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Season Premiere Epi 5.15 "Ronnie Chase" (Continuation of Season 5)

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    [21]Jan 10, 2009
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    I don't know how I really feel about this episode. It was an improvement in some ways but it still felt a little off.

    On the plus side - Julia, Olivia, Kimber and Eden were left to the sidelines and an episode that solely focuses on Sean, Liz and Christian sits well with me.

    Sean was justified in killing Colleen, given what the crazy bint tried to do to him. Besides crazies appear in this show every five minutes so Sean will unearth another soon.

    As for Colleen, I'll miss the funky glassess and Sharon Gless' excellent screen presence and that's it. Come on, the woman was nuts.

    Faking the paralysis I did not see but I guess I should've after what he said to Julia in the last episode - glad he got busted for that BTW. And he slept with a Julia subsititute again.

    Matt wanting to become a doctor is a good plot. I was so bored of his self-destructive behaviour that this is a relief, plot wise. I hope him doing some constructive in his life sticks.

    Christian getting breast cancer was something I didn't see and it would take him to use it as a means of getting laid. Him and Liz were great and I loved that she told him to get his affairs in order.

    It was better than anything else we got in the season but they've done with shortening the events of the first ten minutes, 7/10.
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    I don't think this episode was that bad at all. It was much better than what they've been doing for the last couple years. It's nice to see some continuity with that horrible Connor McNamarra episode. It's nothing like explaining away a dead character on a nightly soap opera, since that episode was probably the most ludicrious thing "Nip/Tuck" has ever done. It's perfectlly plausible to see it as a drunken dream. The writers(s) must have been drunk when they thought of it anyway.

    That aside, there was a lot of interesting character development. Sean's post-traumatic stress symptoms, Christian's breast cancer and Matt finally in a normal place...for now. It feels like a different season altogether. Season five was so slow and predictable, but part two has started with a bang. Hopefully it doesn't die off. This could be on par with it's other prime seasons if it keeps it up.

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    I believe Sean is faking needing the wheelchair. I think it is a mental problem where he feels he can't do it anymore, so the wheelchair allows him to keep everyone off his back about making a return. I mean look how quickly he shot down Liz on performing her breast reduction, and she really didn't argue. I am certain that he will eventually find his strength and return to the operating table.

    I read someone talking about how bad Christian looks and I have to agree. Maybe this will have something to do with his cancer. I found it to be a stroke of genius to give the womanizer breast cancer, because it shows, like most of us men, that we too are susceptible to this form of cancer.

    Overall I thought this was a great season premiere, wait sorry, I mean continuation of season 5 (I don't get that).
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