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    Late on getting this up. But, what a great episode it was. As always here was my live blog of the episode:

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    No I disagree pretty much up and down. This was a dreadful episode.

    The opening with Coco wanting to get back to her "black roots" was kind of funny in that, as Sean pointed out, it was pretty racist (and racist people who don't realize they are being racist are always funny as "All in the Family" proved). Sadly that was one of the few highlights of the episode.

    The Sean, Julia, Olivia love triangle; this story line is just plain weak and painful to watch. I know it is not fair to compare anything in seasons 3-5 to stuff in seasons 1-2 but in seasons 1 and 2 the Sean, Julia, Christian love triangle was just that, it was about three people and an actual conflict of love. This Olivia love triangle I don't believe a single one of them is in love with anyone. They are just going through the motions. And when Olivia dies Sean does not seem that upset that he might have killed her (even before he learns he didn't) this is a doctor who for most of the series prides himself on being 100% perfect all the time. Suddenly he is faced with the idea that he might have let his emotions kill a patient, the old Sean would have had that type of thing send him over the deep end; this Sean is just like "You know what maybe I did want her dead...I guess that is bad."

    Julia is no better either, when thinks Sean played a part in her lover's death she doesn't seem that mad or sad. Yeah she is mad, she threatens to have his license revoked. OOOOOh..... big deal, if she thought he intentionally killed her wouldn't she want him arrested! That's murder!! But even though Julia was upset about Olivia's death I did not believe she was that upset, by the end of the episode she seems totally over it.

    As for Olivia she is just an add on in this episode. She plays out just like "the other women;" not a real character. In other words no one watching this seriously thinks she is really going to live happily ever after with Julia, she is simply just a plot device so there can be conflict. Olivia is so not-even-a-character that when she dies it does not play out like a person died but rather a plot device died. (Again not fair to compare it to season 1 and 2 but) when Megan dies in season 1 it is actually a very sad event, even Julia who has reason to hate her comes across as very sad about it, here Julia is suppose to love Olivia and yet she doesn't seem half as sad as she was when Megan died.

    Then we have Eve. What an effing waste of a scene. You know they could have saved the money for this scene and given Coco a second Music video, it would be just as stupid but at least Coco's music video was suppose to be stupid.

    Just a little aside, how can anyone at this point NOT know Eve shot Julia? Let's see, she was always a bee-atch to Julia, she is clearly jealous of Julia's relationship with her mother and Julia's relationship with Sean, Eve and Julia have argued like a jillion times, and right after Julia is shot Eve leaves the country. Even if people are not sure who shot Julia, Eve would be the prime suspect.

    Anyway Eve comes back and comes up with this unbelievable story that only someone drunk or high would believe and of course because the characters are now stupid and crazy they buy it. Then what? Eve throws her dead mothers ashes at Julia and Sean….. come on give me an effing break. This is my problem with the show now, in the good old days all the characters even the most evil of them had some sense of morality even if it was some what twisted, they all cared about something or someone, even the drug dealer Escobar cared about his daughter. Its Eve's freaking Mom; she is so NOT sad about her own mother's death that she has no problem throwing her ashes at Julia and Sean. Maybe even "sad" isn't the right word, she doesn't even seem to care about her own mother's death even a little bit. Come on! The whole thing was dreadful.

    Then we have the Christian breast cancers support group. First of all, the idea that Christian would go to a breast cancer support group for women is absurd. He is hardly the first male to get breast cancer. Of course a breast cancer support group for women is they are going to talk about how "just because you lost your breast don't make you less of a woman." Men with breast cancer would have their own support group because for them a big issue is dealing with the idea that society think men don't get breast cancer.

    Anyway that is just my minor problem with that scene; a much bigger problem comes up shortly. So Christian is sitting there being a total jackass, that's fine, that's in character, okay. But you look around the room and all the women look like real women, like the type of women you see on the bus or at the supermarket you would not even give any of them a second look. Then out of no where we see one who is dressed up, stylish, smoking a cigarette in a manner that only movie starlets from the 1940s would smoke and she talks like your classic femme fatale from a film noir. Hmmm…..of all of these women who is Christian going to go home with?

