Season 3 Episode 9

Hannah Tedesco

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 15, 2005 on FX
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Christian and Quentin disagree over the ethics of an extremely dangerous operation that would enhance their medical reputations. Sean is thinking about giving up everything and disappearing into the Witness Protection Program with Nikki and her son.

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  • Become a porn star!!/Choices

    Cómo explicar lo que me pasa? Mi marido ya no quiere estar más conmigo. Prefiere gar****se una muñeca. Entonces, digame qué es lo que puedo hacer? Sí! Convertirme (para él) en una estrella de porno! Así podré satisfascerlo!! Así piensa que no está conmigo sino con otra!!! Pero está conmigo! Jaja. Mi nuevo yo! Renacer en la cama! Nuestro matrimonio como el primer día!!!


    A veces hay que elegir y a veces no está bueno. Porque cuando nos vemos obligados a elegir es porque algo no está bien. Y si debemos pensar en si quedarnos con los fantasmas del pasado o matar a cualquiera que se cruza para crear nuevos fantasmas porque ya los viejos no nos soportan más...moreless
  • Witless Protection

    Christian and Kimber's ultimatum was awesome, and really showed how much they value each other as a couple. I also loved the clause in their contract about threesomes, as they wouldn't want their sex life to go stale (hee!). The entire Kimber Doll-wannabe was a little disturbing, and I was never really convinced by it. But at least it gave Kelly Carlson a lot to do, and the chemistry between her and Julian McMahon was still great to see.

    Sean was acting completely selfishly where the witness protection program was concerned. He didn't appear to think twice over Matt and Annie's well-being when he decided to jump ship and move away with Nicole. While I eventually ended up enjoying this story, Sean's actions were ridiculous. I liked the slight open-ending to the story. We never find out if the men pursuing Nicole and Austin actually caught up to them, and as an audience we're allowed to come up with our own theories about their whereabouts.

    The surgery of the week was great. A truly groundbreaking procedure, a face transplant operation made for some stunning (if extremely gross) make-up effects, and some great acting from the guest stars. But you just knew that something would eventually go wrong. I initially pegged that the mother donating her daughter's face would lose all control at the end, and possibly start claiming that her friend's daughter is now hers, since she shares her old face. That didn't happen, but it was still a pretty depressing closer.

    An impressive episode which managed to make the Anne Heche story a lot more suspenseful, and proved how close Christian and Kimber now are.

    Director: Michael M Robin

    Writer: Sean Jablonski

    Rating: B+moreless
  • I felt Sean jumped into the idea of moving out with Nicole way too quickly, and I was happy that in the end he wasn’t able to go through with it.moreless

    I felt Sean jumped into the idea of moving out with Nicole way too quickly, and I was happy that in the end he wasn’t able to go through with it. Sean definitely would have missed his family, and I doubt he was thinking it all through.

    Now what the hell happened to Nicole? Was the mob able to find her and kill her? Did the FBI rescue her and take her away? Or did she just really leave Sean out of consideration for the danger Sean would be in? It looks like we might never know. The suspense during that scene worked out perfectly, though, and it certainly was discussion worthy.

    We got a reference back to the Ms. Kimber doll (from season two), as a patient comes to McNamara/Troy complaining that all her husband wants to screw is the doll. This causes Christian to suddenly decide he doesn’t like the idea of Kimber in the porn business anymore, and while I understand why any male wouldn’t want their wife having sex with multiple partners, it certainly is a little hypocritical coming from a man who cheats on his girlfriend a fare share. I liked how in the end, even though Kimber did give into Christian’s demands, she made a few requests of her own in the form of a fidelity prenup. They both got something they wanted.

    The main patient storyline this week was a pretty heavy plot: a mother wants her daughter to receive a new face after her original one is destroyed in a carnival accident. The storyline was deeply emotional, and I was sad that the operation failed in the end. I found Quentin’s selfish feelings towards the operation unbelievable (“We could spin this in our favor by telling them she’s alive”), and I couldn’t believe Quentin showed up for the operation high of cocaine. He was incredibly inconsiderate towards what the family and the girl must be going through, and while he has been pretty likeable in past episodes, he dived into intolerable territory today.

