Season 3 Episode 5

Granville Trapp

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 18, 2005 on FX

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  • I don´t believe in you

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    Talk Talk, I Don´t Believe In You

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  • THE best episode of season 3.

    For me, anyway. This episode was just so different - so unusual for the show. It kept me on the very edge of my seat from the start to finish.

    We knew that Christian can't be the Carver, but I was seriously worried for him. Also, how dramatic was it to watch Sean and Julia distancing themselves from him?

    Besides, this episode made all of our brains work. Who is The Carver? Has to be someone close - otherwise no way that all of these evidences could've been set up against Christian.

    The most incredible part of the episode, for me, was when Christian wakes up and realizes it was all a dream - THEN, he really wakes up and realizes that it's the reality. That was really clever, since most shows doing episodes like this would end with one of the main characters just dreaming it up.

    The ending with Kit getting carved was a classic, and I think that it was the very best way for her to realize that Christian is in fact innocent. An amazing episode, one of the best Carver-arc episodes.
  • Locked Up

    In retrospect, The Carver really wasn't good for the show. This episode in particular just didn't sit right, with story twists appearing to just be thrown in at random. And watching this episode after watching the season finale makes it seem even more lazily plotted.

    Kit was still ridiculous. The fact that she is still working on the Carver case despite having slept with almost everyone involved is just lame, and the ridiculous explanation for her nymphomaniac behavior ("I was... uh... undercover!") was almost like the writers covering up a story that reeked of bad porno in the first place. I loved the near-catfight we got between her and Kimber, but the rest was pretty forgettable.

    But, as they say, dig through all the crap and you can usually find gold. Christian's reunion with his birth mother was tragic, real, and beautifully performed by Julian McMahon. While the revelation that his real father was a crazy serial rapist felt shoe-horned in (to give the "evil gene" idea more weight), their reunion was such a moving scene. A welcome breather from all the stupidity of the rest of the episode.

    It was disappointing to see Sean and Liz believing that Christian was guilty. It just didn't ring true that these characters would so quickly believe that the man they've known for so many years could be a murderous rapist.

    The AIDs-face patient was intriguing, but that was unfortunately forgotten about in order to spend more time on the Carver hoodoo. Sometimes, like in the Rhea Reynolds episode, The Carver is handled very well, but when the investigation comes into play full force (especially with Kit present), everything manages to fall apart.

    Director: Jeremy Podeswa
    Writer: Sean Jablonski
    Rating: C
  • A fantastic episode!!!

    I have only just started watching Nip/Tuck. last year i caught a few different episodes but have just started properly watching from the beginning of series 3.

    After only a few episodes, i can say that this is my new favourite show! Its always pretty cutting edge and features some fantastic characters wanting surgery.

    Granville Trapp follows the aftermath of the Carver's first murder. Kit McGraw attempts to get Christian to admit to being the Carver, after finding his DNA at the home of the victim. this results in Christian being locked away, waiting to be released. just as it looks as though Christian may be found guilty, the Carver strikes again while he is in prison, proving that it wasnt him.

    It is a fantastic episode, with many twists and turns, particularly the final minute, at the discovery of the Carver's latest victim - Kit McGraw.
  • Kit: “Nature beats nurture every time.”

    I truly never thought that Christian was the Carver because 1) of the extremely detailed and convincing rape scene we got in the season premiere and 2) because even if Christian was a serial rapist, which is actually possible considering his character attributes, I don’t think he would ever attack Sean.

    Kit obviously took some pleasure in arresting Christian, and I was getting so sick of her smug attitude throughout the episode that I gave a little cheer when Kimber slapped her. It’s obvious that someone was framing Christian for the Rhea Reynolds attack, and it clearly wasn’t the Carver (he would never want someone taking credit for his work), so the only logical suspect is Kit, and I truly think she could have done it. Her character has proven to be quite sinister, and Rhona Mitra (who did an excellent job today I might add) is quite a potent addition to the cast.