    This scene really bothers me because are we suppose to really believe this chick goes to these support groups on a regular, she obviously does not fit it, does not proscribe to the same kind of ideology of the other women and does not care if she offends them. She is clearly only there too meet Christian and be the B plot of the episode, she is not at all a real character just another plot device.

    Then she cuts off her boobie with a turkey carver, actually did not bother me, just a little gross.

    The only truely good plot in this episode is between Christian and Liz. Liz trying to figure out her feelings for Christian was actually believable and watchable. Even Liz apologizing to Christian when doing the boobie girls boob was nice, and the end scene was sweet. So these two alone were what made the show, but they weren't the A or B story they were the C story, really just wrapping up a last weeks story and setting up the next weeks story.

    This episode was dreadful, and painful to watch, the acting and the writing has dropped dramatically on only fronts and it is nothing but a shell of the show I was once in love with. I am seriously debating if I should just give up on the show, because they are not even trying anymore.

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    I found Coco's music video to be very funny. I was laughing my a** off. I'm glad to see Sean up and walking again, because it was weird seeing him moving around in the wheel chair and not performing surgeries. I was also shocked when Olivia died. I was really thinking that Sean wasn't paying attention and that's what caused it, but was relieved when we found out that is was her fault for not disclosing that she was on anti-depressents. Finally, I'm in a total disbelief that Christian and Liz are making their sexcapades more of a frequent occurance. This storyline should get interesting especially since she is a "lesbian" and he is just a whore.
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    roxy was nuts, olivia's death predictable, sean having yet another arugment with julia lame, christian bangin liz again score !!

    liz'z date with the new guy obviously not gonna have a happy ending

    kinda saw roxy killing her self instead of chopping her boob off at first quite graphic

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    So this episode was a interesting crossroads for me with Nip/Tuck. Some things were good, like the Christian and Liz scenes and even though it was terribly stupid, the Hip Hop video intro was funny for the moments it lasted. The Roxy situation, with her cutting her breast off was kind of like watching the good old Nip/Tuck days. Just very crazy, very raw and very goary but hey, I expect that from Nip/Tuck and that's what makes it awesome.

    Eden and Olivia's return was completely unrealistic and weird for me. Even though I didn't actually expect Olivia to die in her surgery, it was a stupid way to get rid of her character and I found no interest in her death at all! I agree also, that Sean's reaction to her death was not on character for him. I thought Julia's was done ok, I mean everyone's initial reaction to a loved one, especially a significant other is going to be different and I have a feeling she'd have had more anger and sadness had she had "actual" memory of her relationship with Olivia prior to the shooting.

    Eden was the worst of this episode for me! If her lame a$$ cover story for the anti-depressants/shooting is all we're going to get of the whole poisoning/shooting fiasco, I will be severely disappointed! I really want Eden to get caught and get some freakin' backlash for what she's done. I want to see Sean or Julia loose it on her like they use to on each other when they found out about lies. I agree also with whoever said it before, the one thing Eden would have shown some actual sympathy and sadness for was the death of her mother. It's the one person she's based her entire hatred over everyone else for, because she didn't want to loose her in the first place.

    Overall I gave it a 9 because I thought Roxy's ending was so reminiscent of the Nip/Tuck I love and because the Liz and Christian love/hate is a wonderful storyline. I just wish the previews didn't show him completely screwing her over already!

    I'm still hoping for better though, I have faith in my favorite FX drama!

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    I didn't really like this episode. I always like the show for being risky but there are times when some self restraint might not be such a bad thing.

    Christian and Liz, I just don't buy, I'm sorry but I don't. I think Christian was kinda manipulative in the last scene with mentioning to Liz that Wilbur should be able to rely on her. Sean wants Julia back again - why? Every time they're together, they're miserable and why the hell did Olivia get such a rotten exit. She wants to have a facelift to keep Julia and fails to disclose that she was taking lithium and dies. Craptastic.

    Oh and snotty Eden comes back so she can throw ashes at Sean and Julia and tell the latter that Olivia was the one who shot her. AnnaLynne McCord still act and this episode proves we're better off without Eden.

    Roxy was another strange thing of the episode. I felt for her but I really did not need to see her give herself a self-mastectomy. Wasn't Dina Meyer the tanning girl in Mandi/Randi? She looked very much like her.

    Oh and Candy as Coco and that Yo Stank video, egads, 6/10.
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