Season 4 Episode 6

Faith Wolper, PhD

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 10, 2006 on FX



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    • (Monica goes to see Sean about an infected nipple; she is lying on the table when Escobar appears to Sean again)
      Escobar: (handing Sean a scalpel) Do it. Slit her throat.
      Sean: No.
      Escobar: OK. Uh… cut her wrist then. Let her bleed out. It'll look like a suicide.
      Monica Wilder: What do you need a scalpel for?
      (Sean puts the scalpel down)
      Escobar: Sean! This is better. (holding the gas mask and a hypo) Put her under. Pump her full of tranquillisers, then dump the body in the Everglades. You've done it before.
      Monica Wilder: I don't need surgery, do I, Sean?
      Sean: (taking the gas mask from Escobar) Just try to relax. Haven't you learned you can trust me yet?
      (Sean goes to put the mask over Monica's nose and mouth)
      Escobar: Sean, do it. Do it and get your marriage back. Your family.
      Sean: (taking the mask away from Monica's face) You don't need surgery, Monica. You need psychiatric help. Get up. Get dressed, go on.
      Monica Wilder: (getting up from table) What are you talking about?
      Sean: We'll call a psychiatrist and we are going to get you some real help. You're delusional and I'm worried you're endangering my family.
      Monica Wilder: Delusional? I've been doing my job! No, you're the one who needs help, Sean. You… you took advantage of me. You tried to take away my job and now you're kicking me out of your office when I'm clearly in pain. Maybe you'll learn your lesson after I go to the police and tell them you raped me. If you didn't want to take care of your son, you shouldn't have screwed me like your wife!
      (Monica heads out of the office)
      Escobar: You'd better go after her, Sean. Quickly.
      (Sean follows her out. Cut to outside the office; Monica is heading across the street when Sean comes out of the office)
      Sean: Monica, wait! You're being irrational! Let's talk about this.
      Monica Wilder: (stops in the middle of the road) You should worry more about what Julia's going to say when I go to the police and tell them what you did!
      (A bus comes out of nowhere and flattens her)

    • Burt: I took your advice. I confronted them. And I made the offer.
      Dr. Faith Wolper: And?
      Burt: And I feel like shit. (pause) Did I really do the right thing?
      Dr. Faith Wolper: You don't know if they're going to follow through with it yet.
      Burt: But even making the offer, it almost killed me.
      Dr. Faith Wolper: Burt, you've been through a lot this year. Cancer. Losing your ability to function as a sexual person. Discovering the affair. Getting your power back is what these intensive sessions over the past couple of days have been about. I hope you're not losing faith.
      Burt: I just don't want to lose Michelle.
      Dr. Faith Wolper: Then trust me.

    • Christian: Michelle has suffered enough. There's no need to be so cruel.
      Burt: Cruel? You want cruel? Alright, first I sell the business. Then after I've sued you for negligence, you'd be lucky to find a job as a veterinarian in some shithole South American village. (to Michelle) And when I'm done dragging you over the coals in a divorce court, you'll go back to your gutter where I found you.
      Michelle: Go ahead. I'm not going to be your whore.
      Burt: I swear on these fake balls of mine that I will ruin you both before I give my blessing so you can run away and play happily ever after.

    • (Burt confronts Christian and Michelle about their affair)
      Christian: You should know it's over between us.
      Burt: Oh? Well, what if I don't want it to be? (to Michelle) I wish I could be the lover I was thirty years ago with you, Michelle. But I can't. You know the most beautiful thing in the world I've ever seen is that glow you get after you've had an orgasm. And I want to see that again. (to Christian) And you're the one who can give it to you now.

    • (Sean imagines Escobar is talking to him about Monica)
      Escobar: You're never going to have any peace as long as this bitch in the picture.
      Sean: What am I supposed to do?
      Escobar: Kill her.

    • (Sean comes home to find Monica Wilder breastfeeding Conor)
      Monica Wilder: I thought no-one was home, and he just kept reaching for it… and I didn't want him to cry. I'm not that insensitive. (Sean reaches to take Conor from her) No!
      Sean: Hand me my son and leave, or I'm calling the police.
      Monica Wilder: And I'll have to tell them about the affair! Julia will find out, your marriage is over and who do you think is really going to suffer? Conor! I am the only one who's doing what's best for your baby! Not you!

    • Christian : I took your advice the other day. The woman in my dream? Called it off. She was married. And that complicated more than just my personal life. She and her husband own our business.
      Dr. Faith Wolper: That's… great.
      Christian: Then why do you look like I just killed your dog?
      Dr. Faith Wolper: I thought… Never mind what I thought.
      Christian: No, no, no, no. You're my patient now. Tell me.
      Dr. Faith Wolper: I thought the woman you were talking about was me.

    • Michelle: I thought you could make me come now instead.
      Christian: Sorry, I'm not interested in sloppy seconds any more
      Michelle: Burt hasn't been able to have sex with me in almost six months, Christian.
      Christian: Yesterday in your office?
      Michelle: He tried, but things went soft pretty fast.
      Christian: And now you want me to be your stand-in dick?
      Michelle: You're not just a stand-in, Christian, you know that.
      Christian: No, I'm literally someone you need to lock in a room just so you can have an orgasm. I can't keep giving you just a part of me anymore, and not all of me.
      Michelle: What are you saying?
      Christian: I'm saying I know you're never going to leave Burt and that's probably for the best. If he did find out about us, we'd lose the practice, I'd lose my partner, we'd lose each other anyway. It's over.
      Michelle: You're right. We probably should have… stopped this a long time ago. I'm sorry.
      Christian: You're not sorry. You got exactly what you wanted. You're still married, you're still rich, you still got to screw the good-looking hotshot surgeon. I'm sure you'll move on to someone else now.
      Michelle: You think it's that easy for me? That I had it all planned out like this? I'm the one who's trapped now, not you.

