Season 3 Episode 13

Joy Kringle

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 13, 2005 on FX

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  • Joy Kringle

    The best final scene ever in TV. Nip Tuck always surprised for being the vanguard in the modern contemporary TV. The episode of Christimas Joy Kringle goes down the profundities of the human feeling in such a strong and emotional scene that makes to cry. Great!

    Performing a micro-liposuction on a woman who plays the role of Mrs. Clause during the Christmas season, Sean and Christian discover a seventeen year-old fetus inside of her while a blood test reveals that the reason Julia has been feeling a bit under the weather is that she's pregnant.

    Definitely my least favorite episode ever.
  • Meetus the Fetus

    Matt really impressed me in this episode. While he's still stupid for getting involved with a neo-Nazi family in the first place, he showed signs of maturity in his reaction to Ariel's plans, and even bonded with Christian at the end. The relationship between Matt and Christian continues to be great to see. It's evolving at a natural speed, not in a ridiculous soap opera way, and I loved that they both admitted that they were still adjusting to the sudden new connection between them.

    The Alderman family still creep me the hell out. Brittany Snow continues to put in a brave performance, and really convinced during the scene where she felt literally disgusted with herself after discovering she has black ancestry. Brian Kerwin was also great in his scene, being completely threatening without even raising his voice. It's much harder for an actor to play a bad guy like this, and much more effective in creating a sense of terror in the audience.

    The Kringle story was a mix of both sadness and stupidity. You initially feel bad for Joy after the discovery of the baby fetus inside of her, but when you see her husband's reaction, you end up feeling that she caught a lucky break. His return visit to McNamara/Troy with a newer, younger, hotter Mrs Clause was embarrassing, and a pathetically desperate method of getting back at his wife.

    I loved the scenes between Sean and Julia. While their marriage has always been rooted in suckiness, I can't help but want them back together, and the final moment was really sweet. At the abortion clinic, both of them in separate rooms realize they want to have the baby, and as they meet in the corridor and realize they've just shared the same thoughts, you really have to sigh in happiness at the sight of them getting closer together again.

    An excellent episode carefully balancing humor and pathos. Episodes like this are what Nip/Tuck does best, and it's another showcasing the fact that while season three started badly, it eventually found its footing at the end.

    Director: Greer Shephard
    Writers: Sean Jablonski, Jennifer Salt
    Rating: A
  • Not an explosive episode, but definitely interesting. (some spoilers, but not the big ones)

    A slightly twisted Nip/Tuck Christmas. Joy Kringle and Santa come in for a little spruce up for the start of the festive season. A very interesting pair for our patients-of-the-week.

    The best parts of this episode are all character development, there's crazy things going on with everyone. Julia isn't feeling well so Sean does a standard blood panel on her, only to find out she is pregnant! Can these guys just not work out how to use birth control???? Julia is my character I love to hate, irritating and pathetic. Every week I hope they'll kill her off!!! The writers haven't done that yet, but they've done heaps of other horrible stuff to her.

    As another reviewer so accurately said this episode is SO the calm before the storm!!!
  • Secrets And Lies

    It feels incredibly strange reviewing Joy Kringle at the beginning of April. We're so far from the festive season, it does seem a little weird. However, a Nip/Tuck Christmas promises something special. And we get an interesting tale dealing with secrets and lies and the consequences of these, set over the holidays. Some especially good music and one of the best visual images ever seen on the programme add to a moving- if a little overwrought- episode.