    I really felt bad for Christian throughout the episode. Everybody he loves and knows looses faith in him, including Sean (which really disappointed me), and then when family reunion time comes with his biological mother he only meets more disappointed, as his mother automatically assumes Christian is guilty and reveals that she regrets having him. Julian McMahon did a fantastic job today, and never have I seen a character go through as much as Christian has.

    How ironic, Kit arrests Christian and Kit is the one who gets him set free when she is attacked by the Carver. I thought it was clever of Christian to report to Andrea Hall his arrest, and while I would be harboring reproving feelings about his decision if the Carver had truly attacked someone else, the attack on Kit had a sense of poetic justice to it.

    Final Notes and Quotes

    - Was Kit actually telling the truth when she said she’s been undercover this whole time?

    - I found it interesting that even when Sean’s faith faltered, Quentin had faith that Christian didn’t do it the whole time.

    Kit: “Tell him you want to plead insanity."
    Christian: “What, for sleeping with you in the first place?”

    - Christian’s anger at Sean was understandable, as was Sean’s doubt facing all the conspiring evidence against Christian. Sean is only human.

    - Rhea Reynolds’ murder marks the first time the Carver has killed one of his victims.

    - Kit did have an interesting point when she discussed out how similar Matt turned out to Christian, despite the completely opposite and better environment he was raised in.

    - A little side note: Christian is still paying for Gina’s cocktail.

    - Character Tidbits: We learned a lot about Christian’s childhood in this episode. At the age of twelve he was put in reform school, where he began to perform dissections on dead animals. His mother also revealed that he was conceived as a result of rape.

    - Kit: (re: framing him) “Who would do that?"
    Christian: “Throw a stone down south beach, you’ll hit a model I screwed and never called back, start there.”

    - Outstanding Performance of the Week: Julian McMahon, but Rhona Mitra deserves an honorable mention for her snappy line delivery.

    - Kimber: “As I seem to recall you’re the deviant one, Kit.”
    Kit: “Interesting judgment, coming from someone who makes their living as a whore.”

    Final Rating: Another winner, 4 out of 4 stars.

    - Tim Bronx
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  • What Lies Beneath

    'Granville Trapp' picks up immediately from where the last episode left; Kit is investigating the crime scene that is Rhea's apartment. Rhea Reynolds has been murdered and the word FRAUD daubed above her bed. Kit coolly inspects the scene, finds a piece of evidence... then storms in to McNamara/Troy to arrest Christian for Rhea's murder!

    The major theme of this episode is appearance versus reality; Granville Trapp has a hollowness to his face due to the medication he's on as he's HIV positive and wants surgery to make his face look like it did so he can date. Sean has reservations about doing it, as it disguises his illness but they do it nonetheless. The surface of things is not always a guarantee of what's beneath. Christian announces to Sean at the start of the episode 'there's a lot you don't know about me'; and the same goes for the viewers who find out more about the good Dr Troy in his interrogations with Kit. Of course, there's never the faintest suggestion that Christian actually is the Carver- it's Kit playing mind games. Or is it? The interrogation scenes are well written with both Julian McMahon and Rhona Mitra giving as good as they get. Those two have real chemistry together. We discover that Christian was put in reform school for mutilating dead animals; his biological father was a serial rapist who attacked his mother when she was fourteen. The latter we find out when Christian comes face-to-face with his mother, Gail Pollock, in a move engineered by Kit to prove that Christian's behaviour as the Carver is genetic. The scene between Gail and Christian is incredibly emotional yet restrained and there's another strong guest performance by Kathy Baker as Christian's estranged mother.

    When a vial of the substance the Carver uses to paralyse the victims is found in Christian's apartment, even Sean starts to have his doubts. Could the guy he's known for twenty years be the maniac terrorising Miami? Of course he isn't. When Christian leaks news of his own arrest to the media, the real Carver strikes again and Christian is released, returning to work and returning to repair the damage inflicted on the next victim. The next victim, though, is none other than Kit. The look of utter devastation on her face at the end is shocking and powerful in equal measures. Whilst the episode lacks the real punch that exemplified Rhea Reynolds, Granville Trapp is still a great episode and ranks highly in my list of favourites of the series.
  • "Granville Trapp" is an episode about consequences of mistakes that people made in their lives. Nobody could find a way out as Christian in that position.

