Season 6 Episode 19

Hiro Yoshimura

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 03, 2010 on FX

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  • It was a good episode. However... It was NOt exactly how I would have ended it...

    This was a good episode. A good series finale. But it was definitely not how I would have ended it.

    Things I didn't like:

    1. Matt was pathetic. He convinced a woman that didn't love him to spend her life with him. How sad!

    2. Julia left for London with Annie and Connor. I wanted Julia and Sean to somehow get back together. But that's me. A sucker for happy endings. One I did not get.

    3. The last big surgery. On Hiro Yoshimura. What a joke. I wanted something cooler, not "repairing a seventy-something Japanese porn star's body." No... Oh, well.

    4. That Sean left. I mean, part of me liked it, but I wanted him to stay. 5. That Liz is going to leave. I don't want her to go. I wanted her to stay forever, Sean to stay forever, and Christian to stay forever--which it looks like might. C'mon. McNamara/Troy/Cruz. Oh, yeah. That'd be awesome.. :-( But no.

    6. That Ava gave up her baby because he wasn't perfect. Hands down, winner of the Mom of the Year Award, ladies and gents!! What a b!tch.

    7. The lack of excitement. There was none.

    8. Just... ugh. It should have been better. It was good. But it should have been better. Or it should have ended before they came to California. The Miami days were so much better. I miss the dear, sweet Carver.

    Things I liked.. .. .. .

    1. The final dinner. That was sweet. Although Matt was a punk and didn't go.

    2. The ending. They pulled a 'Seinfeld,' you could say. The way it ended for Christian just like it began. With the 'Kimber'-like girl at the bar. "You're a doctor?" "Plastic surgeon." Oh, smooth.

    3. That Ramona spat on Matt. High-five girl. He deserves it. Loser... . .

    4. That Christian did something nice and gave Sean the plane tickets. It was sweet. Although I don't think it should have ended with Sean leaving, but I've already said that.

    5. That the credits rolled. Should have ended a while ago, or at least gotten writers who could actually write for this seventh season. Last seasons are kind of important after all, I hear... jeez.

    This whole season was a disappointment. It was terrible! Not going to sugar coat it. It sucked. The 99th episode was the only one worth watching, because Ava returned. And I guess this last one was because it was the last and 100th, but it wasn't... that... good. But it was. But it wasn't. I'm conflicted.

    Oh, well. It's over. So for the last time on a Nip/Tuck episode, farewell.
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