Season 5 Episode 3

Everett Poe

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 13, 2007 on FX

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  • Now that's what I'm talking about! This is the episode I have been waiting for since the season began. It had the totally messed up twisted complicated character drama of season 2.

    So Julia's in a new healthy relationship that makes her feel whole and validated in ways her relationship with Sean never did. Wrong. Christian in some sort of lame machismo desperado move makes a clumsy play for Julia, though it obviously had more to do with his recent lack luster opinion of himself. The boy is denied. For about half the episode anyway. I guess I should have expected them to go down the Christian/Julia road one more time now that Julia and Sean are one hundred percent split for good. But I was very surprised, especially by that ending! I mean talk about a burn. Essentially Julia just seduced him and then cast him aside to run back to her beloved Olivia, who by the way suggested that Julia sleep with Christian to get him out of her system. Christian must be dying, I mean talk about kicking his ego when it's already down to begin with. That explains why when a older lady mistook him for a hooker rather then correct her slept with her and took the cash to boot. That should end well. Though I guess I understand where it comes from. He is desperately seeking the approval he has yet to receive for Hollywood, then to be rejected by his dream girl and to top it off Sean is getting all the glitter Hollywood has to offer.After being the big cheese in Miami that's bound to take you down a rung or two.

    Then there's the very sexual very twisted young lady Eden, Olivia's daughter. I'll give the girl her dues she is gorgeous but she's got a screw missing or something. She's not a good influence on Annie, in fact she's very mean to her in a passive aggressive manipulative way. For an eighteen year old she is oddly slutty and she seems to have her eyes fixed on Sean and I highly doubt it's because she truly wants to date him...I mean come on this is so about her personal issues. But I mean leave it to Nip/Tuck to have Sean hookup (potentially) with his ex's wife's lover's barely legal daughter, while he is by the way in a relationship with a woman who is seriously fragile.

    But I gotta say the kicker of the episode, for me anyway, was Matt's return. He shows up saying he's left Kimber and took their baby, Jenna with him. Apparently Kimber is aware of all this and doesn't even care. And things look very sad for Matty. His sham of a marriage to blonde bimbo barbie is breaking up, he's a teenage dad who is totally broke thanks to his horrid ex and he looks totally ragged and defeated. Poor baby. Or so I thought! Now anyone who has watched the show from the beginning knows that Matt has always had a bad side to him. He has made some very bad choices, gone down some very bad roads, and made some huge mistakes. But he had sort of rebounded from all that, at least in part last season. But now I am baffled as to what happened. He's scamming all three of his parents out of money to support his drug habit who by the way wife-y is on. They are living in some hole of an apparent and Kimber looks like hell, not mention they apparently don't mind getting thrashed and going at it while their infant daughter is right next to them. Good gad Matt what the frick happened!?!
  • Why must we continue to be subjected to Matt? Why oh why?

    Has Matt never heard of eyebrow waxing? Freakish looking is the description that comes to mind. That said, I'm glad to see the writers have turned him into a junkie but I still think that's too good for him. Julia as a lesbian? Yawn. The woman (the character) has absolutely no sense of self whatsoever. She'll lean in whatever direction she's told by whomever happens to be standing closest to her at the time and this thing with Portia just reinforces that.

    Sean turned on by Eden - duh. Christian seduced and used by Julia - classic. My only question: whatever happened with Everett Poe? I mean, we saw the consult and we saw the surgery but there was no wrap-up to that one as there usually is - at least in some form or fashion. For its faults, flaws and foibles, it was still a fairly typical episode of Nip/Tuck.
  • Nip/Tuck has a jump rope made out of sharks. It's gone from being risqué and fun to disturbing and sad. We've looped back around to see the same characters doing the same things over and over. They've moved to LA, and so has everyone else.

