Season 4 Episode 15

Gala Gallardo

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 12, 2006 on FX



  • Trivia

    • When Sean and Troy are packing boxes, the two items Troy hands to Sean are packed, but reappear on the table after the next cut.

    • This episode has a lot of references to previous episodes and events within the show's history:
      Reference is made to the Season 1 episode Antonia Ramos when Sean mentions that the titular character was a drug-mule of Escobar's whose breasts got infected by the drug-filled implants.
      There are several references to the Pilot episode, with Christian mentioning getting 'a Botox shot in the dick' from Escobar (and the eventual disposal of both Silvio Perez and, later, Escobar himself).
      Sean mentions Escobar shooting Liz, which happened in the Season 1 finale Escobar Gallardo and also mentions the murder of Alejandro Perez in his living room (which happened in Merrill Bobolit).
      Michelle and Christian talk about the stealing of Liz's kidney (in Shari Noble).
      In the final scene, the intern mentions 'the Rosenberg case' (Sean and Christian separated a pair of conjoined twins in the Season 2 episode Rose And Raven Rosenberg) and Sean's 'son's ectrodactyly operation' (in Conor McNamara)

  • Quotes

    • Christian: Just so you know, this Encino crap ain't gonna cut it. It's Rodeo Drive the whole way. With my sizzling good looks and brilliant business savvy and your… moderately impressive talent, I think we could take over this town.
      Sean: Sorry, not interested. Unless I get to pick out the carpet this time, and retain my customary first billing.
      Christian: I think we could work something out.

    • Sean: (about Michelle) You love her, Christian.
      Christian: I do love her. But I can't trust her. Apparently, you're the only person I can trust. Absolutely trust.

    • Christian: You know what my first impression of Hollywood is, Sean? It's a shithole. Where's the excitement I grew up reading about? Where's the glamour? Huh? This town needs me. Which is why I'm moving here.

    • Sean: I've spent the better part of my life trying too hard to really change people. Give them new faces, new bodies. Doesn't work. I think I'm the one who needs to change now.

    • Liz: You killed him.
      Gala Gallardo: Yeah, well, I certainly wasn't going to screw him again. That deadbeat asshole makes love like an adolescent bull. Besides, business was better without him. Take it as payment for the surgery. Now you can be sure that he'll leave you alone. So, am I checked out or what?
      Sean: You need to take him with you!
      Gala Gallardo: I know. It would be a bitch to get through customs. You can have him.

    • (Liz points a gun at Escobar's head)
      Liz: Get your hands off her.
      Christian: Jesus Christ, Liz!
      Sean: Have you gone crazy?
      Liz: Crazy is trusting that this monster is ever going to leave us alone. This is gonna end right here.
      Escobar: Hey, Lizzie, my sweet little angel. What's gotten into you?
      Liz: I'll tell you what's gotten into me. You took my kidney, you asshole! You opened me up and you took it out!
      Christian: Liz, just put the gun down, alright?
      Gala Gallardo: Dr. Cruz…
      Christian: C'mon, put it down.
      Escobar: Look at the way your hand is shaking. Baby, you ever even held a gun before?
      Christian: For Christ's sake, put the gun down!
      Liz: I'm not putting this gun down. I have wanted to do this ever since you put a bullet in my leg. The only reason I agreed to help with this surgery was so that I could get close enough to you to return the favour! This is gonna end right here!
      Escobar: Pull the trigger then. Kill me. Pull the trigger, anesthesiologist. Put me to sleep.
      Liz: Shut up! SHUT UP!
      Gala Gallardo: Dr. Cruz. Dr. Cruz! This is not your way. I know your pain.
      Christian: Lizzie, put the gun down.
      Gala Gallardo: Dr. Cruz, give me the gun. I said, give me the gun.
      Christian: Lizzie, put the gun down. Come on, put it down!
      (Liz gives the gun to Gala)
      Escobar: See, that's my girl. Saving my ass again. Is she the bomb or what?
      (Gala points the gun at Escobar and shoots him through the head)

    • Christian: I want to know if you had anything to do with taking people's kidneys.
      Michelle: No.
      Christian: Then why did Escobar trust you with the surgery?
      Michelle: And why did he come to you to fix his face? Is there something you're not telling me?
      Christian: I already told you the truth.