    The patient-of-the-week is Joy Kringle who, with her husband Wes, are the Santa and Mrs Claus at a local mall. Joy wants liposuction to get rid of the last fifteen pounds as, in an attempt to help child obesity figures, they want to portray a leaner, sexier version of Santa. There's some amusing banter about elves being indentured servitude and the bill going to the North Pole, but there's a darker edge to it; Wes and Joy could never have kids and it ruined the holidays for them. As Joy undergoes lipo (to the tune of 'The Hallelujah Chorus' from Handel's Messiah), Christian hits something in her abdomen which could be a hernia or a tumour. They get permission to open her up and make an interesting if gruesome discovery- a calcified foetus. Christian has to break the news to her. A calcified foetus (or lithopedion) is a real medical phenomena, which occurs when a pregnancy is not diagnosed and the baby dies but is not absorbed into the body or passed out. It is left to calcify and can go undiagnosed for many years. She can't believe it at first, but then asks if she can see it. This is quite a weird image, as she cradles the jar with her dead baby in it quite tenderly. She is worried about telling her husband. Predictably, he goes crazy and wants to know who the father is, because it can't be him. Joy admits to sleeping with their eighteen year old assistant seventeen years before and the child must be his. Wes freaks out that their marriage has been a lie, and Joy is honest with him. Not every day is Christmas. Sometimes she feels frumpy and middle-aged and as far from Mrs Claus as you can get. Wes won't accept this and decides to go solo. At the end of the episode, Wes comes in with a new young woman who he wants to give a special Christmas present to: a new set of double Ds! There are some nice moments in this storyline, but it all seems a little over-the-top.

    Another person contending with dark secrets from the past (pun intended) is Matt's neo-Nazi white supremacist girlfriend Ariel. Disgusted that an all-black nativity has been put up at the school and desperate to preserve the whiteness and sanctity of the holidays, she and Matt steal the nativity to paint them white. As they do it, she gets nervous that people can see the black beneath the white. Matt tries to placate her, but Ariel begins to panic. She confesses to Matt that she did some research into her family and discovered that her mother's great-grandmother was black. This makes her mother an octoroon (one-eighth black) and Ariel herself one-sixteenth black. Whilst to most normal people that wouldn't make the slightest bit of difference, Ariel is worried that her dad will freak out if he found out. She is worried that she will start to turn black and begs Matt to get some skin bleach so she can make herself whiter. She seems absolutely deranged at this point. Matt does smuggle some industrial-strength skin bleach from De La Mer but instead suggests that Ariel speaks to a psychologist. She really acts like a spoilt child, grabbing the bleach and slathering it on her face. She tells Matt to leave, which he starts to, but then the bleach starts to burn. Matt puts her under the shower then takes her to Christian to see what damage has been done. Luckily, there isn't much. Christian is still pissed off with Matt and says he's going to bill him for the consult. Ariel's father comes to pick her up as Matt has called him. He tells Mr Alderman the truth about Ariel's heritage and her fear that he will reject her if he found out, but Ariel lies to her father and tells him Matt told her to bleach her freckles. Predictably, Mr Alderman believes his daughter and accuses Matt of spreading 'hateful lies' to save his own neck. Mr Alderman suggests that Matt should stay away from Ariel. As Christian relaxes later on that evening, Matt turns up with an IOU to pay off the debt for Ariel's consult. Christian invites his son in and they have a bit of a bonding session. Matt admits it was easier not knowing that Christian was his father, but he's adjusting to the idea. As is Christian. There is another strong performance by Brittany Snow as the hysterical Ariel, and John Hensley actually has more to do than mope about and be sarcastic- and proves he's not a bad actor in the process. Again, a bit OTT in places (Ariel's reaction to her heritage is completely off the scale) but enjoyable.

