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Disappointing ending

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    [21]Mar 9, 2010
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    I kinda thought maybe FX might even do a reunion movie from the way the show ended. I thought it ended OK, I never watched the first two seasons, so didn't know the Ava character at all. Was disappointed too that Eden never got exposed as the one who shot Juila. All in all it ended well and though no shock value, I'd rather have an ending than no ending.
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    [22]Mar 13, 2010
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    The ending was just OK. I was expecting more for a series finale from a show like nip/tuck. Matt the screw up should have got what was coming to him. Shame on him for using his daughter as bargaining tool to get with Ava. Too bad the final season of nip/tuck was not that great.

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    [23]Mar 15, 2010
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    I really thought Sean was going to kill himself and Christian was going to completely lose his sanity without his hetero lifemate. I was really hoping for them to go all out with the ending, like old school Nip/Tuck, but they stuck with the mediocre way they've been writing all season Frown

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    [24]Dec 18, 2011
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    This has way long ago ended, but I just saw the final ep. I wasnt disappointed. I figured Sean would go off and do his own thing and Christian would continue his bad boy lifestyle. I'm not sure why Cruz's name was stillon the partnership since she said she was moving away so she could have her own life with her baby.

    Of all the bizarre relationships these two men had, I felt the friendship they had with each other was the most important. I would like to have seen them both turn around (not just Sean) to get one last look at each other. But, staying true to character - Christian kept on walking. My very favorite line in all of this show's eps was when, early on, Sean finds out that Christian slept with Julia. With tears in his eyes, he tells Christian, "You know - I always loved you best" brought tears to my eyes because rarely do movies and TV show (straight) love two men can have for each other. But, as in any kind of relationship - one always loves the other more. In this case it was Sean. It doesnt mean he was the weakest - only that it was easier for him to love. I will miss this show very much. And the writers, producers and directors should feel proud that they went outside the box to create this show.

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    [25]Feb 18, 2013
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    LTTP But I finally finished the show today. I thought the ending was alright, like most of everyone said. It was a safe ending but the whole of season 6 has been just okay and safe as well. I wasn't expecting much to be honest. The big breakthrough was Christian finally putting his selfishness aside and letting Sean go. I didn't have a problem with Sean leaving because most of the season has been pushing him to go anyway. Matt well, he's Matt and will always suck. A fitting end for him.

    So really I think the series wrapped everything nicely and appropriately for a season that hasn't been anything special.

    The only thing is I kind of wish Kimber wasn't actually dead. I was expecting her to come back in some episode and say oh I'm not really dead. But it never turned out that way. I know she appeared in this episode but she was just a dream.
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