    Nip/Tuck has a jump rope made out of sharks. It's gone from being risqué and fun to disturbing and sad. We've looped back around to see the same characters doing the same things over and over. They've moved to LA, and so has everyone else. Not a single thing has changed. We're going to have the same stupid relationships going back and forth and no one cares anymore. Christian use to be the guy you loved to hate, and his masochistic ways were admonished in the show. Now it seems the show is glorifying his screwed up ways. I use to love this show. The last season was horrible, and it looks like this season is just looking to get worse. I think I'm done with this one. When's the shield coming back on?
  • Not.. that.. good

    Ok. The scene in the jacuzzi... grosse. Anyway. For me... nip tuck isn't nip tuck anymore. A lot of cheesy things in it.. I begin to think that the whole julia - olivia relationship was just for the male part of the viewers.. Not that I have anything against it.. but they could have done better things to atract audience. And it becomes pretty boring. Where are those tremendous and socking stories of the pacients?! That's why I've watched nip tuck... not for the sex scenes or stuff like that. If I wanted that I would just rent a stupid porn movie and watch it. BUUUUUUt... I love Kimberley and Matt. They save the show. Hahaha. Can't wait to see what's happening next to them!
  • Eden Written by Lyn Greene And Richard Levine Directed by Richard Levine

    Whoever said that temptation came from the garden of Eden obviously never met the skanky brat that is set to become the latest of eyesores for Sean. In some ways Sean could possibly have a reason for not being keen on Julia and Olivia as a couple.

    Of course it's not really Olivia who is the problem but more so her daughter, aptly named Eden. From the first moment you see her, you can tell that Eden is trouble but whether she can live up to the femme fatale status of Ava and James remains to be seen. Either way, the girl is determined to try.

    Eden clearly disapproves of Olivia shacking up with Julia and while a part of it might seem to be spoiled brat syndrome, she certainly finds clever ways of sabotaging her mother's new relationship.

    First off all she decides to visit Sean and not mention being Olivia's daughter when she requests for a hymen reconstruction. Sean isn't particularly comfortable with having to perform an operation on an 18 year old without parental consent and Eden makes sure he's even less comfortable during their consult.

    Basically the little bint starts trying it on with him and luckily a disgusted Sean manages to kick her out of the office before refusing to do her surgery. Of course that isn't the last of Eden's campaign of terror as she has some fun commenting on Annie's weight when Sean goes to see his daughter.

    Finally figuring out that Eden is the spawn of Olivia; Sean confronts the girl and tells her to stay away from Annie. Eden really proves she's a nasty piece of work in this scene when she gloats about impressionable Annie can be and given how insecure the girl is right, I can see Eden doing a fair amount of psychological damage to Annie just purely for the hell of it. However when Sean rightly lays into Eden and accurately labels her a "little **** both Olivia and Julia are quick to defend the girl. I get that Olivia didn't actually hear the exchange between Sean and Eden but given how vicious her daughter was during those scenes (she belittled Julia, made crude comments about her mother's sexual prowess and called Sean a racist), you'd think Olivia would be a bit more firm with her kid.

    As for Julia, why is it so impossible for the woman to take Sean's side for once? I know she might not want to escalate any tension between herself and Olivia but Eden isn't exactly subtle in her dislike of Julia. Half the time I wonder if Julia is eternally dense. If she saw Eden flushing Annie's head down the toilet and Eden denied it, Julia would probably believe Eden.

    Worse still is that Sean is being put into a bad position with Eden. Not only does Julia refuse to hear him out (as per usual) but Olivia asks him to do Eden's surgery. If I were a parent I wouldn't want my kid being operated on by a man who doesn't like her. Likewise if I was Sean and I knew what a nasty piece of Eden was, I wouldn't be so keen to operate on her either. The fact that Sean didn't refuse is baffling considering he also has a disturbing attraction to Eden.

    That's the other problem of this scenario. Operating on Eden gave her another chance to test the boundaries with Sean and now that she's managed to get Annie to enrol in the same school as her, Eden has more opportunities to make with the head trips. Much as I love Sean, the guy really needs to start using his brains and fast.

    Sean's had trouble with psycho women before. Last season had that god awful Monica stalking him and trying to accuse him of rape. Seeing as there are no stray buses around, we're stuck with Eden. Sean fantasising about her during a sex session with Kate is also problematic but then again, that relationship is heading for the crapper anyway.

    Kate's a nice if troubled enough girl but as soon as she defecated in the pool by accident, it seemed to be the deal breaker between her and Sean. I know Sean sincerely reassured her but Christian's scathing comments clearly got to him and he didn't enjoy their sex scene until he started thinking about Eden. It's too bad because I like Kate and Sean works better with someone like her or Megan. Eden is gonna be a misery for Sean and he knows it too. It still won't stop him though. The man seems to almost thrive on being with troublesome women as does Christian and Matt from time to time.

