Season 2 Episode 5

Joel Gideon

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 20, 2004 on FX
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After a car accident due to cell phone use, Sean winds up in the hospital. As a result of the accident, Sean develops a phobia of driving and other dangerous things, causing a dent in his career. He thanks the car company because their safety features saved his life. The car company, wanting a point of view from this doctor who has been in a car accident, offers Sean a new car if he agrees to inspect the cadavers they use as crash test dummies after crash tests. Sean tries to take more risks, causing Julia to become upset. Trying to take more risks, Sean decides to go shark diving, and drags Matt along with him. After realizing how much he cares for his son, Sean decides not to follow through. Christian is reminded that his son is no longer in his life, and he turns for comfort in Julia, who reveals to him that Wilber is not his only son.moreless

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  • Los sabores del alma

    Hay veces en que la vida se vuelve un tanto aburrida, monótona, rutinaria (a mi me suele ocurrir bastante seguido) y, generalmente, uno no hace mucho por revertir esa situación. Pero cuando uno se decide a hacer algo por uno mismo... it usually goes wrong. Hay mucho que perder, hay riesgos que uno piensa en correr, hay mucho miedo hacia lo nuevo. Y sí, así es la vida, aburrida. Aparte: el show se está volviendo apático, repetitivo, sin sorpresas significativas. Ya me está costando un poco verlo. Y esos pequeños detalles como que Matt tenga 16 años y el actor que lo encarna más de 25...moreless
  • A real gem.

    This episode was great because it was packed with emotion and had a finely-written plot. The whole storyline of Christian and his son got resolved (at least it looked like it) - He lost him, sadly. The scenes at the legal counseller's office and the moments before he was forced to hand over the baby to the biological father were heart-wrenching. Julia's declamation that Christian indeed had another child, Matt, wasn't all too shocking but now it's finally confirmed.

    Loved the whole life/risk/responsability theme here. Sean's escapades were something I expected some time ago and all of those issues were rather nicely resolved in this episode.

    All in all, a very moving addition to a show that is steadily going uphill.moreless
  • Risk Management

    Ever since the end of season one, we always knew the beautiful relationship between Christian and Wilber would end in sadness. Joel Gideon sees the end of the road for their father/son dynamic, and it's an undeniably weepy closer.

    You have to feel bad for Christian. In just one day, he loses a child he sees as his son, and then learns that he already has a son: Matt. The resolution to the Wilber custody battle was moving, but hardly surprising. Gina, as much as she protests that she's a changed woman, is still an unfit mother with aggressive tendencies, and Christian, like James Sutherland's wife pointed out, has no blood connection to Wilber or a relationship connection to Gina either. So what exactly is he? It was a question left unanswered in the episode, but one that was pretty heartbreaking.

    Meanwhile, Sean got some kind of risk addiction following a car accident. While it didn't exactly produce anything memorable, the story at least allowed Sean to loosen up a little, and realize that just because he isn't as outrageous and dangerous as Christian doesn't make him less of a person. I found the car smash-up scenes really creepy, especially when they used cadavers to test the safety of their vehicles. Does that actually happen in real life?

    One of the more forgettable episodes from season two, Joel Gideon brought a close to the Wilber storyline (for now, anyway...) in a heartbreaking way, and Julian McMahon put in a powerful, depressing performance. But outside of that storyline, the rest was pretty average.

    Director: Nelson McCormick

    Writer: Brad Falchuk

    Rating: Bmoreless
  • hmmm

    In this episode the acting seemed too forced and not at all comfortable. Every emotional moment just didn't feel real and it really took away from the flow of the story. The story also had too many events to cram the "live life" theme down our throats. I was very disappointed. I expect more out of this amazing show. So far as I catch up on the series, season two is not what season one was. Overall it's more disappointing.moreless
  • Adventurous yet heartwrenching.

