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    tjaman wrote:
    Can I talk to you about my reasons for believing it was not Quentin?

    -- He's a plastic surgeon, which means he's devoted his life to "cursing" the world with external beauty, which seems to be the exact opposite of what the Carver prances about doing.
    -- He seemed to be reasonably well adjusted (if a little slutty), while the Carver was psychotic.
    -- There's no getting around the fact that Bruno Campos seems to be a beautiful, beautiful man, which again, why would someone as good-looking as him be so upset by beauty?

    Now, all of that being accepted, the twist came in when he was the Carver but couldn't be the Carver. Because he was bound to a bed and covered in blood when the police found him. So yeah, ok, Kit helped. Obviously. But unless you're psychic, you were unaware of the sister connection with him. They'd been about to sleep together at one point when he got Christian to call it off. And their conversation in the police station -- for an audience of Christian and a photographer -- seemed legitimate (as legitimate as any of Kit's interrogations ever seemed to be).

    As for beauty, well, we never saw that he was the original D!ckless Wonder, so there were definitions of physical beauty we didn't, as an audience, have access to. Also, the repairs he had to make to Kit's face were the same injuries he was inflicting on "the beautiful" and "the world."

    And he was functional. He flew down to the Sodom of the South -- South Beach -- where such a high premium is put on beauty and launched a few attacks. Fueled by rage, anger, inspiration, what have you.

    But in repairing his sister's face, he gained a lot of skills and a reputation for being the best guy for facial reconstruction, which was how he came to be working on Sean in the first place. And he made it clear he wanted to join their practice (wanted to be close to a broad pool of victims?)

    And Kit didn't show up until he'd been working there for awhile. Her credentials could be forged or legitimate -- she had a few years to build up a dossier. She could've flown in to protect him from his own psychosis or help out.

    But for people who were screaming "Oh, it has to be Quentin! It couldn't be anyone else!" right from the beginning, I'm interested in hearing if you had any reasons behind that, or if you picked him simply because he'd wandered into shot or because he was weird, because everything we knew about him seemed -- to me, at least -- to be antithetical to the driving philosophy behind the Carver attacks in the first place.


    Well I never thought it was Quentin for pretty much the same reasons you did.

    But I feel season 3 and the Carver storyline especially was the first drop from true greatness for the show.

    Do not get me wrong the show rebounds somewhat (although never gets back to the glory of season 1&2) and the Carver was not all bad, he (like everything else) was great in season 2.

    But then an odd thing happened in season 3.... the show became about "who is the Carver?" which I just did not care about. And the reason I did not think it was Quentin is the exact reason so many people did. He was too obvious, they might as well as have named him "Red Haring." He was too much the new "bad guy" that it was just too obvious that he would be the actual bad guy. I mean he caused friction within the office, he was sleeping with Julia, he was smug, he was a jackass etc. etc. In fact he was so obviously set up as "the new bad guy" I assumed they would switch it around and we would see, like Christian, the jackass-ness is just a cover for a hidden pain. I just assumed the writers were trying to do more than just make the person least likable the ultimate bad guy.

    But my real problem with the Carver is, it became a B-horror movie, almost to comical levels. There was a point at which EVERYONE on the show was a suspect, even Liz..... LIZ!!!! Even with the mask on no one would mistake Liz for Quentin just in body type.
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