    "Granville Trapp" is an episode about consequences of mistakes that people made in their lives. Nobody could find a way out as Christian in that position accused of such hidious and wild attacks and turned away by all your friends and family because of your notorious past and its effects on your entire life.

    That gay man who have aids because of a careless and thoughtless partner had sex with him without condoms, is a landmark case to state these people's situations and what they are going through every day. All the bad things ahve such comebacks to people that they are not even aware of! He wanted to change his aids face to make a physical change from that disease but psychological harms cannot be fixed by our surgeons!

    Kit is such an intelligent and hot woman that she must be given a role in CSI series. She made such comments about the case, at one point i even doubt that Christian is actually the carver. However i get so mad at her assumptions and i was pretty shocked when i saw her carved face at the end of the episode!

    This one is a golden episode that must be watched a few more times.
  • The Frame Written by Sean Jablonski Directed by Jeremy Podeswa

    Granville (to Christian): “I guess people see only what they want to”.

    Seeing is believing, we all know that but they are other things we take as testament even without seeing, which often include people being falsely accused for a crime they didn’t commit as Christian finds out.

    When Kit shows up rather unwelcomingly at McNamara and Troy, she arrests Christian, believing him to have murdered Rhea Reynolds and to have been The Carver all along. I’m sorry but didn’t a flashback in “Momma Boone” show us the extent of Christian’s attack so much that any notion of him being The Carver would be preposterous? Kit certainly thinks he’s responsible and displays a rather vindictive pleasure in backing her arrest of Christian in a series of shockers, one after the other.

    First off all her interrogation of Kimber spills the reveal that Kit was targeting her and Christian and if Kit had any endearing qualities, this is where she lost them. Her bating about their three-way in one of many attempts to expose any sexual deviance in Christian was cold but laying into Kimber (who I still think/kind of hope is The Carver) the way she did was rather sleazy. Cop or no cop, Kimber had every right to slap her, if she had been a man and I was in that situation, I think I might have too. The only thing Kit has done right so far this season was making Kimber a better character to watch and that’s really it.

    If that wasn’t bad enough Kit really went for the jugular with Christian’s past. I’m all for learning as much about this guy as the next person but what she dug up, she only used to benefit herself and to maintain her bitchier than thou stance. The revelation being a mini-Carver isn’t as shocking as Kit tries to make it out to be. He said himself he was bored, curious and wanted to be a surgeon. His flashbacks in the science lab reattaching a dg’s head even indicated that. They didn’t scream serial killer or sexual deviant.

    Also comparing Christian’s past to Matt’s current behaviour was assessment, even for Kit. I’m not stupid to realise that she’s actually trying to do her job but as a woman who openly expressed not being averse to the odd conspiracy theory, it does come across like she’s primarily sought Christian out as The Carver and refuses to consider the possibility of him being set up. Not only did she even consider that either the condom found beside Rhea’s bed or the tranquiliser (prior to him telling Sean it was his, he moved his fingers during his Carver attack and wanted to see if he could’ve done something to stop his ordeal) could’ve been planted there.

    However the biggest surprise of the hour was the introduction of Christian’s birth mother, Gail Pollack. Keeping this episode on the dark and twisted route, the woman in question was raped at 14 by a guy who had cuts pieces of his other victims. Excellently played by ex-Boston Public actress Kathy Baker, unlike some reviews I’ve read, I didn’t find Gail’s appearance to be a waste. I didn’t like that she was so quick to believe Christian was actually guilty but given the circumstances, I would’ve found it more implausible if she had sided with him.

    To her, Christian is the product of the worst experience of her life and it’s often easier to think the worst rather than the best in someone at times. Also she and Christian don’t have a relationship outside of biology. She also didn’t come in off her own speed that was Kit’s doing. Still though, I quite like her and I hope we will see more of her as the season progresses.

