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The "Re-watching Nip/Tuck season One" thread.

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    [1]Dec 26, 2007
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    Its simple really - we discuss season one and maybe what we noticed this time on the re-watch. The only thing I'd like people to do is to state before the paragraph which episode your discussing, so that people on episode 5 won't be spoiled by snippets in episode 9. Of course, both parties have seen the season, but it'd be cool for folk to re-read this thread and be like "ah, i didn't even notice that" once they've watched it themselves.

    Episode 1x01

    No complaints, really. It was a truly awesome start to the series. If I had to be picky, I must stress how annoying Matt's eyebrows are...if i had to be picky, that is

    Episode 2x01 (Mandi/Randi)

    Bit of a slow burner, I thought. It became very compelling towards the end, though, with a great little bit with Julia and Christian. Don't really get the massive fuss over the rodent killing, mind... and I cringed so BAD at the end!! Silly Matt!

    Episode 3x01 (Nanette Babcock)

    Another great eppy! I just remember being blown away by the last scene when the show first aired, but this time it was...I dunno... Less Poignant then I remember. Again, more rodent focus, which is a little ridiculous. Loved Hollister's performance throughout.

    Actually, u can talk about whatever really...dont really matter the episode - just let it be within season one.

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    [2]Dec 29, 2007
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    I'm new to nip/tuck -seen season 5 tho on tv.. (whats aired) and just bought season 1 yesterday. I love it! I love Christian Troy is so y and his addiction makes the show so hott. Its kinda weird knowing what ends up happening - having watched season 5, but i still am enjoying it.
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    [3]Dec 30, 2007
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    Great idea. I'm slowly working my way back through season 1. Still haven't finished rewatching the pilot but so far so good

    Pilot 1.1

    Wonderful intro to the characters. Watching some of the Sean scenes where he's obviously uncomfortable with being 'left out' by not knowing spanish made me wonder if we saw his spanish get progressively better over the seasons. I remember him listening to some language tapes, but can't remember if he was shown to have grown fluent. Christian and the rest of his family knowing spanish seemed to make him feel 'left behind or left out.' Poor guy, it doesn't seem to take much to make him feel like that.

    I really liked Julia's hairstyle in the pilot. Her current hairstyle is nice too, but she looked good with the bouncy just above should er length style. Looking at the pilot also reminds me of how much Annie (k.batelaan sp?) has grown over the seasons.

    Will post more when I finish the pilot and a few more season 1 episodes.

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