Season 5 Episode 22

Giselle Blaylock and Legend Chandler

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 03, 2009 on FX

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  • As a season finale it was quite silly. Or does anyone have any doubts of what Christan will do next?

    After watching this season's finale I was asking myself: why do I keeping watching this show? Nip/Tuck is simply repeating itself by showing, again, Dr. McNamara involved with a psycho-crazy-murderer woman (the only difference regarding the stuffed teddy bear crazy woman is that this time they had sex, since this one is young and beautiful), Dr.Troy behaving like a spoiled teenager and all the usual kind of freak clients that are willing to get rid of what they don't like about themselves. When this show started I was really amazed by the subject, by the criticism to our society and our behavior. The writing was witty, amazing dialogues and situations. As the seasons went on, it seems that the producers decided that maybe it was too much "adult" and what I saw in the last 2 seasons was kinda B-trash- let's do it again show. I wish all the best for the next season. Maybe they should go back to Miami.
  • Christian's gonna stick around for one more season of making people beautiful.

    Okay, I'll admit it. This wasn't the best season finale that Nip/Tuck has had to offer, but it was pretty good, and I think it deserves a lot more than the rating it currently has (I believe 7.9). Christian and Liz's wedding was sweet... I don't quite understand why Teddy killed that guy, or why she's working under the name of Dixie in Vegas, but I guess we'll find out next season... and the ending, where we find out that Christian's going to be alive is just a major relief! I was really worried. I hate it when TV shows kill of their main characters. Anyway, I am worried that Christian will go back to his womanizing ways and dump Liz now that he knows he's going to live, which would just be terrible... I hope he's a little better than that. But I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Can't wait for the next and last season!
  • Not Dead Yet Written by Lyn Greene And Richard Levine Directed by Lyn Greene

    Theodora (to Harlem): "You poor fool. Why did you have to fall in love with me?"

    Ending a season that's virtually bled into three years was going to be a difficult task, especially when the season in question has spawned a suitable amount of dire episodes in its wake.

    However Nip/Tuck at least likes to try and overcome the seemingly impossible by delivering a suitably decent ender to an incredibly disjointed season. The main themes of love, mortality and death also played their respective roles.

    I've still not been sold on Christian and Liz walking down the aisle but after failed attempts with both Kimber and Michelle, it seemed that Christian might actually have succeeded in becoming a married man. Now I guess it's time to place bets as to how quickly he and Liz will implode.

    I know I sound sceptical but come on; it's a little hard not to be. They might love each other but it's platonic and while Liz wants to take care of Christian and be a good mother to Wilbur (how cute was that little scene when he asked if he could call Liz "mommy"?), she could have done all of this without taking a trip down the aisle.

    Hell, even Kimber of all people was able to point out that basic fact and Kimber's a moron after all. Yes, I'm surprised it took so long for her to realise that both Christian's cancer came back and that he was going to marry Liz, both of which shocked and disgusted her.

    Of course the timing for Kimber to learn these little facts was also perfect. In a plot that will surprise nor interest anyone, Ram finally got bored of Kimber and gave her the heave-ho. We can also thank the unwelcome presence of Eden for Kimber being dumped by the sleazy porn master.

    During that brief little scene at the start of the episode, I found myself amused. In my opinion while John Schneider looks pretty good for his age, Ram is definitely not the kind of man worth fighting over and given that Kimber and Eden are so thoroughly dislikeable in equal measure, I couldn't sympathise with either one of them.

    However I did get a laugh out of both of them trying to outdo each other on the insults and while Eden might be smirking now, I don't doubt that Ram will also get rid of her when he gets bored. Kimber's attempts to maintain her dignity however were hilariously bad. This whole episode was an exercise in laughing at Kimber.

    I laughed at her when she assumed that Matt was high because he told her about Christian and Liz. Granted I also laughed at Matt for being stupid enough into thinking that Kimber would get back with him just because Ram dumped. Doesn't Matt know that Kimber's a user and if not, why not? Even he can't be that brain dead.

    The biggest laugh however was her pathetic attempts to undermine Liz. Liz is the kind of woman who could eat idiots like Kimber for breakfast and she was certainly happy to let Kimber know the score. I absolutely adored Liz for letting Kimber know that she wouldn't allow her to sink her fangs into Christian.