    Speaking of relationships doomed for failure, don't Julia and Olivia look together? From a cynical perspective, it's like a narcissist's wet dream but logically it takes on lunch for Liz to deduce that Julia is tourist rather than a full time lesbian. I suppose Liz has never heard of bisexuality then? It's a likely orientation for Julia because even I don't buy into her as being simply gay Then again some people do discover their true sexuality later in life.

    Seriously I like Olivia. She does in her own way seem to be a good person. Her conversation with Sean about Eden's behaviour indicates that she tries to be a responsible and caring parent and the story about how she and Julia met is rather sweet. Also I am beyond happy for Eden to be the sociopath rather than Olivia. This show has made far too many dysfunctional characters, so having the odd normal one (besides Liz) is a relief.

    Unfortunately much as I would like to root for her and Julia as a couple, I just can't see them lasting. Julia's discomfort about being publicly affectionate with Olivia in front of Liz is kind of telling. Is it me or does Julia always come across as someone who doesn't particularly enjoy sex?

    Watching some of her back catalogue trysts with Sean, Christian, Jude and Quentin she never really looked like she was enjoying herself and even with Olivia she seems to have a hard time loosening up too. Fortunately Olivia is a great person and is rather comforting lover but mentioning the marriage word to Julia during lovemaking probably isn't the best way of generating results sex wise.

    Then there's Christian. I knew he was going to have a problem with Julia and Olivia's relationship and not just because Julia is dating a woman. It seems that Christian has hang ups about both Sean and Julia moving on with their lives while he's stuck in limbo. It almost makes you wish that Michelle would haul her ass to LA and beg for Christian to take him back. That also might him to stop being a prick which he has been so far this season.

    Thanks to Liz casting her doubts about Julia and Olivia, Christian seizes the opportunity to try and seduce the mother of his biological kid and luckily Julia does knock him. She might not be gay but I'd hate to see her and Christian together. They just don't work. Christian and Michelle did but he and Julia really don't.

    So it's rather annoying that later on Christian and Julia do actually sleep together. Thank God I'm not a shipper because their sex scene is pretty unconvincing and it's an absolute relief to find out that Olivia told Julia to do Christian in order to get him out of her system. The fact that Christian is in Julia's system annoys me. I don't want her with Christian or Sean even if I can't see Olivia lasting much longer either.

    Also another I hated about their tryst here was the sanctimonious way Christian thought Julia wanted him and how little he cared that their encounter would hurt Sean. Okay so it's none of Sean's business about them sleeping together but still, it's a rather crappy attitude to have in regards to someone's who is practically your brother.

    The funny thing is that Christian then takes advantage of a woman who mistakes him for an escort. That should've bugged me but at this point, I actually found it to be the least irritating thing he did in the episode. Besides the real male escort didn't exactly protest when Christian stole his customer, now did he?

    As for Matt and Kimber, I'd like to say that I've been missing them but I really haven't but suffice to say both of them resurface in this episode. What are the odds that from the last time we've seen them they have become a stable, loving and committed family? Pretty much none whatsoever!

    Matt returns with Jenna in tow under the pretences that Kimber has gotten super crazy in her Scientology and that he wants to make a decent life for him and his daughter. Sean's furious that Matt squandered the cash he gave him at the end of Season Four but Christian is more sympathetic. Probably because he likes the idea of at least someone else in his family having a failed relationship.

    Sean does eventually calm and offers Matt more cash but in all fairness Sean really should've stuck to being livid about Matt's money squandering. Not only did Matt lie about being separated from Kimber but the two of them are living in a filthy motel and instead of spending Sean and Christian's cash on food for Jenna, they're more keen to waste it on crack.

    Matt and Kimber on crack may not be the most empowering of stories but given how amazingly stupid these two people are on a good day, it's certainly consistent. We've got Matt who has broken the law in pretty every toxic relationship he has been in and let's not forget that Kimber also has a previous history with drug addiction. The big question why are both of them addicted to crack at the same time?

