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    I'm sorry for startng a new thread but I didn't see that anyone had started one about the Episode yet.

    I hope that no one thinks that I'm cold in saying this but I eally don't feel sorry for Kimber she knew what Chrstian was and she knew he never change so she decide's to kill herslef when she's rejected by Mike also. As she forgotten that she has a little daugther at home now she's going to die and leave her daugther with her Father who's a ex-convict. and it's not just Kimber Chrstian and Sean are both getting more and more patheitc now I used to be a die hard fan of this show but now I'm kinda glad that's it the last season. I'm going to stick it out and watch the rest of the season but I'm not going to mourn the show all that much. I Can't be the only one who thinks this way

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    I'm right there with ya. I kept cheering Kimber on when she got close to the edge of the boat, and was disappointed when they only said she was missing. Same thing when Christian nearly hung himself. I just wish both of them will die so Sean can go to Africa guilt free and do noble surgeries.
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    I can understand why you detest the newer episodes in which our guys are falling apart however; I think you are missing the point on the premise of the show; of course this is just my opinion. To me, this show is about how two best friends grow apart in time and how their lives are based on lies and deceits even though it looks perfect when you look from outside. See, they have money, they have the looks and all alas all their values are based on lies (even the integrity of sean's family) and the order that these guys have formed is falling apart. They are not living the perfect li(F)e anymore and they are aware of it so I am expecting to see more miserable faces of our beloved characters and that's why I like this show. Again to me, Nip/Tuck is one of the best "drama"s on TV right now; even though it is a drag to watch some of the episodes.
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    I agree with you, the show is just showing the demise of christian and sean. Just because someone has money, power, fame, etc doesn't mean everything is perfect. I have missed the past two eps so far because of work, ugh.
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    I actually find myself wanting to slap sean! I wasn't as shocked and OMG when kimber killed herself I dont know why I was just kinda like oh well they didnt make it as dramatic and shocking as they could have. Looking forward to seeing escobars daughter though
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