    The remaining storyline deals with Julia and Sean. At home with her children (including Annie!), she is preparing Christmas treats but feels faint and collapses. She goes to see Sean who gives her a flu shot. She admits to doing a lot of stuff at the spa and could just be run down. Sean admits to missing the whole Christmas fuss but Julia tells him that her Christmas is just going to be another day with Matt at the Aldermans and Annie away. He asks about Quentin but gets told that they're no longer together and that Quentin doesn't work at De La Mer anymore either. Sean suggests running a blood panel to rule out anaemia, which they do. Julia turns out to be pregnant. Sean visits her at her apartment and tells her. She can barely believe it and tries to figure out when it could have happened. Sean assumes that Quentin is the father. Sean makes a suggestion that Julia could get rid of the child, but it's not something she wants to deal with at the moment and asks him to go. Christian tells Sean that he's spoken to Quentin (who only has one small scene, but a good one, when he gets his due money from Christian) and that he and Julia never slept together. That leaves the conundrum of who the father is. He calls her but hangs up as he's chicken. She calls him back and he asks what she's doing on Christmas Eve. She tells him she has an 'appointment' and he offers to drive her. At the abortion clinic, as the rain begins to fall, the two of them wait for Julia's appointment. She is just about to fill the form in when she admits what most half-attentive viewers will have picked up about halfway through: it's Sean's baby. She is called and goes in but decides she doesn't want to go through with it, just as Sean is about to go in and stop her. They want to keep the baby. They leave the clinic hand in hand. This final scene is incredibly emotional and played so well by both Joely Richardson and Dylan Walsh. It is made all the more better by a great use of music- Aaron Neville's sublime version of my favourite Christmas song 'Oh Holy Night'- and a truly arresting final image. As the rain falls, the white paint starts to run off the freshly-painted nativity figures, revealing the truth of what lies beneath.

    There is much to like in this episode; the final five minutes or so is almost perfection. But there's also a lot in here which is flabby padding and too soap-opera-esque (thinking specifically about Wes and Joy's showdown, for example). That said, it's an interesting experiment for the writers and producers to conduct. We always knew that a Nip/Tuck Christmas would be just as weird and screwed-up as any other time of the year. And we were right. Enjoyable, but far from transcendant.
  • The Nip/tuck Christmas episode!

    This episode had a really Christmassy feeling to it which meant it was a bit weird watching this episode a month after Christmas but it gave a warm n fuzzy feeling all the same.
    The patient’s storyline with the Kringles was not their best. The bit with the foetus was shocking but the rest of it was just a parallel to the Sean/Matt/ Christian storyline and it wasn't that exciting.
    The Matt/ Aerial storyline was brilliant with the cream and her paranoid fear about her dad hurting her. The final scene with the white paint being washed off the statues together with the scene with Aerial’s dad makes me think that we haven’t seen the last of Aerial. I think her black blood will come back to haunt her even more.
    The storyline with Julia and Sean was so sweet. I was completely taken along for the ride with the characters. I had completely forgotten that Julia and Quentin had never slept together, only remembering when Christian was talking about it with Christian. The end part was really sweet with Julia and Sean wanting to save their baby and hopefully their marriage. They look to be keeping the baby so maybe this will be the son they never had (together!)
  • "Joy Kringle" is an episode about Christmas and all of its extravaganza in "Nip/Tuck" style.

    "Joy Kringle" is an episode about Christmas and all of its extravaganza in "Nip/Tuck" style.

    Santa Clause and Mrs. Clause having an image problem about their outlook, Mrs. Clause cheating on Santa and having 17 years old fetus inside her, racist girlfriend of Matt having the black statues of religious stuff painted white, and crazier, she made Matt steal bleaching cream from the spa and burn her skin, Santa having a girlfriend quarter of his age and scheduling our surgeons to give her D-cups.

    And the elevation plot is Julia being pregnant. She resembles Virgin Mary but in a hi-tech way.

    This episode reveals our moral side and specifies our better side in a sick way.
  • Festivities Written by Sean Jablonski And Jennifer Salt Directed by Greer Shephard

    Into the third week of 2006 and officially rid of Yuletide memories, the last thing I want to do is think about is Christmas. Which is too bad for me as this time of year is exactly what is on offer in the latest visit to Miami.

    Tackling the least gripping thread of the week, a Mr and Mrs Santa Claus unit come to our surgeons in a bid to have remaining flab from their bodies sucked out of them as this Kringle duo are all about promoting healthy eating, thus exterminating the long associated connections Sean has had with obesity and Santa.

    So far this isn’t sounding like a very interesting patient of the week scenario and it isn’t until the lads and Liz discover a dead fetus inside of Joy. Holy moly! Even I didn’t see that one coming but in this show’s tradition of using out there (but actually documented) real life incidents, this plot is used to good effect with much sympathy being generated for Joy. Not only does she have to deal with a dead child she never knew existed but the wrath of her husband too, though surprisingly Wesley’s anger towards his wife feels hollow and not once did I feel bad for the guy. In fact I thought he was a bit of a jackass.

