Season 5 Episode 16

Gene Shelly

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 13, 2009 on FX

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  • Kimber ... seriously. OMG.

    God, if Christian pulled cancer into himself, what kind of karmic beatdown left Kimber carved, poisoned, mutilated and naked on the side of the road after being abducted from her wedding? For her to ridicule him at such a moment ... she is a toxic thing. And from the previews, she just gets worse.

    I did love how horrible she was with Wilber's nanny. "Hey, you're a person in the room. Let me give you hundreds of dollars and my child!" :D

    I like Raj. He reminds me of one of my favorite lines from "Dangerous Liaisons": "Like most intellectuals, he is intensely stupid." He may be a genius, but he's so naive, you just see how he's going to stumble into all sorts of bad situations.

    This was an interesting episode for its continued exploration of gender, identity and orientation. Liz gets off with Christian under less than fully disclosed circumstances, and Raj gets off with a dude he thought was a woman.

    The Liz and Christian liaison I thought was especially nice, although it didn't seem entirely consensual -- Liz "came round" to the idea. She's been there for him so much in all of this -- cared for him, signed on as Wilber's legal guardian. Christian desperately needed to feel accepted, and she ... well, honestly, I can't imagine how weird that had to have been for her -- "Do I ... um, Christian? Do I wake him up? Or ... mmmm ..."

    The backpedalling, anger and spite the next day was no less than he deserved, btw. He was a real jerk.

    As for Sean ...

    I really think this show portrays women in the absolute worst way, and Sean's little chippie from class is only the latest in a string of really awful encounters. I suspected her infantilizing nature from her first encounter, and I know he's in a bad place but I couldn't believe Sean would let her keep up that "mama" and "baby" routine. It only got more pronounced as the show went on, and when he found himself diapered that was only the logical extreme of something he'd otherwise been encouraging.

    I can respect the urge, after what he's been through, to want to be babied and pitied and looked after, and Sean needs some gentle handling. They both do. They both need to find a harem of selfless, caring women to rebuild their trust and faith in humanity and their ability to love and reach out, because these men are deeply scarred and broken, and until the final scene, they couldn't even reach out to each other.

    Let the healing begin.

    Incidentally, I liked the patient this week. I think this show is at it's best when it's exploring issues of self-worth, perception and identity, and how exteriors are often entirely disconnected from interiors. This show's strength is in its characters, and it's nice to get some more characters in the mix, with the Conor and Julia sighting (she was present but didn't ruin anything, which was good) and the heads-up on where Eden is and what's going on with everyone else.

    This, to me, was just a much more satisfying installment than last week's, and I'm looking forward to seeing where it's heading. :)