    Kimber didn't want to marry Christian because she loves him –she just wanted security after Ram threw her out. Also more to the point, never mind the fear that she wouldn't be able to hack looking after Christian when he became more ill, I'd be more worried about Wilbur. If she can treat Jenna so appallingly, then that poor boy would definitely be screwed if he had to call her mommy.

    At the church itself I was expecting Kimber to make a massive scene. When she was unable to actually object vocally, I was glad that Matt told her to sit down. I was even gladder when she actually left. However Christian's lengthy staring at her spoke volumes and not particularly good ones.

    That led back to him and Liz's marriage. The motive behind this marriage involved Christian's cancer. It was because of this cancer that Christian even entertained the idea of cryogenics until the idea of having a roommate put him right off. Now that he knows that he doesn't have cancer, what does happen next?

    Mix ups with lab results are hardly uncommon and most viewers had guessed that this would be the outcome. I'm glad that Christian doesn't have cancer but I'll be a lot more content if the writers have the sense to break him and Liz up on good terms. I don't want to see animosity between the two, especially given how wonderful Liz has been to both him and Wilbur.

    Christian's fears of dying did generate some great scenes, especially with Sean. It was hard not to feel touched when Sean told Christian that his legacy will live on through stories. At least Sean will be relieved to know that his best friend isn't dying and he's going to need that.

    Three reviews back, I had two requests for Teddy. While she and Christian haven't had any sexual contact, it is disappointing to learn that she's more than unhinged. Depending on gas to get off is one thing. Marrying another surgery and then killing him however is a lot more worrying.

    It's a shame the writers have had to go there because Katee Sackhoff has been so brilliant in this role and there some parts of the episode where you do want to root for Teddy and Sean. Hell, I even found myself feeling sorry for her when Sean was insensitive at first about her 'aunt's' death.

    Unfortunately all of those have now evaporated because the main worry is when exactly Teddy might kill Sean. If she could off Harlem, then there's no doubt that Sean's next, unless she's got other people in the pecking order to get through with first. In other words, Sean better not start developing a curiosity for wanting to use gas during sex with Teddy.

    Also in "Giselle Blaylock And Legend Chandler"

    Our main patients were a couple, who were vampires and had become addicted to drinking each others blood. Christian even gave them a blood pack at one point.

    Legend (to Sean/Christian): "As plastic surgeons you can relate. The chasing of immortality is something you make a killing off."

    Loved Teddy's donning of the red wig and Southern drawl. She went by the name of Dixie while she was working with Harlem.

    Eden (re Ram): "He's all nervous about hurting your feelings but me, I don't have that problem. You're a relic and we want you out of our bed."
    Kimber: "Shut up you stupid skank."

    Legend: "You're cool. Most people get off on judging us."
    Christian: "Live and let live."
    Giselle: "Emphasis on live. You only go round once."

    I liked the continuity of Eden mentioning her horse riding, though some kind of mention of Olivia wouldn't have gone amiss.

    Christian: "Do you have any better suggestions on how I should spend my money."
    Matt: "I don't know; leave it to the people who are still alive?"

    Theodora: "My aunt died."
    Sean: "Did your cell phone die with her?"

    Next season the role of Teddy will be played by Charmed actress Rose McGowan. It'll be interesting to see what she brings to the role.

    Theodora (to Sean): "My aunt had such a great sense of humour. She accepted that no man was ever gonna be there so she decided that she was gonna be there for herself and that being alone didn't mean being lonely or miserable and that no man was ever gonna hurt her or take away her spirit again."

    Theodora: "There's no peer pressure, Sean. You don't have to prove anything. I know who you are and I accept that just like I hope you accept me."

    I can't help but think that when Teddy was talking about her aunt to Sean, she was deliberately referring to herself. It could also be her warped motive for killing Harlem as well.

    Liz: "You don't want Christian. You want the warm embrace of his wallet. Are you so vapid, are you so unable to make it on your own that you have to sink your fangs into a dying man? Well I am not gonna let you suck one more drop of blood from him."
    Kimber: "This isn't over, butch."
    Liz: "Oh, if you come near me or my fiancé, I'm gonna show you just how butch I can get."

    Christian: "I don't even like having you as a roommate. What the hell was I thinking?"
    Sean: "You're scared. You're reaching out for some phantom hand to keep you from falling into the abyss. It's normal. It's just not going to make a difference."

    This was the first finale not to be written or directed by series creator Ryan Murphy. I wonder how many episodes he'll scribe for the last season. Also, there was no Julia in this episode as well.