    Anyone can understand his anger at Joy committing infidelity but having him hooking up with a younger lady and then asking Sean to have his new love raised a couple of sizes made him look sad and myself cringe. Chances are had Joy not checked herself out; his little stunt would’ve made her jealous. I loved Sean’s attempts to reason with Wes by using his own past experience with Julia and Christian as an example. He understood better than anyone where Wes was coming from when he tried to make Julia jealous with Kimber last year. Overall, it was a nice but understated touch to one of the less engaging patient of the week plots we’ve had this season.

    Sean and Julia’s past came to them when it’s revealed that Julia is pregnant and she’s determined to keep it quiet though Christian does some digging in regards to Quentin. Getting the shortest of scenes and further indicating that Bruno Campos is on the way out, the writers needed to challenge the notion of Quentin being the father but given the now confirmed (by Quentin no less) lack of sexual activity between him and Julia, it’s reassuring to know. Not that I was expecting it but Quentin doesn’t seem remotely broken up about being dumped or unemployed and its nice that Christian managed to get Quentin to talk without telling him about Julia.

    With Quentin out of the equation, the only other person for being the father is Sean. As far as I know him and Julia had sex in “Derek, Alex And Gary” and that was ten episodes ago. Is there any chance something happened in “Sal Perri” that wasn’t shown because given how much has happened since 3x03, Julia should actually be physically showing that she’s pregnant now.

    It was natural for Julia to be reluctant in divulging this secret and Matt’s comments about being a businesswoman now made it obvious that she was considering having an abortion. With both Matt and Annie’s births halting her career beforehand, I kind of understood where she was coming from but that being said, I’m glad she chose to go through with the pregnancy.

    Sean managed to dissuade her from terminating their baby without putting any pressure on her. She kept the baby out of her own free will and Sean supported that. However just because I can deal with them having a baby together, I’m uncertain of whether or not they should now be together because of a baby. Call me weird but I think two people should be together because they love each other and if Sean and Julia really do love each other then by all means, let them reunite. If it’s just for the sake of a child though, I’m not so sure. They can still be good parents even if they are separated.

    Keeping with a change in dynamic, Matt has spent so much time this season behaving like an antichrist and then he met Ariel, who is only worse than him and because John Hensley isn’t going anywhere soon, it’s back to the drawing board as the writers have now decided to start redeeming Matt and this is a good start.

    I hated him painting black biblical statues white to appease his nutcase of a girlfriend and Ariel made me hiss even more when she found out her mother is part black and freaked out over it. Jesus, what a pain in the backside! I did however love the bleach cream Ariel got Matt to steal for her burning her face (a reason to believe in karma and not because I’m now watching My Name Is Earl) but Matt actually surpassed himself by trying to get Ariel professional help and standing up to her equally infuriating to watch father. Ariel is right to fear him though but why on earth did we have to wait so long for Matt to behave like a decent human being? I would like to say Matt is well rid of the crazy bitch but I doubt it.

    Luckily for me, the good Matt moments continued with him and Christian bonding as the two of them watched football and ate Chinese food. Yep, very laddish but still effective. Seriously it was great to have their relationship explored and Matt was genuine in his concern for Kimber too. I say Christian still is worried for her but would rather keep it to himself. As for their discussion of whether or not knowing they are father and son has helped them in the long run – it’s hard to say.

    Also in “Joy Kringle”

    No other patients this week besides the Kringles and Ariel.

    Joy (re Santa job): “We take it very seriously”
    Christian: “Does that mean we’ll be sending your bill to the North Pole”.

    Annie (to Matt): “Do you think God ever had sex with Mary?”

    Joy and Wes worked at the Dolphin’s Mall. The father of Joy’s stone baby was an 18 year old store boy named Andy.

    Sean: “You can’t say anything”
    Liz (re Julia): “I think she’ll figure it out for herself”.