    I get Kimber. She's irresponsible and being a mom is probably a reminder that she really is losing her chance to further trade on her looks. Not that there aren't parents out there who happen to be models and/or porn starlets but her complete disregard for Jenna's well being is a new low even for Kimber.

    Matt despite being similarly idiotic expressed a tiny bit of concern for Jenna. Between him and Kimber, he seems less hooked and for Jenna's sake, I hope Matt will be able to kick the habit because it doesn't look like Kimber will be able to. I can't wait for Sean and Christian to find out about this. It might be the first time in the season that Christian will have a justified reason to moralise.

    Also in "Everett Poe"

    Main patient of the week was Everett Poe, a plastic surgery addict who wanted a cleft. The guy looks even more hideous than Pete Burns.

    Liz (to Julia): "You outed me to Annie?"
    Olivia: "Why, are you ashamed?"

    Not to side with Olivia but I was kind of surprised that Liz was shocked that Annie knew she was gay Liz has never really hidden her sexuality.

    Sean: "You need to leave"
    Eden: "You know I could make that erection go away for you".

    Julia: "Do you have a problem with my sexuality?"
    Christian: "I've always had a problem with your sexuality and you've always had a problem with mine".

    Before Paula Marshall did the defecating scene, she played a lover of Hank's in Californication who puked after sex. Both Nip/Tuck and Californication certainly love pushing the sexual boundaries.

    Sean: "Your lovely daughter came into my office the other day and asked for a hymen reconstruction"
    Olivia: "I don't care if she asked for a third tit you are never to use that word in reference to her ever again".

    Olivia: "So who popped your cherry?"
    Eden: "Charles. He's black".
    Olivia: "That makes a difference?"

    If Eden is eighteen then shouldn't she be looking into colleges rather than trying to get Annie into Princeton to terrorise her?

    Olivia (to Sean): "I'm aware you don't agree with my decision. I'm doing the best job I can and I know you will too".

    Julia: "I don't know if I am up for this"
    Olivia: "I am. Orgasm or no orgasm. I love you and sooner or later I want the whole world to know".

    Christian (to Julia, re Sean): "He's gonna have to learn to live without you. I've been doing it for years. Now it's his turn".

    Standout music: "California" by Rogue Wave and "Rehab" by Amy Winehouse. Playing the latter song during Matt/Kimber's drug and sex binge was interesting.

    Valerie: "I'm afraid I've never done this before"
    Christian: "Tell me does your husband know how you spend his hard earned cash?"

    Chronology: A few weeks since "Joyce And Sharon Monroe".

    Easily a more satisfying episode than last week, "Everett Poe" benefits with the arrival of Eden. Yeah I hate the skank but hey, we have the first of our season's main villains and although we've had better baddies, the girl has got some potential and I'm just thrilled that Olivia isn't another Ava in the mist.
  • Sean gets turned on by hypersexual Eden and turned off by her bond with Annie. Christian and Julia get intimate,distracting Julia from her current lover,Olivia, who's also Eden's mother. Christian gets rejected by Julia and becomes an 'accidental' escort.

    (Cut and pasted from Nip/Tuck forum)

    Dayum! Oh my goodness....again so much stuff going on. Poor Sean. He's like a deer in headlights whenever Eden's around. LMAO. I still can't get over that sort of frozen half grin he gets when he's overwhelmed. Saddle up Sean. You're a goner. I don't think I got really pissed off at Eden until she made that comment about Annie getting a 'bubble butt'(?) Wtf? that is one big sister Annie does not need.

    Speaking of women, weight issues, and the ways we get screwed up...I laughed, but I still feel bad for Kate. She's either getting pounced on/intimidated by Aidan and the demands of the business or beaten down by her own psyche. I do hope she sees better times....
    Seriously, it does seem like her and Everett Poe's stories (and even that comment made by Eden to Annie) are a bit intertwined. That idea of "beauty as an olympic ideal." It's twisted and we all seem to feed into it.

    Christian and Julia's encounters were interesting. It didn't seem quite right (and not just b/c I'm a Michelle/Christian fan). Julia's words to him after they slept together something about him having an orgasm at the thought of one upping Sean seemed fitting. They have deep feelings for eachother, but Sean will always be a factor. I think Julia said said something like "how can you love what you don't even see." Maybe Christian's not 'seeing 'alot of things right now, Julia, Wilber...