    With Kimber on his side but not present, we got the moments of doubt from the rest of Christian’s nearest and dearest. Julia largely remained in the background but Sean and Liz their own guilt ha their doubts. Was this disappointing? Hell yeah but hardly unexpected. I was disappointed with Sean for obvious “best friends for over 20 years” reasoning but after last week with botched anaesthesia, Liz should have give him the benefit of the doubt. Quentin seemed to be the only who actively had no doubts of Christian’s innocence (which means he’s back in the possible suspect list of The Carver’s real identity). Then again, he could also be a follower in that gut instinct philosophy and maybe doesn’t allow time and sentimentality to cloud his judgement.

    Of course, Nip/Tuck likes to take a rather twist and they don’t come more surprising than Christian leaking his own arrest to Andrea Hall in order to prove his innocence. Sean was right to be furious with Christian’s risky plot but it proved to be the only thing to release him when the next Carver victim arrives at his office and who could it be but Kit? As much as I hated her in this episode, even I felt bad for her at the end. If there’s one thing we definitely know about The Carver, it’s that he/she doesn’t appreciate other people taking credit for their handiwork.

    Also in “Granville Trapp”

    Only Patient: Granville Trapp, an AIDS victim wanted his hollowed cheeks (side effect of his cocktail) fixed so he could date again. Now I don’t blame Sean’s reservation fixing them but I did think he jumped the gun by automatically assuming Granville would be having sex without informing partners of his condition.

    Christian (to Kit): “Fourteen hours in this place without a cup of coffee and even Ghandi would become a narcoleptic”.

    Kimber: “As I recall you were the deviant one”
    Kit: “Interesting judgement coming from someone who makes her living as a whore”.

    Why wasn’t there an officer assisting Kit during any of her interrogations with Christian?

    Christian mentioned buying Gina’s AIDS medication. Please tell me we don’t have to wait much longer for her to show up.

    Kit (re lawyer): “Tell him you want to plead insanity”
    Christian: “What, for sleeping with you in the first place?”

    No Matt in this episode, although I’m thinking when Kit discussed his behaviour of late that something might be foreshadowing.

    Sean: “DNA doesn’t lie”
    Quentin: “Ask O.J. He’ll tell you otherwise”.

    Gail (to Christian): “This isn’t easy for me either, digging up the past. To realise the son that I never should’ve had has turned into my worst fear”.

    Chronology wise, its three months since “Momma Boone”.

    Christian (to Sean): “If I’m their guy, that means I cut you. I took a knife and I cut your face. Do you really think I’m that kind of guy?”

    Hats off to the choice of director for this episode. Jeremy Podeswa has directed episodes for Six Feet Under, Carnivale, The L Word and recently Rome. He did a terrific job here.

    Granville (to Christian): “Last week when looked at me, all they saw was a dying man. Today I look like I could take on the world”.

    Standout music: “I Melt With You” by Nouvelle Vague.

    Nip/Tuck is on an impressive streak just of late and “Granville Trapp” pretty much maintains that trend. With an episode so character driven and revealing, the writing team this year are really excelling themselves and this proves you don’t need over 20 million viewers like Lost or Desperate Housewives to be compulsive viewing.

  • A dramatic and gritty episode which was brilliantly written and acted

    This is a deep and dark episode of Nip/Tuck. Before the episode I wasn’t sure if I could be bothered to review it but after watching it, especially the ending I felt I had to.

