Season 5 Episode 3

Everett Poe

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 13, 2007 on FX



  • Trivia

    • Eden Lord is 18 years old. (The actress portraying her, AnnaLynne McCord, was born in 1987 and was 20 at the time.)

  • Quotes

    • Olivia: Eden is rebelling... remember how you always want to shock your parents... well most kids go through that stage, but... when your mother is a lesbian, it's a tough act to follow.
      Sean: I think she's doing a hell of a job.

    • Eden: Your virginity... is something sacred. It's a gift you give for someone you love.

    • Olivia: (to Liz) Honey! Look in the mirror! You've got sexy spilling out of every pore!

    • Everett Poe: My clients don't come to me for a haircut, they come for the ideal of Olympic beauty.

    • (after Sean told Christian about the hot tub incident)
      Christian: Thar, she blows, laddy.
      Sean: Damn it, Christian. She got sick.
      Christian: Oh, come on. It's no big deal. There are plenty of women out there. Some are even potty trained.
      Sean: Well, I'm not like you, okay? You see the slightest imperfection in a woman and, poof, you're gone. Well, news flash, the only kind of woman who doesn't fart and cry and look like crap in the morning is either inflatable or dead.

    • Julia: My migraines had just gotten so bad that actually it was my mother of all people that suggested I got acupuncture.
      Olivia: I put two needles in her and, bingo, she starts to sob.
      Julia: And she let me stay until I'd stopped and then I invited her out to dinner to thank her.
      Liz: And you're still thanking each other, huh?

    • Christian: Mr. Poe, how long have you been a plastic surgery addict?
      Everett Poe: Well, I'm hardly what you would call an addict.
      Christian: Really? Let's see. You've had two rhinoplasties to reshape the nostrils and straighten out the bone, a chin augmentation, two blepharoplasties, a canthopexy to tighten up the bottom lid and give you that catlike appearance there, a brow lift, two otoplasties. Am I missing anything?
      Everett Poe: Chin reduction, not augmentation.
      Christian: My bad.

  • Notes

    • Music featured in the episode:
      '(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction' - Devo
      'I Know What Boys Like' - The Waitresses
      'California' - Rogue Wave
      'Rehab' - Amy Winehouse

    • Portia de Rossi is credited as a Special Guest Star.

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