Season 6 Episode 19

Hiro Yoshimura

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 03, 2010 on FX

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  • Nipped/Tucked

    After numerous face lifts, all the boob jobs, the crazy knife-wielding femme fatales, the love triangles, the dysfunction, the ridiculousness and the graphic surgery scenes, Nip/Tuck has finally come to a close. And Ryan Murphy gave me the one thing I was desperate for: closure.

    At the heart of Nip/Tuck has been Sean and Christian's heterosexual love. They've been each other's pain, each other's crutch, but in the end it took one major act of love from Christian to finally demand that they go their separate ways. Sean's resentment of Christian has always been bubbling under the surface of this show since its very first season, along with his desire to use his surgical skills for something meaningful. This finale saw Sean finally taking steps to achieving that, and I loved that he finally broke out and seems to be doing something positive with his life. The final scene in the airport was heartbreaking, and I kept expecting them to turn back around, run to each other and embrace like an old married couple.

    While he didn't spontaneously erupt in flames like I would have preferred, Matt's resolution was oddly fitting. He is still screwing up, he is still lying, and he is still claiming that he's moving on. His decision to run away with Ava and Jenna can only end in misery, right? Or maybe, seeing as he's finally away from his family, he can start again? Matt and Ava always had such strong chemistry together, in a way that he's never had with any of his other love interests over the years. Maybe it could work out, but with Ava you can never be sure. Matt better sleep with one eye open.

    Ava continued to impress. Her scene with Sean was devastating. No matter how much she has tried to fix herself, no matter how beautiful her outer shell is, she's still hollow and empty as a person. She'll never be perfect, and she's only just realized it. Famke Janssen was really phenomenal in these past two episodes, displaying some of her best acting work. Ava, while having done some really, really terrible things in the past, is such a tragic character that you can't help but feel for her.

    I got a little teary at both the final dinner scene and, weirdly, Julia's exit. Julia has been an interesting character in that it seems like the writers, when they decided that she was really done with both Sean and Christian once and for all, just gave up on trying to make her sympathetic. I used to be one of her supporters, but recent years have made her uptight, shrill and obnoxious. Her proclamation that Sean and Christian "steal people's souls" was a little too harsh for me, especially as it seemingly came out of nowhere. However, I did love her exit, and the tinkly music playing over it just pushed me over the edge a little. It's annoying though that Joely's frequent exits from the show over the last couple of seasons took the power away from this final one, though.

    Kimber appeared for one last time, and while I appreciated that she was actually in the episode, her goodbye in Christian Troy II was a much more appropriate exit. Her character has always been my favorite, though, and I've loved watching her over the years. Her very first scene on the show also leads straight into the very last scene of the finale, which has to rank up there with the greatest endings ever. A complete throwback to the pilot, Christian the unrelenting horndog picking up blonde models at bars, telling them that he's a "plastic surgeon". A really wonderful closing scene that put a huge smile on my face.

    The final surgical case added some much-needed comedy to the episode, and I loved the porno scenes we saw. From the terrible acting to the trashy sound effects (the sword sound when he opened his robe was hysterical), it was another great mini-movie along the lines of Yo Stank or the Hearts 'n Scalpels scenes, something Nip/Tuck has always done really well. I also loved that the subplot was all about loving your age, which completely goes against everything in our culture. Also of note was Michelle Krusiec as one of the porn stars. She played Exquisite Woo on Popular, and is officially the last alumnus from Ryan's first show to appear on Nip/Tuck, after Mary Cherry, Brooke McQueen, Josh, Sam's mom, Emory Dick, April Tuna and Calvin Krupps.

    After eight years and 100 episodes, Nip/Tuck is finally over. And while the series has experienced major drops in quality over the years and lost almost all of its media buzz, it's been a show that I've loved. It's achieved that rare feat in that despite the outrageous twists and soapy melodrama, it had a heart, and it had characters you cared for. Nip/Tuck was frustrating at times, but it was beautiful, with just enough ugliness beneath the surface to make it interesting. I'm happy that it's over, but I'm gonna sincerely miss the thing, and I'll be re-watching the DVDs over and over until they wear out.

    So thank you Ryan and the rest of the writers for bringing me Sean's frustrations; Christian's assh*le-ry; Kimber's sadness; Liz's attitude; Matt's many, many dramas; Julia's dysfunction; Ava's badass-ness; Escobar Gallardo; Gina and her "Hey Assh*le"'s; Erica and her judgment; James and her kidney thievin' call girls; Kit McGraw: Nympho Cop; Mrs Grubman; Cherry Peck; Nazi Girl and her wacko family; Dawn Budge; Hearts 'n Scalpels and its various cast and crew members; Bobolit and his face-removin'; Colleen and her teddy bearin'; the Kimber Doll; The Carver (before it got redundant); Bobbi Broderick and her Post-Surgery Scars of Doom; and enough close-ups of silicon bags, flesh-slicing, botox, collagen and bodily fluids to last me a life time.

    It's really been a great ride.

    Director: John Scott
    Writer: Ryan Murphy
    Rating: A