    The storyline in this episode is that last weeks fake patient, Rhea Reynolds has been slashed and killed by the Carver- his first killing (that we know off) From the opening scene, when we see a truly gruesome shot of Rhea’s head hanging off her body and Christian’s arrest, you can tell its going to be a good episode.
    We learn a lot about Christian- his parentage, his adoption, his childhood and his history of cutting up dead cats. As much as I like Christian, to be perfectly honest, you can kind of see where the prosecution was coming from- he does have all the credentials to be the Carver.
    Julian McMahon did brilliantly in this episode. Christian couldn’t have been easy to portray in this episode and he did a wonderful job, especially considering that he had about ½ of the total screen time.
    Rhona Mitra (Kit) was also really good. She held her own in this episode and came off as very intelligent. Her acting at the end of the episode was excellent- you could really see the pain in her eyes.
    The final scene as a whole was really incredible. It was a clever, if shocking move for Christian to call the media and the revelation that Kit was the next Carver victim had me in complete shock and intrigue.

    One thing I want to mention is the evidence that incriminated Christian. Now I’m not too sure how the American legal system works, but they collected some pretty damning evidence and surely just because there was another carver attack, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Christian didn’t attack Rhea. To me it seems strange that they should let him go. This leads me to the conclusion that maybe Kit did set him up to get revenge. It wouldn’t surprise me and would make sense given that she dropped the case so quickly after her attack.
    I can’t wait for the next episode to see if they explain this or to see if Kit actually admits to it.
    Overall a brilliant episode, which was very revealing and very dark
  • "Grannville Trap" Christian is charged for the murder of Rhea Reynolds.

    This episode was about identity and knowing oneself as well as others and it was f****** unbelievable. It was the most suspenseful episode in Nip/Tuck's History. The HIV patient was a strong individual who isn't going to let the virus control his life. Chrisitian was charged with the murder of Rhea Reynolds and he knows he didn't do it albeit the increasing evidence presented against him. Sean and Julia have known Chrisitian for 20 years and they had doubts about whether or not Christian was "The Carver." I believe that after this episode Sean and Christian's friendship will never be the same and McNamara/Troy will never again be that powerhouse plastic surgery corporation. The episode unfolded in a very stylish manner when they opened up at the site of the murder. Subsequently, Chrisitan was charged for the murder and what occured from there became one of the greatest moments in the history of television. I was so nervous that I was shaking, while trying to tell myself that Christian isn't the Carver. Seeing Christians biological mother was jaw-dropping as well as Julian McMahon's performance in this particular episode. The ending was perhaps the most amazing and shocking ending in the history of Television. The b**** got what she deserved. Nip/Tuck is by far the best and most breathtakingly cutting edge show on T.V. The episode that aired tonight was the best episode in the history of Nip/Tuck and will not soon be forgotten.
  • Is Christian the Carver? Following Sean's bad day last episode, it's Christian Troy's turn now...

    The episode opens with a crime scene, people pace about oh-so similarly to in the 'Boone episode. We're greeted by Kit, and on the bed in front of her is Rhea Reynolds dead body. Blood is everywhere. words are written on the wall, and the Carver is losing himself. Kit examines the bodies surroundings, pictures being taken, and there it is, the evidence of the Carver's identity.

    Sean and Christian are doing a consultation. The patient this week is a Granville trap, who wants his cheeks restructured. They're hollow because of the HIV medication he's taking. Kit enters the room, Christian, cocky, dismisses her, but she's not here for leisure, she's working.

    "Christian Troy, you are under arrest for the murder of Rhea Reynolds".

    And that's the premise of this episode.

    A lot of the scenes in Granville Trapp are about Christian and the investigation behind him, with both patient and other cast regulars taking a back seat for now. Matt is nowhere to be seen, Costa gets two scenes at most and Liz, like every other episode this season has been underused again. But enough complaints.

    Kit makes a far better police officer than sexual partner, my dislike of her completely washing away during her interogation scenes. Rhona Mitra plays them well, her character never breaking her concentration or mono-emotive stance. As the episode is of course based on his character, Julian McMahon is also unsurprisingly brilliant throughout, and bad acting is nowhere to be seen anywhere in this episode.

    We learn a lot of backstory and history from Christian's prison scenes. We find out that he used to operate on dead animals as a child, remembered of the fact that he was raped by his step father, but most interestingly, we get to find out about his biological father, through a guest appearance by his mum.