    The scene where he passed himself off as an escort hit several points for me. He seemed to be 'licking his wounds' after the encounter with Julia. It's weird, both Christian and the lady reminded me of Michelle (she was both an escort and the wife of a rich man). Has he found another side job? For some reason I think this scene might come back to haunt us....

    It was sad to see how he and kimber were living and how easily they ignored the baby.

    I think I like Olivia, but she seems to be a bit controlling (making an appointment for them to have hotel sex, rushing the marriage thing, etc.)
    Great episode. Can't wait to see more. The songs were great. I loved the 'can't get no satisfaction' remix.


    Eden- "That's a sacred hole." (that whole monologue was weird and hilarious)
  • One step forward two steps back....

    After a great season premiere that began to move this series in new directions. Nip/Tuck slipped a little by delving a bit too far into older storylines, the show long ago ran into the ground. But dispite this mild fustration this series continued to be as deep and lurid as it usually is (well except for S4)

    With a deft slice of the scalpel, Nip/Tuck cuts deeper into the layers of its characters, artfully sculpting a myriad tale of control and addiction. From Christian's patient, Everett Poe, an obvious plastic surgery fiend, to shades of an eating disorder plaguing Kate; Olivia's command over Julia and Matt's descent into the life of a meth-head, this episode shrewdly explores the pervasion of these ills and the resulting psychoses through all levels of society and life.


    Though reluctant to operate on the severely manipulated face of Everett Poe, the owner of a hot salon, Christian seizes the opportunity to help him achieve his ideal in exchange for quid pro quo referrals. A salon is no different from an operating room, both men controlling how the world sees their clients in order to hide who they really are. Kate reveals more of herself and her neurosis in her post-op relationship with Sean after a food binge leads to a laxative-induced purge in the hot tub. And Liz can't help but notice Olivia oppresses Julia more than she empowers her, and wonders if Julia isn't hiding herself behind her new sexual orientation. And after an intimate post-coital moment between them, Christian immediately ruins it by reveling in telling Sean and the effect this momentous event will have on him. Julia, more savvy than ever, asks if hurting Sean gave Christian his orgasm, he answers by telling Julia he loves her. She strongly respond "how can you love what you can't even see?" And with that, Julia reveals she followed Olivia's advice… purging Christian from her system by sleeping with him. BOY Didn't that coming even less predicatble is how this leads to Chirstian enterering a male prosititution ring, LA just isn't working out for this guy , it will be interesting to see how dark things will get for him


    Matt's back, coming off a breakup with Kimber that not only cost him is dignity but 250 thousand dollars. Foolishly enough his parents give more money to get him back on his feet, its not long before we learn that Kimber and Matt have traded the that crazy cult they were in for meth addiction....seriously they've run Matt and is bad luck into the ground and this episode will certainly make audiences loose any respect they may have had for him.

    Worse is the sexpot teenager that shows up at the office to get her hymen fixed and seduce Sean just for the heck of it...this plot is mixed up a bit when we learn that the chick is Olivia's daughter...a stunt previously performerd on CALIFORNIACATION and every other season of Nip/tuck ....heck Sean is even having hallucinations of her...and she's messing around with his daughter Annie

    while half great, this episode just makes you wish they'd drop the tired elements of the show that caused this whole LA move in the first place...
  • Revealing more and more

    Christian is really losing his self control and his cool. he has posed nude full frontal for a magazine and now all of the gays in Hollywood are in the office to see Christian and get some kind of work done. Meanwhile Sean is trying to keep things going with Kate. Julia and Olivia are still in LA and showing PDA in front of Liz during lunch. and Liz lets the guys know that Julia is just curious and not really into the lesbian lifestyle as she has everyone thinking. along comes Olivia's daugther Eden who is trying to make moves on Sean she is a piece of work young and trouble for any man. Annie tells Sean that she wants to live with him and not Julia. Matt pops up with baby daugther intow saying he has left Kimber but I have a feeling that something is amiss here, and I was thinking why did he come to LA.? Well come to find out Kimber is with Matt and they are both getting high in some rundown hotel. Julia seduces Christian or lets him have his way because Olivia told her the best way to get Christian out of her system was to sleep with him. This hits Christian hard he goes to a bar and gets picked up by a woman who thinks he's her malwe escort for the evening. Christian is really getting hiself lost in LA, he is pimmping himself out to women. I can't wait till next week.
  • Incredible episode