    • Gala Gallardo: I want to thank you.
      Liz: That's not necessary. This is my job.
      Gala Gallardo: I'm aware of that. I'm thanking you, because you could so easily kill me. Put a little extra something in the IV. For revenge. I know you'd like to kill my husband. Isn't that true? But you're afraid. I'm second best, no? Don't tell me you haven't thought about that.
      Liz: Of course I have. I have been shot, seduced, humiliated, cut up. I almost lost my life. I spent weeks afraid to leave my own house. I still can't sleep through the night. (pause) So, I know this is the sixty-four thousand dollar question, and probably there is no answer that will really satisfy me, but I have to ask… why did you marry a pig like him?
      Gala Gallardo: Why did I marry him or why am I still here? These are two different questions.
      Liz: Well, I assume that when you married him, you didn't know any better, right?
      Gala Gallardo: He was quiet and soft-spoken. I mistake that for sweetness. But he is not sweet. He is weak. You know what they say, beware of weak men. They're the most dangerous because they'll do anything for a little power. With all the money and the drugs, it wasn't long before he became a complete monster.
      Liz: But doesn't being married to him and running his business make you Mrs. Monster?
      Gala Gallardo: History will decide that. My husband has a very long reach. I'm a practical woman; I want to keep my children safe.
      Liz: I want to thank you, because you have made me feel very blessed. When you leave here, you're still stuck in your living hell. But me? I'll be free.

    • Sean: Do you know how much he loves you?
      Kimber: What's that supposed to mean?
      Sean: Do you even know how to be loved?
      Kimber: I love Matt, Sean…
      Sean: No, you don't. You know it. And the sad thing is, that baby's going to know it too.
      Kimber: I'm trying.
      Sean: Well, try a little harder.

    • Sean: How is married life? Everything you thought it'd be?
      Matt: Yeah, it's great.
      Sean: (after a pause) You don't have to stay with her, you know.
      Matt: I think Christian was right. I think she's still in love with him and… um, I think she just married me in some twisted way to get back at him.

    • Gala Gallardo: (to Escobar, after he makes a comment to Liz) If you want to touch those implants again, you say sorry to this woman.

    • Sean: You still haven't told me how the hell we're supposed to sneak this past the authorities.
      Christian: Michelle already told them that the surveillance cameras and the coffee-swilling G-men were bad for business. They haven't had a lead in a month. They agreed it was a waste of time and taxpayers' money.
      Sean: Just so we're clear then, not only has your fiancée brought a psychotic killer back into our office, she's dismissed the people who were here to protect us from him

    • Liz: (preparing for Gala's surgery) I'm only here because of my feminist guilt. That woman hadn't been brutalized even worse than I was, there's no way in hell you'd get me in the same room with her pig husband.

    • Sean: How many times does she have to lie before you open your eyes? She may not have actually removed Liz's kidney, but she brought the people who did into our lives!
      Christian: We do this, he leaves and takes his wife with him, right? We're free. Finally. Look, we've all done something we're ashamed of and this surgery's gonna make things right.
      Sean: It's not the past I'm worried about, Christian, it's your future. Liars don't just pick a day to stop lying. And if you lay down with dogs, you're gonna wake up with fleas.

    • Michelle: He runs an international organ-harvesting ring.
      Christian: What?
      Michelle: That's when I stopped working for James, when she expanded her business and joined forces with him.
      Christian: So, Liz's kidney?
      Michelle: James had a quota to meet. Escobar hated it when you were… behind. When I refused to help her, she took Liz's kidney as a punishment. (Christian throws a lamp against the wall in fury) I didn't know anything about it, I swear. You can't think that of me. He said that if I helped with his wife's procedure, he'd leave afterwards. I'd be free!
      Christian: So, coming to McNamara/Troy? Was that part of your plan?
      Michelle: Burt was humiliated after his cancer operation. James trafficked in beautiful people. When she said you were the best, I believed her! She must have heard it from Escobar.
      Christian: Is there anything you haven't lied about?
      Michelle: That I love you. I love you. I never lied about that. (pause) And what does he have on you?
      Christian: What? What are you talking about?
      Michelle: I'm not the only one with secrets, Christian. There's a reason you agreed to fix his face. A known criminal.
      Christian: I'm a plastic surgeon. If somebody wants to improve their appearance, I quote them a price. I don't ask them how they're going to pay for it.

    • Christian: You weren't exactly upfront about your past, and I don't know, I…
      Michelle: Would you have been if you were me?

    • Christian: She said she was going back to medical school?
      Sean: If this is news, Christian, I can only wonder what else she hasn't told you.
      Christian: Look, I know you never liked her, but that doesn't mean you have to go throwing wrenches around right when you're leaving, alright? Michelle and I are fine. OK? You just… misinterpreted whatever's happening.
      Sean: Yeah, I'm sure that's what it was.

    • Christian: I have surgery this afternoon, Sean. If I don't get my caffeine, I will fire Linda as soon as she even thinks about rolling her eyes at me.
      Sean: Linda is irreplaceable. There is no McNamara/Troy without her. And there shouldn't be a Troy/Landau without her either.
      Christian: You're the one I can't replace, Sean.