    Final Notes and Quotes

    - It felt like Sean was using the Morrettis as an escape from his own family problems.

    - Character Tidbits: Annie is in her school musical.

    - Outstanding Performance of the Week: There wasn’t any stand out performance for me (the whole cast did a good job), but the mother of Hannah gave a good emotional performance.

    Final Rating: 2 out of 4 stars.

    - Tim Bronx

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  • Identity Crisis

    One thing you can definitely say about Hannah Tedesco is that it is not mediocre. An extremely contemporary surgery- facial transplants- mixed with themes of identity promise a lot, but unfortunately there's too much superfluous junk that bogs the episode down and stops it becoming great. In one of those bizarre cases of life imitating art (or possibly the other way around), not long after this episode aired, a real-life facial transplant was successfully carried out in France. But, as Christian says at the start of the episode, it's been a theoretical possibility for a while.

    The patient-of-the-week is a young girl whose face was ripped off by an accident in a fairground. Literally. The description of it alone is bad enough but the make-up and prosthetic departments really go all out this time round and Hannah's pre-surgery face is quite horrific (luckily, you only see it briefly in surgery). Mrs Tedesco has come to McNamara/Troy with Ms Manning, the mother of another girl who is in a diabetic coma. Ms Manning is about to take her daughter from life support and would like to donate her daughter's face to Hannah. And yet again, it is Christian who is channelling the spirit of Sean and raises the ethical questions. Quentin- showing earlier shades of Christian- is all for it, stating that the surgery will make them famous even if it succeeds or not. His shocking callousness is a new side, which doesn't sit well with what we know so far. Neither is the seemingly large cocaine habit, which has developed from nowhere (and after this episode is dropped just as quickly). This episode is very surgery-focused with three very pivotal surgery scenes; the first of which is the harvesting of Ms Manning's daughter's face after the life-support is taken away. Christian is being sensitive to Ms Manning's emotions; Quentin's coming down and is jittery, looking at his watch. This surgery was very difficult to watch and the final image of the face being put into a plastic bag is quite hard to take. With the surgery to attach Ms Manning's daughter's face to Hannah, Christian decides another surgeon is needed and calls in Sean. Quentin understandably freaks out and they pull him up on his behaviour and his drug use. The second surgery is also difficult to watch, not least for the very extreme make-up used for Hannah Tedesco. But good news so far: the face is a perfect fit. Christian and Sean, in effect, turf Quentin out of his own surgery, and Sean admits to getting a buzz off the surgery. But then the question remains... is Sean leaving? Both Ms Manning and Mrs Tedesco are happy with the results of the surgery and there is a nice little scene (albeit a little creepy for me) where Mrs Tedesco says 'this is her daughter too'. But the jubilation is short-lived: Hannah's body rejects the tissue and the final- and most difficult- surgery is to remove the dead tissue. Appropriately, Liz cannot find any suitable music and the surgery is done in silence. The final images are extremely powerful and any music would have dulled the effect, I think. A powerful and very thoughtprovoking storyline, done a bit of a disservice by the rather inferior subplots around it.

