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Discussion Thread (Episode 5.18 Ricky Wells)

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    [1]Feb 5, 2009
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    I've never created a discussion thread for an episode but one hasn't come up. If I do it wrong, someone let me know! Spoilers are allowed but by now probably won't be spoilers.

    I enjoyed this episode much better than last weeks. Alot of focus was on Christian and Liz trying to make it work, but as soon as Christian's all prettied up again after his reconstruction, he is screwing every "10" he can find. Liz is actually not totally shocked and willing to allow this, but at the same time wants to be respected? I don't think the two can go hand in hand, and she figures this out by the end, deciding to not only quit but to move back to Miami! Hopefully this is not permanent because I love Liz! Although I found it funny that he was upset by her having someone else on the side! Hypocrite! The pedophile couple were as weird as many of their previous patients! Although as soon as we meet his younger brother, I knew she'd loose her attraction to Ricky once he looked older and get it on with the other youngster! I was surprised at how much they showed to indicate that she'd done so! I was thinking, "they can't possibly show this woman screwing this little boy" is Nip/Tuck!

    This is the second episode I have really enjoyed Raj's character! Ruining your hand to get a point across to your father seemed alot harder than Matt just telling Sean he didn't want to be a doctor. His scene with Matt in the truck getting high was hilarious and emotional at the same time, just really great. When he started yelling at Matt to do it, he was kind of creepy! Great episode for me! My only gripe is not having more of a resolution to Eden coming back last week...I still want that b**** to get what's coming!

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    [2]Feb 6, 2009
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    To be honest, after weeks of transitioning over to the 'I hate Nip/Tuck now' side of the fence, this latest installment couldn't have ticked me off more.

    After about a month spent circling the drain, the show spits out a decent, well-crafted episode, very reminiscent of its earlier seasons. Now I feel like I have to keep watching, although I'm 99% certain it'll end in dissapointment.
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    [3]Feb 7, 2009
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    I liked this. I'm kind of amazed that Sean didn't immediately cite ethical concerns with Raj operating on his father (not that he's one to talk, having operated on his entire family at one point or another) but it brought the Raj thing to a precipice. Matt whaled on Raj's hand pretty good -- apparently what Sean thinks about him still matters.

    I didn't quite understand what Matt was saying when he said "I guess I didn't inherit your brains for this kind of stuff." Well of course you didn't. You didn't inherit Sean's anything. Matt's such a child sometimes, and he never knows what he wants to be when he grows up.

    Raj has his first beer and first buffalo wing. Charming. Sean hanging up on Matt was a little b!tchy, tho. "I'm bonding with my real son now." Nice to see this show can still dance all over daddy issues.

    I saw that psycho teacher thing happening from several miles off, but oh well. The makeup people did some amazing work on the Ricky Wells actor. He looked completely different. Side note: One of the "South Parks" they showed this week was where Ike fell in love with his kindergarten teacher. Wild.

    My prediction is that Liz won't be able to stay away, but Raj is probably qualified to pass gas if they want to take things in that direction. I hope not. Roma Maffia looked amazing in this eppy, and it's not an especially good sendoff for her character -- especially since she knows and has always known that Christian is a dog and a bad one at that.

    Reasonably good installment, and some nice development. Keep up the good work, guys.
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    [4]Feb 7, 2009
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    The way christian was looking during his sex scenes was funny. His look and smile was like a cross between a nerd at his first x-men convention and a twisted sex-crazed devient.
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    [5]Feb 8, 2009
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    This was certainly an improvement on recent episodes, I have to admit that.

    Christian and Liz, well I'm gklad they split. I didn't like where this plot was going but did Liz really have to leave because of it?

    I'm gonna assume her departure is temporary because I'd hate for it to be pernament when we still have the likes of Kimber on this series.

    No Julia. For once I was happy with this.

    Raj and his father provided some depth for the former. I liked his individual moments with Sean and Matt, though the latter should've resisted smashing his hand.

    Matt wants to be an actor? Whatever, it seems like a plot to bring back Hearts And Scalpels.

    Carrie and Ricky made me want to puke, repeatedly. That woman should be locked up.
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