Season 2 Episode 5

Joel Gideon

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 20, 2004 on FX



  • Trivia

    • In one of Sean's attempts to be bold, he decides to take his family to a new restaurant. There he is presented with the option of ordering Fugu, and decides to be brave and try it. However, Fugu is a highly restricted food that requires a special license to be sold. Only 17 restaurants in the United States are allowed to serve it and none of them is located in Miami.

    • Featured Music:

      "Pride" by Syntax (Sean talking to Julia on cell/car crash)
      "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" by The Supremes (Joel Gideon's frost-bite reconstructive surgery)
      "I'll Find A Way" by Rachael Yamagata (Christian says private goodbye to Wilbur in his bedroom)
      "Answer" by Sarah McLachlan (Christian & Julia at his apartment/Julia reveals Matt is his son)

  • Quotes

    • Julia: You already have a son, Christian, with me... Matt.

    • Matt: What are you writing?
      Sean: My obituary. I read somewhere that writing your own was a good motivational tool.
      Matt: And what does it say?
      Sean: "Dr. Sean McNamara, 101 years old, died Tuesday night of natural causes. Inventor of bipolar liposuction. He was described by his friends and large family as a good doctor, good husband..."
      Matt: ...and a good father.

    • Christian: (talking about Wilbur I love him. I love him more than I´ve ever loved anyone or anything in my life. Cicely´s right. I´ve held hundreds of women in my bed and counted the minutes till the sun came up and I could get rid of them. But when it´s late at night and that little boy is asleep in my arms I wish the Earth could just freeze there forever.

    • Christian: We´re done. He´s gone.
      Gina: So that´s it. You´re just packing up his shit and moving on? Isn´t that so typical? Don´t you have any feelings for Wilbur? If I were to stab you in the heart, would I hit ice?
      Christian: I love that kid.
      Gina: Then why aren´t you fighting for him?

    • Christian: There's a difference between being a pussy and being respectful of fear. It's what reminds me to slide on a giant hat every time I perform a slipindicktomy on a woman with questionable standards.

    • Julia: (Saying a eulogy while burying Frisky) Loss is a part of life. You can't really care for something or someone until you realize that one day, they may be gone. And when they do go, we feel as if everything goes with them and we feel like we'll never really care about anything again. But we do. And we discover that that loss was a gift, that helps us appreciate all of the things we still have.

    • (At the hospital after Sean's car accident, Christian observing Sean's injury)
      Young Doctor: Hey - that's my patient!
      Christian: And he's my partner and best friend. Why would I leave his mug in your inexperienced hands? I have pubic hair older than you!

    • Christian: (to Wilbur) Never give a girl your number, always take hers. Keeps you in control. No American cars. German, Italian or the occasional English. Treat yourself to a barber shop shave once a month. Take a beautiful girl to Florence, eat at the Enoteca. Talk to Marino, he'll take care of you. Tell him you're my son. Don't take any crap off anyone, you're better than that. But.. try to be good to people. Never get too jaded to care. Remember me.

    • Christian: Get your coat and your bitch on.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • When Sean hears of the prospect of shark diving, he says he's been terrified of sharks ever since seeing Jaws, the 1975 movie directed by Steven Spielberg. Additionally, the man with whom Sean goes diving is named Brody, the same name as Roy Scheider's sheriff in that film.

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