Season 6 Episode 19

Hiro Yoshimura

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 03, 2010 on FX

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  • Great Way to End

    Nip Tuck's series finale was, in my opinion, a great way to end the show. The characters have had their ups and downs, and the finale showed that these will continue to happen to each one. The endings of each characters story line really personified how their character has been throughout the entire show. Julia and her two youngest children are always moving around, this time to the UK where she has found another suitor. Matt and his daughter are going off with Ava, showing us that he is more than likely making a bad decision for doing this, but this is how Matt's character has always been. Liz is having a child soon, which I think shows us that she is the strongest out of the characters. Then you have Sean and Christian who are parting ways from each other for the very first time. Christian, after being visited by the ghost of his one, true love Kimber, is allowing Sean to do what he has longed to do since the very beginning. Earlier this season we see Sean and Christian when they are in college. It seems as though Sean has been following Christian and doing whatever he has wanted to do. Now Sean is able to go off and do things his own way, but we see him look back at Christian, while Christian doesn't look back at him. I would say that this is showing that Christian is showing that he doesn't want Sean to have to depend on him anymore and vice versa for Christian depending on Sean. The last scene mirroring the series premiere was a great final image for the show. I feel as though there could be something that could be done in the future with the same actors if there was a want to. I loved the re-using of the Art Garfunkel song from the season 2 finale. Overall, I immensely enjoyed this episode and I found it to be very fitting for the series.
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