    I waited for an episode like this one.This episode is like a lull before the storm.
    Matt goes to L.A asking Sean and Christian for economic aid, since Kimber left him and donate their property to the church.
    Meanwhile we meet Olivia's daughter, Eden, who is minx and evilness, wanting to seduce Sean with her beauty skills. I must say that i am glad Nip/Tuck gained a character like Eden due to the fact that she is going to be the troublemaker of the season and make the whole storyline more interesting.
    The shock comes when we see Matt going to his apartment which looks like a piggery and start doing drugs with Kimber!
    I can't imagine what is going to be like in the next episodes...!

    I give this episode 9.9 out of 10!
  • Spoit!

    Eden is this season's Adrien, non? Except I really want to see Matt hook up with her. In fact, she should wander about in the nude.

    Just curious, but was that storyline the only way they would let Kimber and Matt leave the Church? As drug-addicted manipulative lepers? So much happened off camera. The last I recall, Scientology was telling them they couldn't film themselves having sex and was kicking them out. So ... Kimber lost her damn' mind and started smoking crack, and Matt joined in too? For ... no apparent reason?

    Either way, poor Jenna.

    Every time I thought this episode couldn't make me "Ew!" louder, it did. Kate crappin' the tub? Ew. Sean telling Christian? Ew. Liz being put off her sloppy joes? Ew! Eden? Ew! Everett Poe? Ew! Eden and Annie? Ew! Julia and Ollie shnaggin'? Ew! Matt! EW! Christian and Julia! EW! Christian's new line of work? EW! Matt and Kimber in that crappy hotel room? EWWW!!!!

    And yet, how much do I love this show? I mean honestly, Kate is like Abby Mays for Sean -- she was all splappy and now ... well, rubber sheets (and she makes Sean fantasize about Eden fer chrissakes -- ew!) Lovely. Charming. Like Christian said, he's like the Job of the dating world. What's Murph gonna do to her next -- the clap? Hansen's? Stuff her in a room with Dawn Budge?

    I mean, there's an EW! moment. :P

    Anyone got some macaroni and cheese? :twisted:

    This show is so amazing. Well done, everyone! :D
  • a

    I cannot believe that Matt and Kimber are drug addicts now! Especially with their 3 month old baby in the same room while they shoot up. This is going to make for a very interesting story line. Sean and Eden will definially get together at some point in this season, and maybe Sean will explore his opitions with Mistress Pain? He seemed tempted when he took that business card from her. Julia will not stay a lezzy, i can promise that. and with christian a male prostitute now, something bad is bound to happen! Ahh i love this show. This season is going to be awesome!! Great material so far!
  • Blazing Saddles

    Nip/Tuck has always been an admirer of oversexed characters, but I don't think anybody ever compared to Eden Lord. Her gorgeous looks and the seductive voice only mask a truly disgusting young woman.

    She reminded me a lot of Adrian Moore, but just in a much worse way. Whereas Adrian had an excuse for his behavior, Eden comes from a mother who appears to cater to her every wish. Her morals were terrible. Maybe it's just my own hatred of girls like this, but anybody who thinks they're still a virgin despite having anal sex and oral sex with pretty much everybody is completely misguided. Her treatment of Annie was disgusting, and her graphic dialogue with Sean personally made me very uncomfortable. AnnaLynne McCord was perfect casting for the part, but it's gonna be very hard to like this character. Other bad girls on Nip/Tuck (like Ava, Kit or James) were likable despite their issues. Eden, however, is just a nasty little tramp.

    The Julia storyline got much more convoluted. Liz is sure that Julia is only attracted to the danger and new-ness of being a lesbian and as soon as she grows tired of Olivia, she'll fall back into the arms of men. Her sleeping with Christian made me a little angry. I try and like Julia, but sometimes she does things which nobody can support. She's somebody who's never happy with anything. She can't be in a committed marriage, she can't be a lesbian. Gah! Make up your mind already!