    However, it's not all bad news. This episode marks the final appearance of Anne Heche and resolves the Nikki storyline. Hooray! Still shaken by what Dr Sagamore told him, Sean confronts Nikki about her husband's death. She admits to doing it under threat of her life. Sean seems to buy this and says they have to be honest with one another. He then admits to seeing a future for the three of them together. She says she does too and they end up going back to bed. At the park, Sean plays catch with Austin whilst Nikki puts out the picnic. A typical American family, gee-shucks. The only trouble in paradise is the slightly weird looking guy watching them. He disappears, which leaves Sean freaked out. He goes to the bathroom in the park and the guy comes in. Sean, freaked out, attacks the guy, thinking he's following Nikki. It turns out there was a crossed wire and the guy was just expecting a blowjob as the toilets are used for cruising. Sean looks relieved but still pissed and when the guy makes a sarcastic comment, he throws him against the wall and knocks him out. He panics, bundles Nikki and Austin away from the park and later admits to Nikki what happened. Her reaction is understandable- she wants to leave but Sean says he wants to go with her. He is willing to join the Witness Protection Program and be with her. As he packs up the house, Sean is reminded of his previous life- he sees a photo of Annie (remember her? the writers don't)- and Christian comes in to ask for his help in the facial transplant. He initially doesn't want to do it, telling Christian that he needs to find an identity of his own without Sean there. But he relents and helps out. Sean arranges a meeting with Dr Sagamore, who lays down the law - if Sean goes into the Program, his entire life, his family, his job and everything must become dead to him or it'll blow the deal. But what Sean doesn't see is Nikki eavesdropping on that final part... It's nice to see Bob Gunton getting a decent send-off from the series, this scene one of the better throughout the episode and his scenes in general among the best of the last three episodes. When Sean goes to see Julia (one very short scene that we could have well done without, but I guess the writers thought they'd better put Joely Richardson in once), he realises what he has to give up. The final Sean scene is a bit of a weird one. Nikki is in the house, packing up a few things when the guy who Sean knocked out in the park comes into the house. She recognises him, he beats her down and gets ready to shoot her. Meanwhile, Sean comes into the house to find things packed away and a note from Nikki saying she and Austin have left and he isn't to find them. So what's real? Have they just left or was she killed? I gotta be honest, I'm not overly bothered. The Nikki Morretti storyline was, to me, a filler pure and simple. Anne Heche was purely miscast but I doubt any actress would have been able to do much more with such an underwritten and poor role.

    The other subplot of the episode involves another consult for Christian. A woman called Colleen Eubanks comes to him for help; she bought her husband a Miss Kimber doll and now he'll only have sex with that. She wants to have surgery to look like the doll. Christian sends her away with very little thought but, when he returns home to prepare for the facial attachment surgery, he walks straight past Kimber... and into Kimber. He's momentarily confused until all is explained; Colleen went to Kimber to ask her for some help on how to walk and talk and move like her. Christian, tired and stressed, snaps at both of the women and throws Colleen out. He tells Kimber straight that she either has to give up working in the porn business or he won't marry her. Kimber, though, gives as good as she gets and really stands up for herself. In fact, Kimber's evolution from brainless bimbo to savvy businesswoman is one of the better things the Nip/Tuck writers and producers concocted this year. After the surgery, Christian is taking a shower and is interrupted by Colleen who spills the beans on Kimber's plans: a workshop to help women unleash their inner porn star. Christian is a bit narked, and asks Colleen to show what she's learned so far. And wouldn't you know it... they end up sleeping together... the old Christian Troy hasn't gone, he's just been hiding. Kimber turns up at the office and talks to Christian- he admits to sleeping with Colleen but she isn't too bothered by it. She announces that she's ready to give up the porn business and presents Christian with a prenuptial agreement that states that after the wedding, no porn for her and no affairs for him but threesomes are still OK. This appears to be acceptable. I think this subplot is supposed to be the comic relief of the episode and a lot of it is quite amusing, but the main problem is it just rings a bit hollow in comparison to everything else that's going on. But a great performance by Kelly Carlson makes it about bearable.

    So what can we glean from this episode? Is it that trying to alter your identity is not going to work? Hannah's body rejected the donor tissue, which would change her face forever. Sean's decision to change who he is turns out to be one he can't fulfil. That doesn't leave much hope for Kimber's transformation from porn director to loving wife. In general, the episode is not a bad one. There's a lot that's thought-provoking and interesting but, yet again, the sum of the parts is slightly less than whole.moreless
  • "Hannah Tedesco" is an episode about making choices and effects of choices people had made.

    "Hannah Tedesco" is an episode about making choices and effects of choices people had made. Truly in life, people must decide what will be good for them and the effects of those choices are the ones to make people suffer the changes.

    Kimber gave up the porn business for Christian but the consequence is Christian giving up the affairs he had after numerous women. At least he didn't have to give up three-somes.

    Sean tried to keep up with the run-away life with Nikki and Austin but he didn't manage to adjust considering the life he has been giving upon. At least, this experience helped him to recover from all the stuff happened with his family and his life.