    It's been a while since i've seen this episode, so i'll try my best and remember. Joel Gideon inspires the guys to do the things they need to do. Sean becoming a freaken daredevil after almost having a fatal car accident, and Christian fighting for custody to have Wilbur. The outcomes are different as well. Sean realizes you don't have to do stupid things to conquer your fears, and for Christian, well, he lost Wilbur and realizes nothing will be the same without the little guy. The scene between him and Julia was heartwrenching, that you have to feel for Christian. Julian Mcmahon is very convincing here, because it some ways, there are parents out there, who were probably in Christian's shoes. It was a great episode, until Julia, who was being Julia revealed the secret to Christian in his most vulnarable state. She should have kept her mouth shut, and maybe things would have turned out differently. However, that is not the case, as seen in the future episodes.moreless
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Matt Crabtree


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Michael Cudlitz


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • In one of Sean's attempts to be bold, he decides to take his family to a new restaurant. There he is presented with the option of ordering Fugu, and decides to be brave and try it. However, Fugu is a highly restricted food that requires a special license to be sold. Only 17 restaurants in the United States are allowed to serve it and none of them is located in Miami.

    • Featured Music:

      "Pride" by Syntax (Sean talking to Julia on cell/car crash)
      "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" by The Supremes (Joel Gideon's frost-bite reconstructive surgery)
      "I'll Find A Way" by Rachael Yamagata (Christian says private goodbye to Wilbur in his bedroom)
      "Answer" by Sarah McLachlan (Christian & Julia at his apartment/Julia reveals Matt is his son)

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Julia: You already have a son, Christian, with me... Matt.

    • Matt: What are you writing?
      Sean: My obituary. I read somewhere that writing your own was a good motivational tool.
      Matt: And what does it say?
      Sean: "Dr. Sean McNamara, 101 years old, died Tuesday night of natural causes. Inventor of bipolar liposuction. He was described by his friends and large family as a good doctor, good husband..."
      Matt: ...and a good father.

    • Christian: (talking about Wilbur I love him. I love him more than I´ve ever loved anyone or anything in my life. Cicely´s right. I´ve held hundreds of women in my bed and counted the minutes till the sun came up and I could get rid of them. But when it´s late at night and that little boy is asleep in my arms I wish the Earth could just freeze there forever.

    • Christian: We´re done. He´s gone.
      Gina: So that´s it. You´re just packing up his shit and moving on? Isn´t that so typical? Don´t you have any feelings for Wilbur? If I were to stab you in the heart, would I hit ice?
      Christian: I love that kid.
      Gina: Then why aren´t you fighting for him?

    • Christian: There's a difference between being a pussy and being respectful of fear. It's what reminds me to slide on a giant hat every time I perform a slipindicktomy on a woman with questionable standards.

    • Julia: (Saying a eulogy while burying Frisky) Loss is a part of life. You can't really care for something or someone until you realize that one day, they may be gone. And when they do go, we feel as if everything goes with them and we feel like we'll never really care about anything again. But we do. And we discover that that loss was a gift, that helps us appreciate all of the things we still have.

    • (At the hospital after Sean's car accident, Christian observing Sean's injury)
      Young Doctor: Hey - that's my patient!
      Christian: And he's my partner and best friend. Why would I leave his mug in your inexperienced hands? I have pubic hair older than you!

    • Christian: (to Wilbur) Never give a girl your number, always take hers. Keeps you in control. No American cars. German, Italian or the occasional English. Treat yourself to a barber shop shave once a month. Take a beautiful girl to Florence, eat at the Enoteca. Talk to Marino, he'll take care of you. Tell him you're my son. Don't take any crap off anyone, you're better than that. But.. try to be good to people. Never get too jaded to care. Remember me.

    • Christian: Get your coat and your bitch on.

  • NOTES (2)


    • When Sean hears of the prospect of shark diving, he says he's been terrified of sharks ever since seeing Jaws, the 1975 movie directed by Steven Spielberg. Additionally, the man with whom Sean goes diving is named Brody, the same name as Roy Scheider's sheriff in that film.