    • Christian: I had a dream the other night. Sean and I were… lovers. I said something, he freaked out and hid in the closet. I went in after him and wound up in surgery. There he was on the table. The next thing I know… he's dead. Then I wake up and he's in bed next to me. In the dream, not in reality.
      Dr. Faith Wolper: Just because we have dreams where we can fly, doesn't make us Superman, Christian.
      Christian: There was another person in the dream. A woman.
      Dr. Faith Wolper: Someone you care about, perhaps?
      Christian: Yes.
      Dr. Faith Wolper: You've been intimate with this person?
      Christian: Definitely. I really like this person but it's a relationship I need to… keep secret.
      Dr. Faith Wolper: It seems like your desire to be with this woman is being expressed in your dream about Sean.
      Christian: So you're saying, if I'm dreaming about spending my life with Sean, I really want to spend my life with her?
      Dr. Faith Wolper: If you really want to ease your anxiety about all this, you need to confront the woman you care about. Tell her how you really feel.

    • (Faith shows Christian a tattoo on her lower back which says 'Property Of Marco')
      Christian: Who's Marco?
      Dr. Faith Wolper: Someone I had a relationship with five years ago. We met after I answered his want ad for a submissive. He gave me the tattoo, so when he watched me have sex with other men, they'd know who I really belonged to.
      Christian: Marco was a romantic.
      Dr. Faith Wolper: Marco was the low point of my life, I think, until I had sex with you in my office.
      Christian: I don't remember seeing that when I was holding on back there.
      Dr. Faith Wolper: I cover it every day with make-up. I've had so much shame surrounding it, I haven't even been able to bring myself to show it to a doctor so that I can have it taken off.
      Christian: And yet here you are.
      Dr. Faith Wolper: I spend months… sometimes years… with people, trying to change their behaviour in therapy. God knows, I thought I'd changed. But the truth is, nothing ever really happens unless you take action in your life, and I was hoping that you would help me do that.

    • Dr. Faith Wolper: I wanted to come by and thank you.
      Christian: Well, it was good for me too, Doctor, but you could've just left a message on my machine.
      Dr. Faith Wolper: That's why I wanted to see you in person. The sex was not good for me at all. (off his look) I'm a diagnosed sexual compulsive. Sex with strangers has been an issue ever since my cousin molested me when I was twelve. I've been in therapy for years. I thought I had it under control but clearly I don't.
      Christian: And now you want to thank me for helping you fall off the wagon?
      Dr. Faith Wolper: I want to thank you for helping me realise I still have a problem.

    • Burt: (to Christian) My first wife, she was hot as a pistol. We used to hump like rabbits every time we could get a chance. We were married twenty years and then she got leukaemia and passed on. I never thought I'd find another one like her. And then along came Michelle. What a gift, huh? For the first time in my life, all I want to do is please her and not just myself. I never felt like that before.

    • (Christian and Sean discuss Michelle aiding with a surgery)
      Christian: She wanted to observe. She's been through medical school, spent some time in the OR. The patient was never in any danger.
      Sean: But we are now because you can't keep your dick in your pants! I know you're sleeping with her. And it has to stop, Christian.
      Christian: When you came to me with the story about the naughty little nanny that you banged, did I tell you what to do?
      Sean: That was just between us!
      Christian: If I'm supportive of your affairs, Sean, you can't have a say in mine.
      Sean: Well, if you screwing the boss means we could all get fired, you're damn right I have a say!

    • (Liz returns to work after having a kidney illegally removed)
      Sean: First day back. How you feeling?
      Liz: Pain's still there, plus I have to tinkle every ten minutes. Other than that, I feel I'm gonna die at an early age.

    • (Christian dreams that he and Sean are together)
      Christian: Honey, what are you doing in the closet?
      Sean: (from within the closet) I have a family, Christian. I can't do this anymore.
      Christian: Well, can you at least come out so we can talk about it? (pause) Fine. If you won't come out, I'm coming in.

    • (Christian dreams that he and Sean are together)
      Christian: I know it's hard, Sean. Studies show that coming out late in life is the psychological equivalent of dealing with death. That's why I'm here, to help you adjust.

    • Sean: Do you realize, between the two of us, that we've almost ruined a marriage and a business by sleeping with the wrong women in this month alone.

  • Notes

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Czech Republic: January 7, 2009 on TV Nova

    • Although listed in the opening credits, John Hensley does not appear in this episode.

    • Brooke Shields (Faith), Peter Dinklage (Marlowe) and Sanaa Lathan (Michelle) were credited as "Special Guest Stars". At the same time, Lathan received the "And" credit.

    • Larry Hagman receives the 'Special Appearance By' credit.

    • Music featured in the episode:
      "I like the boys" by Pleasure Seekers (Christian and Sean at the Gay hot spot)
      "Macho man" by Village People (Sean speaks with Christian about sleeping with Michelle; Burt comes in with a problem)
      "Slave" by The Rolling Stones (Faith eliminates her tattoo and tries to help Christian)
      "As tears go by" by The Rolling Stones (Faith tattoos herself)

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