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Kimber all the way!!!

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    [1]Sep 21, 2007
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    Kimber is my favorite on this show! And I think they should show her more next season. I mean...they show her but I dont think they show her enough. She's so funny! She is a main reason why I watch the show. She makes it so interesting to me. I loooove seeing what she is going to do next and what her storyline will be. I really hope they show more of her....

    I wonder what will happen with her and Matt...

    My favorite is her and Christian though. i really hope they get back together and realize that they have REAL feelings for each other and not just using each other for sex.

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    [2]Sep 21, 2007
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    I like Kimber too and always thought her character was interesting on the show & she is a lot better than Michelle because she was so annoying, obnoxious , and selfish.
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