    Christian was an accident, his birth happening only as a result of his mother getting raped. Christian's father was something of a mini-Carver, a serial rapist who liked to disfigure his victims, cutting parts off to keep as trophies. His mother naturally assumes Christian is turning into the same man, and completely thinks he is guilty, making her appearance almost unnecessary.

    When things look like they can't get any worse however, The Carver strikes again when Christian is still in prison. His latest victim Kit, all charges and suspicion are dropped against Christian, the only thing left to fix his reputation and relationship with Sean...
  • I loved this episode especially the look on Kit\'s face when Dr. Troy Said \"What dont you like about yourself\", CLASSIC!!!

    I loved this episode especially the look on Kit\'s face when Dr. Troy Said \"What dont you like about yourself\", CLASSIC!!. I didnt figure out that Kit was the latest Carver victim but she was such a bitch I was happy it was her :) Also Christians mom was a piece of work I would have at least wanted to hear his side of the story but she just assumed it was him.
  • I believe the Carver is AVA, she\\\'s returned. That cop was asking for it, maybe it\\\'s Kimberly. This was the best epsiode yet, the ending really thru me off big time!

    I\\\'m trying to understand Tara (oops BL/ABC), the red head copy. First she has sex with the folks she supposed to be observing, now she Guns & Roses after Chrisitan. She needs to makeup her mind, and her character needs to be retune, like reality plz!?! That is so unreal, she would have been gone.
  • Great episode!! Does anyone knew who did the cover of "Melt With You" during Christian's dream?

    Great episode!! Does anyone knew who did the cover of "Melt With You" during Christian's dream? Great episode!! Does anyone knew who did the cover of "Melt With You" during Christian's dream? Great episode!! Does anyone knew who did the cover of "Melt With You" during Christian's dream? Great episode!! Does anyone knew who did the cover of "Melt With You" during Christian's dream?
  • Very well written and extremely well done.

    I found myself torn on the classification to choose for this episode. I think it was also a character development as we got to see Christian's birth mom and learn so much more about his past. In a way it was also character development for Kit as we realized just how vengeful and cold she could be.

    Also in a way I suppose it could also have been character development for Sean as we discovered he could still develop doubts about Christian and actually consider the possibility of him being The Carver, even with how close they were.

    So yes, I'd say the episode had plenty of character development in it. I enjoye dlearning more about Christian's past and getting an idea of how his birth dad and mom were. I couldn't get over the way she was talking to him and treating him, especially after not even seeing him since his birth. Talk about a quick judgment.

    I also think the episode was pivotal and well written though. The writers did a wonderful job on this episode, and the actors did very well on their parts, too. Just ome of the things that were said, and how they were spoken, throughout the episode were amazing. Great job all the way around.

    And of course I absolutely LOVED the ending. Wow. It was just too perfect to even try to describe, and as another person wrote, justice certainly was served.

    Kudos to all on this episode, and I cannot wait till the next one!
  • The best episode in this season so far and breath taking too. It's really a don't miss.


    When I saw this episode, I couldn’t move anymore. It was too fascinating. Really! Christian should be the carver? I didn’t believe it. It couldn’t be, but then coming with the time I really got more and more convinced that he really could be the carver. The dream scene of Christian was a brilliant idea. Then all people turning Christian down and the media release (together with the earlier mentioned facts about that) I really thought wow this show is going to change completely and this in the middle of season! I felt like a truck hit me. Ok I have to admit, that all my nerves got released, when Christian was free again, but then the ending. Cruel! First Christian admits that he destroyed their business and intentionally provoked another victim. He really got nerves. This was the second wave of the breath taking storyline, but then there wasn’t enough. It had to be more in the last second. And there it was, one more time I hold my breath. Kit is the newest victim of the carver. Fortunately it was the last scene of this episode, so we have a bit time to think about this last scene. Your picture of Christian, restored after his release (we all thought, he’s a bastard, but deep inside a good man - admit it!) is definitely destroyed when we see the coolness and calmness, he has the nerve to speak is standard welcome sentence to Kit. He really wants to pay her back his arrest. Take that fact and the fact of calling the media, as I wrote above, Christian isn’t that good man inside we thought we saw in his tears from time to time. He has a much darker soul - closer to the carver than we ever imagined.

