a desperate man, trades in Julie's wedding ring for a gun, where he confronts Escobar. He can't kill him but. Escobar says one more surgery and they are free. Change his face.

    Christian pleads with Julie to stick buy Sean as he needs her more than ever if he is to get through this. This works as Julie and Sean seem to be safe again for now.

    Gina has the baby but Christian is shocked to find that when it comes out it is a drak skinned child.

    Christian and Sean do a full work over on Escobar and we flash forward to four months later when he is totally healed. He is arrested by the F.B.I at an airport but not for being Escobar. Instead Sean and Christian have altered him to look like another criminal even higher on the F.B.I 10 most wanted list than Escobar.

    This was a brilliant way to finish off a fine first season of Nip/Tuck. Not the best episode of the season but a great way to finish it ff none the less.

    Changing Escobar into another criminal was a stroke of genius and the look on Christians face when he pulled out a black baby was priceless.

    9.8/10 for this one
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