    Christian continues to be truly pathetic. His constant need to tell everybody about Kate's accident was only to distract from his own shortcomings, and his determination to win Julia (only to aggravate Sean) was stupid. And I haven't even begun to talk about the moment where he went from playboy to prostitute. He really is a loser this season.

    The Matt and Kimber story really surprised me. When Matt first appeared, I was thinking how grown up he was acting, and how he'd really matured since the whole Scientology thing. But, of course, it turns out he's just as screwed up as ever, being a huge meth addict and living in a cheap motel with Kimber. Their drug scene was pretty funny though, especially with Amy Winehouse's Rehab playing on the soundtrack. Kelly Carlson even looked hot as an addict, which either makes her flawless, or me a little disturbed.

    Director: Richard Levine
    Writers: Lyn Greene, Richard Levine
    Rating: A
  • They're back..... off to slow start, but this episode shows they haven't lost that famous appeal everyone talks about.

    The season started off slow with the first couple of episodes, but this one is right back on track for everything we've come to expect from Nip/Tuck over the years. I was squirming just as much as Sean with the office scene with Eden, btw who is she, I haven't found out her name. As a Kimber lover, I'm heartbroken and troubled with the drug scene. I don't like it and hope they'll quickly move down another path for Kimber.

    Troy almost acted like he had trouble taking money from the woman in the bar. We all know that's right up his alley. Wife is ready to see more of Troy, if you know what I mean. This show is entertaining and pervocative for both men and women, no wonder it's so talked about at the water cooler the next day.

    Keep up the good work.
  • Piece of Artwork

    This was a fine example tonight of how to bring along character developments and interactions. I know I read a lot of people were not looking forward to seeing Julia, Kimber or Matt back but what would you have without them. I love how we see the divorced couple couping without one another and how they are led down completely opposite paths. Sean is more like that kid that just got back into dating and Julia is off experimenting. Christian has become more of a narcissist and has developed into what I think we all believed he could be.

    The whole Matt and Kimber thing didn't surprise me because Kimber was always caught up with drugs back from season 1 so what's to change her. Matt has always followed the woman he's with so this should come as no shock to anyone really. Eden is probably going to be the most interesting new addition and I am looking forward to seeing more of her for so many reason. In a episode of the season...Good Job!!!
  • Holy $#* pun intended, hee hee

    So OMG! This was the Nip/Tuck I came to love and hate at the same time! Everything was just totally spectacular! I knew Kimber would return to her old ways, but back to drugs...oh man and taking Matt down with her, and their baby!! Grrrrrrr

    Julia and Christian's sex scene was not only hot, but beautiful! I've never seen him give himself to any woman more completly than when he was with the blind girl, and for her to toss him aside was just brutal, not that he didn't deserve it after all he's done to other women! The development of Olivia's daughter and the rest of the family is going to be huge!! I just cannot say how much I loved this episode! I give it like, 10 10's, and welcome back the great Nip/Tuck! I just really hope the writers striking doesn't slow it down!
  • This episode is exactly why this show is brilliant. I really felt like Nip/Tuck is back!

    The storylines in this episode are GREAT. I loved every bit of this episode. At first I was skeptical of the whole Julia lesbian thing but it actually turned out to be one of the most intriguing plots and I really liked the Olivia/Eden characters. Annie being included more is also a plus since it's nice to see the writers expand other characters. Sean's relationship with the actress is another interesting plot because instead of it just being stupid relationship crap or a stupid plotline like the Anne Heche thing in Season 3. This really about the issues she's facing and the way Sean is dealing with it. Christian's plot of turning into a gigolo is brilliant and can't wait to see what dark place it takes him.

    And finally I thought the writers couldn't really do anything with Kimber/Matt anymore but boy was I wrong. I love the direction they are taking their characters and can't believe that they are just neglecting the kid to use meth. But nonetheless I loved it and can't wait for the rest of the season to unfold.
  • WOW

    This was a really fantastic episode, there wasn't a single dull moment at all. I came into this episode open minded and i'm so happy that i did. everything flowed together so smoothly and that only helped make the episode even better. Having more of the core characters back is bringing in soo much more for the show now... in a weird sort of way it was almost like seeing matt for the very first time. absolutely great, there really isn't much more i can say. If this wasn't a good episode of Nip/Tuck i really dont know what is anymore.
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