    • Escobar: Look, we had an arrangement, didn't we? Med school for four years of service? There was a trust factor Frankly, reneging like this really calls into question your character.
      Michelle: My character?
      Escobar: I realise, as your boss, physically hurting you only reduces my inventory. You really want to pay off your debt? You want to do us both a favour? My wife… she has this problem with her breasts. She needs a skilled surgeon to reconstruct them. Get your fiancée to do the job. I swear I'll consider us even. He's not co-operating. Men listen to their women. (to henchman in back of car) And don't I know it, right? (to Michelle) What do you say?
      Michelle: I don't need to involve Christian. I have a better idea.

    • Escobar: (grabbing Michelle violently by the hair after she refuses to get him more kidneys) I want you to listen to me. I'm not as polite as that old British hag you took orders from before. You don't get second chances with me.
      Michelle: Kill me! I can't do this anymore, I won't! You're just gonna have to kill me!

    • Escobar: My wife and I have different ideas about how to do business. She thinks you attract more flies with honey.
      Sean: Look, the fact is, as soon as you murdered Alejandro Perez in my living room, you lost any power you had over us. We're not getting involved with you any more!
      Escobar: (grabbing Sean by the throat) How dare you talk to me that way in front of my wife!
      Gala Gallardo: Escobar, por favor! Take them home. Or haven't you learned it's no good to make enemies?

    • Sean: (after seeing Gala's mutilated breasts) Are you currently on medication for the pain?
      Gala Gallardo: Yes, but I lowered the dosage. I can handle agony.

    • Gala Gallardo: My husband has many enemies. They want him dead. They want me dead. They want my children dead. The only safety in Colombia is money. Mountains of it. I do what I have to to protect my family. Unfortunately, the hatred is so strong, you can't build walls high enough. There was this girl. Antonia Ramos. Do you remember her?
      Sean: One of his double-D drug mules. She developed an infection from her implants.
      Gala Gallardo: She lose both of her breasts when she return to Colombia. Her brothers couldn't get to him, so they came for me. (Escobar reaches for her hand but she brushes him away) I was taken from a café, in front of my children. Tortured. I thought they would kill me, but they just wanted to make me suffer, like their sister suffered.

    • Christian: What the hell are we doing, Sean? We're packing up all of your shit, we don't even know where you're going yet.
      Sean: Yes, I do.
      Christian: Where?
      Sean: The plastic surgery capital of the world.
      Christian: Brazil?
      Sean: Los Angeles.

    • Sean: Burning sage supposedly cleanses the environment of bad events, bad memories. Like a divorce. Or if someone was shot in the head in the living room, that sort of thing.

    • Christian: Listen to me son, there's a Lamborghini out front, take it for a drive, take it for a wash, and then have it back in an hour. Christian speaking to the intern helping Sean with the surgery

    • Christian: Hey, you guys might want to sage the nursery, his ex-wife screwed a dwarf in there.

  • Notes

    • First season without Rhys Phillips (Jude).

    • First season finale that didn't end with the McNamaras having dinner at their house with Christian.

    • For this season, Sanaa Lathan (Michelle) was nominated for the 2007 Image Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama Series.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Czech Republic: March 11, 2009 on TV Nova

    • Sanaa Lathan is credited as a Special Guest Star. This is the first season to date where each episode has had at least one credited Special Guest Star.

    • Music featured in this episode:
      "The good night" by The Submarines (Michelle takes notes during Sean's surgery)
      "Modern inventions" by The Submarines (Gala makes Escobar apologize for his comment to Liz; Michelle thanks Sean for helping her to do the surgery)
      "I'll take you there" by The Staples Singers (Sean and Christian prepare to dispose of Escobar's body; they go to the store; Sean and Christian buy hams and take Escobar to the Everglades)
      "Brighter discontent" by The Submarines (Montage of all the characters singing the song in line with their plot line)
      "Hollywood swinging" by Kool & The Gang (Montage of Christian and Sean in Los Angeles with the Hollywood sign and LA skyline)

    • The song that the cast lip sync's to is:
      "Brighter Discontent" by The Submarines

      Sidenote on Music: This is the introduction of music in an entirely new way on Nip/Tuck. The song is telling the story of the characters, and they are lip syncing the words along with the music, to signify which part of the song fits which character. This is the first time a song has been presented in this manner on the show.

    • Although listed in the opening credits, Joely Richardson does not appear in this episode.

  • Allusions

    • The scene in which the characters lip sync to the same song within scene is a possible allusion to, or was at least probably inspired by, a scene in the film "Magnolia" where the core characters all lip sync simultaneously to an Aimee Mann song.

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