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Updated Season 5 Info! **

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    Gina is set to make a return while Michelle is officially not going to be in Season 5 at all! (This is particularly good news because I miss Gina's electric presence and Michelle's role was perfect for one season so I'm glad they decided to dispose of her)

    The Exec hinted at a possible return of Famke Janssen into the special guest star line up, which is probably the greatest news about this season yet!

    Dawn Budge is going appear more heavily this season (no pun intended) and will have a story arc that spans over a few episodes.

    Sean and Christian's lifestyles will swap with one another's; as Sean is newly single and Christian is a single father (this may be where Gina comes in)

    This is probably the biggest spoiler as it contains one of the season's main storylines:

    Julia and her girlfriend (Portia de Rossi's character) will not only be featured in intense sex scenes but will also be the victims of a violent crime, which the exec described as being the most brutal storyline they've written yet, which is really saying something! They are kidnapped, sexually assaulted, and left to deal with the emotional ramifications for a large portion of the season.

    Kimber's past is also going to haunt her when she arrives in LA only to run into a former porn colleague

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    This season will be AWESOME.
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