Season 5 Episode 22

Giselle Blaylock and Legend Chandler

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 03, 2009 on FX

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  • As a season finale it was quite silly. Or does anyone have any doubts of what Christan will do next?

    After watching this season's finale I was asking myself: why do I keeping watching this show? Nip/Tuck is simply repeating itself by showing, again, Dr. McNamara involved with a psycho-crazy-murderer woman (the only difference regarding the stuffed teddy bear crazy woman is that this time they had sex, since this one is young and beautiful), Dr.Troy behaving like a spoiled teenager and all the usual kind of freak clients that are willing to get rid of what they don't like about themselves. When this show started I was really amazed by the subject, by the criticism to our society and our behavior. The writing was witty, amazing dialogues and situations. As the seasons went on, it seems that the producers decided that maybe it was too much "adult" and what I saw in the last 2 seasons was kinda B-trash- let's do it again show. I wish all the best for the next season. Maybe they should go back to Miami.
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