Season 2 Episode 5

Joel Gideon

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 20, 2004 on FX

Episode Recap

While talking on his cell phone, Sean gets into a car accident when a guy runs a stop sign. At the hospital, he learns that the other guy had internal bleeding and died in the OR.

Gina bursts into Christian's apartment and demands to have Wilbur back and is angry when she learns that James is suing for full custody and that Christian isn't doing anything to keep him.

Sean sits at home when he is told by Julia that he has a phone call from a car company. They are calling because he wrote such a praising letter about how the vehicle saved his life and they need a new doctor. In exchange they will give him a new car. Sean rejects the offer after imagining himself as the crash test dummy.

The doctors meet with Joel Gideon, a man who lost the skin on his nose climbing Everest. He gives an inspiring speech about being remembered as a man of action. Causing Sean to take the offer from the car company and Christian visiting Gina and bringing her to his lawyer.

Brody, a guy at the company, tells Sean about shark diving. While Christian and Gina attend a meeting with a Judge and James and Cicily Sutherland. Cicily doesn't show great enthusiasm toward raising another child. Christian gives a touching speech about his unconditional love for Wilber.

Sean leaves a note for Julia about taking Matt to shark dive. There Sean decides to not go through with it, upsetting Matt until Sean saves Brody.

Christian and Gina find out that because of Gina's chaotic life, James and Cicily are given closed custody of Wilbur, meaning they can't see him until he's eighteen, again devastating Christian.

Sean and Matt return home and Matt learns that his dad has taken the letter so Julia would never know. Christian learns that he has a son with Julia.