Season 6 Episode 13

Joel Seabrook

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 20, 2010 on FX

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  • Even though the ending was a little predictable, it was still shocking to actually see.

    I've always assumed Kimber would end her own life at some point, so it was no surprise she actually did it this episode. I was a little disappointed with how Kimber went. I think there should have been more emphasis on the other details of her failing life. As far as we know from this episode, the only reason why she killed herself was because Christian and Mike rejected her. Could she have not waited to find some other dude? Mike isn't all that great. While I guess it may be implied that Kimber's failing career contributed to her suicide, actually seeing her come to that realization would have made her plunge more powerful. O Decent episode otherwise. The choking subplot was interesting, but once again the writers sort of over did the shock value of it. Where is Matt and Julia? It is irritating the writers are going to wait until the last minute to wrap up their story lines. Hopefully we'll see them in these final 6.
  • It all comes to an end

    WOW, this episode was really good. There was alot of character development in this episode. I liked how the relationship between Kimber and Christian ended so abruptly, he once again hurt her in ways you can't even imagine. The patient story lines were good this episode. I liked how all these slow moving episodes are going to gradually get more intense, i can't wait till Christian's dream because that is where a lot of the closing of the season goes down! Really excited to see how this amazing show will close. Love Kimber and i hope this is not how she leaves us.
  • I love Nip/Tuck. 'nuff said? Not quite.

    One of the things that I love about Nip/Tuck is how something that happened in the lives of the patient usually ends up happening in the lives of the doctors in some way, shape, or form (i.e. Kimber's apparent suicide, Sean cutting himself a while back, etc.). I usually can catch on to what is going to happen in an episode early on, but Kimber's (apparent) suicide really surprised me. I knew it was going to happen the minute she began to walk away on the boat, and I was just in shock (in a good way). Something had to happen to Kimber's character. Something huge. She was depressed... borderline devastated (even though Christian did, in fact, do her a favor by leaving her because she deserves better than him) due to her lack of a relationship and her career decline. I was holding my breath the whole time as she mentally debated on whether or not to jump, and when she did jump, I don't know, I just think there was something (as creepy as this may sound) beautiful about the scene. The director is definitely quite talented.

    Anyway... besides Kimber's (apparent) suicide, I didn't really think the episode was anything special. The whole "if you cut off your blood from going to your brain, you'll have much better sex" storyline didn't do it for me (I think sometimes the Nip/Tuck writers just try to make the show like soft-core porn. lol. I would much rather prefer intriguing drama than just sex). I do, however, sort of like how the three main characters of the show (Sean, Christian, and Kimber) have reached a point in their lives where there appears to be no light at the end of the tunnel. I have a feeling that they'll all end up killing themselves. When Christian was sort-of hanging himself and something went wrong, I thought he was going to die, which I think would have been the right move (although his death would have been a little early on). I just don't understand how Sean and Christian can ever be hapy after all that's happened to them.

    I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad one, but the scene where Christian was strangling Kimber while they had sex so that she would enjoy it more was very hard for me to watch. It was obvious she was in pain, yet he couldn't see that. Yeah, that was hard for me to see... Not fun.

    Where are Matt, Julia, and... whatever their daughter's name is. lol. Have they just disappeared? I mean, c'mon! Huge characters!

    Another thing: I can't wait for Ava to return for the last two episodes. That is going to be simply bliss. I can't want to see how they fit her in to the storyline and how that all goes down....

    One more thing. About the next episode... In the preview, they showed Kimber's "ghost" (or a figment of Christian's imagination) telling Christian that going after her mother was a new low for even him. AND IT IS! Christian is really starting to disgust me. He's just so... I guess soulless sometimes, and that makes him very difficult to like. Even though he did gain a lot of my respect when he left Kimber because he realized she deserved more than him. That's been a long time coming.

    Okay... I'm'a go. Lol TTY next WEek
  • Dark Water

    There was always something old-Hollywood about Kimber. From the Marilyn 'do, to her dreams of coming to the big city and becoming a star, she was like a retro wannabe starlet. Her slow, painful decline from the very first episode has been, at least in my opinion, one of the strongest character arcs Nip/Tuck has ever done. And while it's devastating, tragic and unbelievably dark, Kimber's apparent suicide does almost fit. Without fame, without a career, she clings on to whatever man would take her. And with her pinnacle of all men (Christian) as well as the sleazy runners-up in her life (Mike) both rejecting her, her desperation and all-round sadness only had one inevitable conclusion.

    Of course, that's even assuming she's really dead. There must be a reason why the writers decided to keep her death an ambiguous mystery. I'm guessing visions of her will haunt Christian for a while, before we get some final resolution on what happened to her when the show finally wraps.

    The rest of the episode was unrelentingly dark, but ridiculously awesome. Christian's detour into auto-erotic asphyxiation was crazy, and something you just knew was gonna end badly for him. And choking Kimber was hard to watch, especially when she was essentially being forced into doing it.

    Christian's dumping of Kimber was harsh, but I actually agreed with Sean in that he did her a favor in the long run. Kimber does deserve somebody better, and Christian will never change. Even if Kimber is revealed to be alive, and Christian begs for her to come back and pledges to give up his sleazy ways, I don't think I'd necessarily buy it. So I'm hoping the writers aren't headed down that road. Unless, of course, seemingly losing Kimber forever and inadvertently driving her to suicide may be the driving factor in getting him to seek some kind of redemption.

    Sean's desire to do something more important with his life and joining Doctors Without Borders has been a nagging dream he's been experiencing right back to the very first episode, so it's not altogether surprising that the writers are going in this direction for the final episodes. I think I mentioned it before that his "perfect existence" with Megan in Julia's alterna-reality did cast him as a pro-bono surgery dude working in Africa, so it'd make sense to see him pursuing that now.

    Like the season six finale, this was another great directing job from Tate Donovan. Really loved the shot of Kimber sitting in the dark at Sean's place, as well as the moments on the boat. He has a real talent for this.

    I knew of Kimber's suicide before the episode aired, but it didn't spoil my enjoyment. I think we can all agree that something major needed to happen to Kimber before she could ever have a chance of finding happiness. This is her rock bottom, and only time will tell to find out if it was fatal or not.

    Director: Tate Donovan
    Writer: Hank Chilton
    Rating: A+
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