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Submission Guidelines

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    If you are submitting info for an episode that hasn’t aired yet, you should always write the source in the comments section of your submission (to make sure that it’s from a credible source). Try to use correct formatting, spelling and grammar or you might risk rejection of you submission. And please put your submissions in the submission box, not in the comments box.


    Synopsis or recaps are NOT TO BE COPIED FROM OTHER SITES they must be written by yourself (I do actually check and see if they have been copied from quite a few sources so don’t try and get away with it as they will just be denied).

    I will not be accepting synopsis for episodes until about one week before they originally air (You may think this is harsh but this is to avoid spoilers and false information that can be found on some sites).

    When submitting to change production codes or episode number you MUST PROVIDE A SOURCE or the submission will just be denied on the spot.


    This section is for anything that does not happen on screen.


    This section is for anything that happens on screen that users think other users will find interesting.

    When submitting goofs (a goof is a mistake that one of the actors or one of the production crew have made that viewers pick up in the show) please place bold tags < b> and < / b > but make sure that the colon is outside the bold tags.


    There can be such a thing as too many quotes per episode. Try to just include the ones that are funny or are important to the story line or future episodes, if you are doing an older episode.

    Make sure the characters name is in bold tags < b > < / b > and that the colon is outside the bold tags. If you are going to put a description about the scene the quote was said in please use italic tags < I > < / I >.

    Do not use < br > or < p > tags!

    Guest Stars

    Try not to submit guest stars from as they are often wrong. Also, do not submit guest stars one at a time (if you have more than one to submit) for an episode. It's called gaming the system.

    (partly copied from Ross_99's guidelines)
    Edited on 03/04/2006 7:03am
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