Season 2 Episode 5

Joel Gideon

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 20, 2004 on FX

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  • Some development, bonding, truths, shocks, and plot turnarounds, all in a one hour episode. Niiiccce!

    From the opening scene, I knew this episode was going to be good. Sean crashing was brilliant, and grabbed your attention from the start Appearing at the start of the episode was also a good idea, and set up the story for the whole episode, along with some slight detours.

    Along with the crash at the beginning, Joel Gideon also did an excellent job in providing and building a story for the episode. His tales of how he "lives for the extreme" et al while having a busted nose was a great scene, as was the shots of Sean and Christian listening.

    I liked the constant changing of feelings between Matt and Sean aswell. Their relationship has always been rocky from the first episode last season, but it was good to see them bonding and on the same team near the end of the episode. Something which wouldnt have been achieved if Brody hadn't been attacked, so i'm strangely thankful of his near-death.

    This episode also built on another ongoing storyline: Matt's true father. We've been fed snippets and clues for ages now, but it was good to finally get some confirmation this episode and clean up the question and story completely, as well as creating further plots and queries.