    Giselle (re the blood packs): "We couldn't help ourselves."
    Christian: "On the contrary. You helped yourselves and then some."

    Sean: "You invited Kimber?"
    Christian: "She didn't need an invitation. It's a church; they welcome everybody, especially whores. It's big in the bible."

    Standout music: It had to be Kanye West's "Flashing Lights", given that it was used to heavily promote the latter half of this season.

    For a finale, this was excellent. "Giselle Blaylock And Legend Chandler" might have the daft cryogenic and vampire subplots but overall, it was a satisfying way of ending a very disappointing fifth season.
  • Over all, good episode for the most part, but was lacking in the usual Nip/Tuck cliff hanger of a season final. The episode had some great touching points that showed the characters had grown over the season.

    Why does Sean always fall for the crazy women? I think that the Teddy story line was the only thing that brought this episode down. I thought way too much time was spent on her for the season final. I loved the Christian and Kimber story line and hated the way their relationship ended. I have to admit I shed a few tears when Kimber found out that Christian was going to die(you couls see the pain in her eyes). And as much as I wanted her to tell Christian see still loved him at the wedding. I was more impressed that she didn't say anything and just left the wedding instead. I think in the end it proved she is less selfesh than others think she is and could end up getting Christian back next season. If she had seen Christian before she saw Matt I think she would have asked Christian to be with her again. Kimber and Christian always seemed to have the realist relationship on the show even thought it was also not always the healthist. I think Christian has grown and changed so much over the last season that he is ready to get serious and settle down with Kimber. And I think Kimber finally realizes that Christian is the one for her and gets her. The Liz and Christian relationship was a mistake they seemed to have more of a brother sister relationship where Liz is the older sister who constantly has to get her brother out of trouble and take care of him. For next season Sean needs to be on his own before some woman finally kills him or get back together with Julia. Christian, Kimber, Wilber, and Jenna need to become a family and move into a house with a white picket fence and live happily ever after. Matt needs to find a sweet girl his own age take will help him make good decisions and who also wants to be a doctor(the future MacNamara/Troy combo). Liz needs to find someone and truly be happy and know she is happy. So those are my hopes for next season.
  • Season Finale

    I thought the episode was good and mostly unpredictable. I was pleased to see Sean refuse the nitrous initially and a little disappointed to see him try it later. Although he was clearly upset over Christian, so it is understandable. I wasn't surprised that Teddy murdered the other man, but was initially surprised that there was another man. The revelation that Christian is in remission was a little surprising. I have one major problem with that whole last seen. Christian's doctor tells him the reason that he was given the wrong test results initially was due to HIPAA regulations causing them to use patient ID's instead of names when performing the tests. For those of you who may not know, HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. One of this act's main issues is security and privacy of health data. Right after the doctor tells Christian about the patient ID's, he tells Christian the other patient's name. This totally defeats the purpose of what caused the mix-up to begin with. Now, not only can Christian sue him for his false results, the other patient can sue him for her false results and for violation of privacy. I don't think the writers thought this through. They really dropped the ball.
  • Everything was predictable

    Ok, I wasn't surprised that Christian isn't dying. I think quite a few of us saw that one coming from a mile off. I wasn't surprised that Kimber came running to Matt expecting him to drop everything and take Ava. I was surprised that Matt is still as much of a wuss as ever in that he wanted to make a family with Kimber. She had the same reaction that I did when she asked if he was back on drugs. And of course, no one was surprised that she went and confronted Liz expecting her to cower down and release Christian from her "bonds" of impending matrimony. I WAS happily surprised that Liz put Kimmy in her place! She deserved it. And as for Dr. Teddy/Dixie...can Sean ever get away from mentally unstable women? Gees. Im glad to see the end of Ram and Eden, neither of those characters had anything to offer. Im kind of sad that we won't get to see the show for another year and see if Christian stays with Liz. I kinda doubt it. This wasn't very strong for a season finale.
  • Terminal Scherminal

    Nip/Tuck is at its strongest when a subject runs through almost all the storylines in a particular episode. This season finale was all about mortality and eternal youth, with Christian, Sean, Kimber and the vampiric couple all accepting or facing up to their own ends, or dealing with the ends of people around them.