    "Face Transplant"; the main plot for this episode is greatly covered with today's reaction to this surgery. Giving upon a short life to save another's mental and physical life is such a matter in this procedures. Those feelings and emotions felt in this process is reflected in a direct manner.moreless
Bob Gunton

Bob Gunton

Dr. Sagamore

Guest Star

Melinda Page Hamilton

Melinda Page Hamilton

Colleen Eubanks

Guest Star

Deirdre Lovejoy

Deirdre Lovejoy

Allie Tedesco

Guest Star

Linda Klein

Linda Klein

Nurse Linda

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Goof: When Christian tries to convince Sean to help with the facial transplant, a crew member's elbow is briefly visible as Sean resumes packing boxes.

    • In the initial consult, mention is made of the 'conjoined twins' surgery. This is a reference to 2.9 'Rose And Raven Rosenberg' when Sean and Christian separated conjoined twins.

    • Real Life Comparison: On November 27th 2005, a team of French plastic surgeons performed the world's first facial transplant. The real life surgery occurred after this episode first aired. However, face transplant surgery had long been a theoretical possibility in the plastic surgery community.

    • Music:
      "Faith in me" by Pole Folder featuring Kirsty Hawkshaw
      "As the rush comes" by Motorcycle (Gabriel and Dresden Chill-out Mix)

    • For the first time in the show's history, a surgery takes place without any music. It's the closing scene of the episode, and Liz claims that she can't find any "suitable music for this moment".

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Christian: Just in case you're curious, married women do have the best sex. Too bad you'll never get a chance to test that theory.
      Kimber: I know you slept with her, Christian. I could tell by the tone in her voice. It's the same one I have after having three orgasms.
      Christian: Four. She really couldn't get enough.
      Kimber: Well, it's just like I taught her. At first I was pissed. But then I figured, if hundreds of men can use my doll to get off four times a day, you screwing one Kimber wannabe isn't the end of the world.

    • Kimber: It's a fidelity pre-nup. I had my lawyers draw it up. It states that, after the wedding, we agree on two things, OK? No more porn for me and no more affairs for you. I'm still a businesswoman with assets, you know. I've got a reputation to protect. Oh, don't worry, there's a clause in there that still allows for threesomes. (off his look) Well, I don't want to kill our sex life because we're getting married either.

    • (As Sean prepares to enter the Witness Protection Program with Nikki)
      Dr Sagamore: Your family isn't there for you anymore, Sean. You get back in touch with them, even sending them money anonymously, you leave another trail. You'd be putting everyone at risk.
      Sean: I can never see any of them again?
      Dr Sagamore: Look, if you want to do what's best for you and Nikki, you're gonna have to say goodbye to somebody. Forever.

    • Sean: I know this is hard for you, Christian. I've been either at your side or in the next room for every one of your surgeries but you need to get used to having an identity as a doctor without me.

    • Christian: I don't want you in the porn business any more. Period. And I want you to stop selling those dolls. Do you realize how many men are boning you right now? I went online. Hundreds of those things have been sold.
      Kimber: Twelve hundred and thirty eight. Each sale's eight thousand dollars in my pocket, by the way.
      Christian: Well, now we're getting married, you don't need the money.
      Kimber: It's not about the money, Christian. This is about my career.
      Christian: How would you feel if I took a mould of my cock, passed it round South Beach and called it a career?

    • (Mrs. Eubanks wants surgery to look like a Kimber doll)
      Christian: Mrs. Eubanks, not to be cruel, but have you no sense of self?
      Mrs. Eubanks: My husband would rather screw a doll than me, OK? I think my sense of self is pretty much in the toilet.

    • Quention: (on phone) Talk to you later, Chris. (to Christian) Guess whose literary agent contact just got us the lead story in next month's New England Journal of Medicine?
      Christian: Is Chris a girl or a boy?
      Quentin: She's a girl, Christian, with a bit of a moustache problem so I just pretend that she's a boy when I'm banging her in the ass.

    • Nikki: What do you think smells better? Late afternoon thunderstorm or that first cup of coffee in the morning?
      Sean: Did you kill your husband?

    • Kimber: (to Christian) What matters to me is that I see you for who you are. I think the problem here is that you don't see me. I'm not a doll, Christian. I'm not gonna let you treat me like one either.

  • NOTES (6)