    The theory of some other users here, that the craver is Christian’s dad; I drought that. Because even the DNA is a close match you can tell the difference between father and son (so Matt would have been a suspect too). Second: A rapist from 35 or 40 years ago must be like 60 or more and with the power he works… Or the fact, that he would have changed his preferences from raping to carving. So I sure let me surprise but I think even the writers don’t really know who the carver will be in the end.
  • How much can anyone really know about anyone else?

    That condom is important.

    It's someone with access to Christian's semen (as he said, throw a stone on South Beach) and someone with a grudge. Christian did the reconstruction on Rhea Reynolds' face, so it's possible the Carver wanted him to stew for a bit.

    The crime scene was carefully arranged, and Kit would've seen that. That being the case it's incredible she didn't take it one step further and assume that the condom was also planted.

    So ...

    Access to C's semen ...
    Knowledge of Rhea Reynolds ...
    Grudge against beautiful people ...

    ... Gina?

    Would Gina have really had the control required to become a brutalizing rapist, tho? Somehow I doubt it. She seems a little too out of control.

    I'm almost positive that you can figure out the rate of decay on a semen sample, so it should be possible to know its age.

    Christian almost certainly had alibis for at least some of the victims.

    Also, it was his idea to take the story to Angela in the first place. Sean wanted to do the pro bono work, but Christian wanted to publicize it.

    I recognize that this could be Christian trying to drum up business, but there's this problem. Naomi Gaines was like the fourth Carver victim, so what's up with the other three? He didn't need to carve three victims to create a publicity stunt to shove that nutty lipofreak off the front pages (that hadn't presumably arisen by the time the cases started). And he certainly didn't need to keep doing it.

    I'd like to reiterate here and now that I'm not in any way bored by the Carver storyline. When those people come into the office with those terrible scars, it's pretty eyecatching. And the Carver is clearly a psychopath. "Beauty is a curse on the world" and jealously protective of his work and the credit for it. Rhea Reynolds earned his most brutal act yet, but so did Christian for repairing her. Hence the planted evidence.

    Also, Kit needs to stay better briefed. Rhea was never a victim of the Carver until she came forward as one. Her lawyer, Quentin and Christian heard her confess to carving herself, so presumably Kit would've talked to the lawyer in her investigation.

    The Carver only visited her once as well, and that was obviously enough.

    I loved the backstory on Christian -- doing surgery on dead animals, the product of a rapist and then molested as a child -- I'd thought he was molested by his foster father, not his foster brother, but my memory of the pilot episode is fading somewhat.

    My heart broke a little for Christian when Sean believed that he was capable of cutting his face open. And it made me think that Sean probably isn't the guy, either. I guess when he mentioned that he'd fathered Matt, Sean realized that Christian is indeed capable of lots of things he couldn't really deal with.

    The betrayal of someone cheating on one and transmitting HIV was a good patient-as-metaphor for this week. The whole storyline was one of how much can Sean trust Christian, and how much do we really know about anyone?

    Christian getting the tranquilizer and seeing if he could move was one of those self-learning things. But meeting up with his mother opened him to such cruelty I was sure she was an actress Kit had hired. Her reactions to him, her body language, her hatred and fear, and the horrible things she believed of him. Christian is screwed up, but he doesn't (so far as we know) cut on people for fun.

    I realized almost immediately that Christian waking up with Kimber was the dream -- that everything that had happened in the episode had actually happened. But that being the case, I was expecting it to end a lot more nightmarishly than it did.

    No, the Carver has too much access to people's homes and lives for it to be Gina. But he's got too much access to people's homes and lives for it to be anyone, so whatcha gonna do?

    That condom is important, tho.

    It means it's someone with a lot more access to Christian than we'd realized -- someone with even more access than he's already had at the end of S2.

