Season 6 Episode 13

Joel Seabrook

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 20, 2010 on FX

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  • Even though the ending was a little predictable, it was still shocking to actually see.

    I've always assumed Kimber would end her own life at some point, so it was no surprise she actually did it this episode. I was a little disappointed with how Kimber went. I think there should have been more emphasis on the other details of her failing life. As far as we know from this episode, the only reason why she killed herself was because Christian and Mike rejected her. Could she have not waited to find some other dude? Mike isn't all that great. While I guess it may be implied that Kimber's failing career contributed to her suicide, actually seeing her come to that realization would have made her plunge more powerful. O Decent episode otherwise. The choking subplot was interesting, but once again the writers sort of over did the shock value of it. Where is Matt and Julia? It is irritating the writers are going to wait until the last minute to wrap up their story lines. Hopefully we'll see them in these final 6.
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