    As expected, Christian's "death" wasn't real all along. And, as expected, his sham marriage to Liz will end in tears. While their imminent divorce is obvious, I hope it won't destroy their relationship in the process. Hopefully their sexual relationship, but not their emotional one. Liz is a necessary part in Christian's life, and I loved her scenes with Wilber this season. Wilber needs a maternal figure, and Liz is by far the most stable person in his life.

    I liked that Christian was looking into cryogenic freezing, which is so a thing he would consider. It's so out there but creepily true, and I loved Sean, Liz and Matt's reaction to it. The reference to Han Solo and Jabba the Hut was hysterical.

    Kimber kicked ass this episode. After her b*tchy, shrewish attitude this past season (and I'm including part one of season five in this too), it was great to see her back on form. She's clearly a damaged woman, and I truly believe her regained interest in Christian is from the heart. Those two are so made for each other, and it took his possible death to make her realize that. Surprisingly, staying quiet and instead fleeing the church was a very un-Kimber thing to do, which really made her grow in my estimation. Hopefully Christian's near-death has made her a better person. She loves him, and Christian knows she loves him now, but at least she didn't make too much of a drama of things. She allowed him to spend his last days the way he wanted to.

    Her scene with Liz was pretty intense. Kimber's love for Christian is obvious, but she went about it all wrong. As usual, she came off b*tchy and while her sentiments about Liz and Christian's nuptials may be true, she was definitely the loser in that confrontation.

    I wasn't disappointed in the resolution to both the Ram and Eden storylines. Ram was never a strong enough character to warrant any kind of emotional response from the audience, while Eden was a badly written, badly acted moron. Thankfully Kimber completely destroyed them. The legend of Kimber Henry will live forever, indeed.

    Teddy was revealed to be a murderer leading a double-life as Dr. Dixie, and unless there's more to her character, I'm not exactly eager to see the story continue. Still, I am excited about Rose McGowan coming in to replace Katee Sackhoff. But it's a shame the character herself is so boring. We've gone through the whole "murderous girl threatens Sean's life" routine so many times already.

    These past eight episodes have been pretty mediocre, considering we had to wait so long for them to air. Outside of Christian and Liz, the storylines have been very fragmented; more so than ever for this show. Matt has gone through the motions, and I'm hoping his quest to become an actor isn't completely swept under the carpet next season. Kimber had been a pain in the ass for a while, but this episode fully redeemed her in my eyes. Julia's completely vanished, which is disappointing since her presence on the show is missed. It's a really unpopular view, but without her the cast feels a little empty, and she at least deserves a great story arc next year.

    If this finale was appalling, I would pretty much write the show off as done. But on the strengths of this episode, I do believe the show has some juice left, at least for another 18 episodes. It's unfortunate, however, that FX insists on dragging them out until 2011. Hopefully they'll come to their senses.

    What I'm hoping for next season is more growth in the characters. One of the more annoying things about this season was how everybody seemed to back-track all the time. Just as Christian or Sean gained a little maturity, something occurred which sent them two steps back. I pray to God that Christian's survival won't simply make him return to his horndog ways again. Something needs to happen to each character which not only shakes them up, but has ramifications which actually stick for once. Both Matt and Kimber seem to be on the right track, but we can never be too sure on this show.

    In conclusion, this finale was strong in terms of plotting, acting, and in bringing most of the storylines to a close. It utilized the main cast well, and I loved all the references to life and death. By far the best episode of this short season, and good enough to make me look forward to next year. This show's not over yet...

    Director: Lyn Greene
    Writers: Lyn Greene, Richard Levine
    Rating: A
  • Very Heart Racing....Good Editing, Best Episode of the Season.

    WOW. The ending scene was great, i will not give anything away about the ending. Well, Christian is desperatley tring to "live forever" which is a normal reation when you find out you have six months to live. We find out that Teddy goes with another name as "Dixie" and she is with this doctor and she kills him because he fell in love with her. Sean is in some trouble for the future. Kimber gets kicked out from porn, and she gets her sorry ass back to Matt and Christian, what a b*tch she got what she deserved. The conversation Liz and Kimber had was intense! Well, Christian and Liz get married and Kimber objects, and walks away crying.. YAY!! The "vampires" in the episode made this one all the more interseting to tune in. WoW, Nip/Tuck is still my favorite show since season 1 it may have changed alot but it still did not lose its spark. Will Christian hurt Liz agian, Will Teddy kill Sean? What will happen to Kimber and Matt? Only one more season left which will be spilt in half like this season, until next January, OH tooo longgg!!!! :(