Season 2 Episode 5

Joel Gideon

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 20, 2004 on FX

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  • A time of fear. A time to reveal. A time of Tom Scavo with frostbite.

    It started with a bang. Well, not an actual bang but 20 seconds into the episode, Sean is in a car crash. Christian takes it upon himself to "heal" him and the doctor doesn't really take kindly to his comment about pubic hair. Although, not a lot of people would.

    Sean somehow gets roped in to help out a car company with dead body related mishaps. Nice. First time around, he declines the offer.

    Season 2 Client Count: 9. I can't believe we're at 9 but we are.

    Look who's just walked into the building. It's Tom Scavo. With a beard. And a black nose. And claws. Yes, a resident of Wisteria Lane has turned up for some surgery under the alias of Joel Gideon. He has frostbite on his hands and nose and looks pretty sickening at first glance. He climbed Mount Everest and he has a pretty large family. So, that's his big secret. Lynette is not going to be very happy with that. What Joel says to Sean and Christian in a consult about fear inspires them both to take on what fears them: Sean goes back to the car morgue and Christian is led to creepy Gina. They're gonna get their bitch on (but not in a creepy, sexual way)!

    In case you were wondering, while I write this my sister is screaming at me for not playing tennis with her and I recover from my disgusting Friday night dinner consisting of cold turkey with dodgy gravy and Smash.

    But back to N/T, Sean decides to go diving with sharks, something Julia is less than pleased about. The fact that Sean orders blowfish at the restaurant doesn't solve anything and Julia leaves with Annie. Sean invites (ie: forces) Matt into diving with him.

    Sean later gets a serious reality check when his partner in death is seriously injured by a shark. Our joint favourite plastic surgeon comes to his senses and goes home. The moral of the story: never eat blowfish.

    Over in the world of Christian Troy, he and Gina are fighting for little Wilbur. James Sutherland's idiot of a wife won't let anyone get a word in. Which is probably why neither Gina or Christian got Wilbur, a.k.a. Gabriel.

    The Sutherlands have ruined Christian's life. At the end, it's up to Julia to comfort Christian. How does she do that? Well, she only goes and tells an emotionally fragile Christian that Matt is his. Well done, Julia. When someone is mourning over their lost son, they probably don't want to know you've been lying to them for 16 years.

    I don't usually comment on the music this show uses but can I just say what a beautiful piece of music "I'll Find a Way" by Rachel Yamagata is. It was so fitting as well. That song is a classic.

    Until next week, I'll leave you with thoughts of Lynette smacking Tom round the head with a hockey stick in the season premiere of Desperate Housewives ... probably.