Season 3 Episode 5

Granville Trapp

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 18, 2005 on FX

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  • Kit: “Nature beats nurture every time.”

    I truly never thought that Christian was the Carver because 1) of the extremely detailed and convincing rape scene we got in the season premiere and 2) because even if Christian was a serial rapist, which is actually possible considering his character attributes, I don’t think he would ever attack Sean.

    Kit obviously took some pleasure in arresting Christian, and I was getting so sick of her smug attitude throughout the episode that I gave a little cheer when Kimber slapped her. It’s obvious that someone was framing Christian for the Rhea Reynolds attack, and it clearly wasn’t the Carver (he would never want someone taking credit for his work), so the only logical suspect is Kit, and I truly think she could have done it. Her character has proven to be quite sinister, and Rhona Mitra (who did an excellent job today I might add) is quite a potent addition to the cast.

    I really felt bad for Christian throughout the episode. Everybody he loves and knows looses faith in him, including Sean (which really disappointed me), and then when family reunion time comes with his biological mother he only meets more disappointed, as his mother automatically assumes Christian is guilty and reveals that she regrets having him. Julian McMahon did a fantastic job today, and never have I seen a character go through as much as Christian has.

    How ironic, Kit arrests Christian and Kit is the one who gets him set free when she is attacked by the Carver. I thought it was clever of Christian to report to Andrea Hall his arrest, and while I would be harboring reproving feelings about his decision if the Carver had truly attacked someone else, the attack on Kit had a sense of poetic justice to it.

    Final Notes and Quotes

    - Was Kit actually telling the truth when she said she’s been undercover this whole time?

    - I found it interesting that even when Sean’s faith faltered, Quentin had faith that Christian didn’t do it the whole time.

    Kit: “Tell him you want to plead insanity."
    Christian: “What, for sleeping with you in the first place?”

    - Christian’s anger at Sean was understandable, as was Sean’s doubt facing all the conspiring evidence against Christian. Sean is only human.

    - Rhea Reynolds’ murder marks the first time the Carver has killed one of his victims.

    - Kit did have an interesting point when she discussed out how similar Matt turned out to Christian, despite the completely opposite and better environment he was raised in.

    - A little side note: Christian is still paying for Gina’s cocktail.

    - Character Tidbits: We learned a lot about Christian’s childhood in this episode. At the age of twelve he was put in reform school, where he began to perform dissections on dead animals. His mother also revealed that he was conceived as a result of rape.

    - Kit: (re: framing him) “Who would do that?"
    Christian: “Throw a stone down south beach, you’ll hit a model I screwed and never called back, start there.”

    - Outstanding Performance of the Week: Julian McMahon, but Rhona Mitra deserves an honorable mention for her snappy line delivery.

    - Kimber: “As I seem to recall you’re the deviant one, Kit.”
    Kit: “Interesting judgment, coming from someone who makes their living as a whore.”

    Final Rating: Another winner, 4 out of 4 stars.

    - Tim Bronx
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