    Good eppy. Well done, everyone. :)
  • For the ending alone, this episode ROCKED!!! (spoiler talk)

    Probably the second most intense episode of this season (the first being the episode where Matt went ballistic on that transsexual), Christian being arrested for being The Carver provided one hour of drama and emotion, and about ten minutes at the end of "what the F**k is going on?!!!"

    Let's start at the beginning...

    We finally meet (as does Christian) Christian's birthmother and learn the circumstances surrounding his birth/adoption. This whole story arc will undoubtedly add layers upon layers to an already complex (probably one of the most complex) character in TV history. To be a product of that kind of "relationship"... and then for her to tell her son, whom she's just met, that this is how he was conceived and why he was given up... How does Ryan Murphy do it?!

    Secondly, Kit and Kimber... though their scene was relatively short, I found myself starting to like Kimber, even though her relationship with Christian remains a bit of a question mark in terms of chemistry (they just don't seem to fit to me). Admittedly, I thought Kit would be more of a match for Christian.

    If the Sean/Christian brother bond can make it past Matt's paternity, I'm sure McNamara/Troy won't be too hard hit by Sean's semi-betrayal. The evidence did stack up, and with Ryan Murphy at the helm, Christian should still be suspect.

    Fourth... the moment that was most "What the F**k" for me was when Kimber told Christian to "Rise and shine!" That was like WHOA-- Back the hell up! And then the guard tells Christian to leave. This series of scenes worked 100x better and more effective than the season opener when we were led to belive Christian was dead.

    And lastly, that final scene... they took so long to reveal who was the next carver victim. I was sitting there, thinking I had the answer... "it's going to be his birth mother. No! I't gonna be Kimber!!"

    Then BAM!!!

    You think you know, but you just NEVER can tell what's gonna happen. This show better win some Emmy's soon. It is way overdue.

  • Slowly we watch a friendship deteriate. This is the most pivotal episode of the season thus far. An ending not to miss-a change in heart, most definetly.

    A wonderful episode. This episode, not only is pivotal, but was also one of the most suspenceful epsiodes I've seen yet on this show. We want to beleive we know what's going to happen next, but we are kept in the dark by Murphy's brilliant script writing.

    Christian is sent to prison for the murder of a patient in which he didn't quite see eye to eye with. He claims to be inocent. And, ironically enough, his only best friend has doubts-Sean. And as the episode climaxes, we find out that what used to be a friendship, slowly falls to pieces.

    But in the end (which I must say, the ending is what made this episode so spectacular), justice is most definetly served. The bi*ch got what she deserved. ; )

    Definetly a wonderful episode with LOTS of suspence. Not the best of the season, but what may be one of the better endings I've seen in quite some time.

  • I don't give this rating very often, but .... 9.8/10 Damn unbelievable.

    OMFG ... I don't even know what to say ... I have no idea what to say .... tonight's episode ... OMFG.

    There's really no kind of review that I could possibly give for tonight's episode that could do it the right kind of justice. Let me just say ... wow ... this episode ... friggin' epitomizes the show ... it is living proof why Nip/Tuck is undisputedly the GREATEST show on TV today.

    My god .... unreal.

    Well, all I'm going to say is, justice was f-ing served in the end. This episode just blew me away completely.

    I don't give this rating very often, but ....


    Damn unbelievable.
  • This is Makes Nip/Tuck Great

    This episode demonstrates the one aspect of this show that I hope is inviolable, the relationship between Christian and Sean-- true blue, 20-year strong platonic love. Sean\'s speech on standing by Christian was perfectly dellivered, believable and that is part of what makes Nip/Tuck great. In the midst of all the shallowness, depravity and mistrust, the love between the three of them is one true thing.

    On the other hand, this detective is truly annoying. And while I liked Christian\'s deep dark molestation secret and his pain and sexual disfunction, they\'re pushing it a bit far. The core thing about this character is his deep loyalty and capacity for caring outside of romantic detachment. This is starting to feel too far afield from that.