    Keeping with last week, we definitely know Erica is alive as Matt had an unseen conversation with her, Annie is spending Christmas with the Epstein’s (why is Julia still friends with Suzanne?) and Matt has a new principal in his school.

    Joy (re stone baby): “I knew he wouldn’t take it well”
    Wes: “Take it well? She tells me she has another man’s baby inside her. What am I supposed to say? Ho Ho Ho? Well let me tell you something. You are a goddamn ho, Joy”.

    Ariel: “Do you love me?”
    Matt: “I just stole a baby Jesus because you asked me to”.

    Is Ariel’s mother aware of her own heritage? Ariel was far more concerned with how her father felt, rather than her mother.

    Christian: “Guess, who’s not the father of Julia’s baby?”
    Sean: “You?”

    No Kimber or Gina this week. Even Julia seems to have forgotten about the latter.

    Ariel (re cream): “You think it’s working. How do I look?”
    Matt: “A little insane, actually”.

    Chronology is December 2005. Am I right?

    Julia: “It’s your baby Sean”
    Sean: “I know”.

    Standout music: “Oh Holy Night” by Aaron Neville.

    Much better than last week though “Joy Kringle” was more sombre than a cheer. Although hardly a classic Christmas themed episode, the hour did have it’s own unique little charm and only two more episode left, it’s time we got Kimber and The Carver, don’t you think?
  • The calm before the storm. Christmas comes to nip/tuck. We see a lot of character development in this episode and there many touching moments as is fitting at this time of year. (WARNING POSSIBLE SPOILERS)

    Something that seems so inevitable, and yet something we have yet to see in a show which is centred so much on family. A fully Christmas based episode of Nip/Tuck. As I am from the UK and therefore saw this episode a few weeks later than its original airdate, it was a welcome surprise to see a little bit of the festive spirit still lingering on TV.
    This episode was very interesting in many ways. The main consult was unsuspected and appropriately as cringe-worthy as we come to expect on this show, but it did seem a little pointless. Sure it was to fit in with the Christmas thing, but it just seemed a little hollow. As I have come to find, it is the family elements of Nip/Tuck which are far more interesting. This episode specifically we see the family situation change significantly, with Matt (who seems to have come down from his attention-seeking rampage a little quickly) and Christian addressing their feelings towards the fact that they are blood relations, father and son. This hasnt really been shown before and it is nice to see that they are starting to accept it, and maybe even warm to the idea.
    One surprising development was Julia's pregnancy which I must say, at first made me groan out loud, as it seems she is always having pregnancy scares! But as it came about that the baby was Shaun's it became very interesting, and the scene in the doctor's office where Julia is going in to get an abortion is just excellently done. I actually found myself shouting at the screen for Shaun to go after her and stop her! And it was so moving watching him sitting there debating over what to do. Tears were in my eyes! And it was just so perfect that Julia ran back out just as he ran to get her, and they both wanted the baby, and ultimately to be together! It will be so nice to have them back together as even with their problems they made such a gd couple and they cant cope apart and are lonely. I hope it works out this time.
    Of course it wouldnt be Nip/Tuck without the scary side of things. In this episode that comes in the form of Matt's girlfriend who is getting out of control with her crusade against all ethnicities but her own. This time she is outraged at a nativity scene where the participants are painted black, and gets Matt to help her paint them white. She also forces him to steal skin bleach from his mum's spa to lighten her skin as she finds out she is part black. It is very disturbing to watch this character as it is impossible to feel any sympathy for her whatsoever. She is becoming almost evil and it is clear that the writers are building to something huge with her! It is comforting to see that although Matt helps her do what she needs, he is not happy with doing so, and is starting to see that he is perhaps involved in something he doesnt want to be involved in.
    Overall, this episode was mostly character driven, with the exception of the Nativity scene vandalism, and it is actually surprising how much has changed in the space of one episode, and how subtley it has happened. There is a sense of foreboding all the way through this episode and every scene of Matt's girlfriend is just chilling. You can just tell that they are building to an amazing finale, and this episode was a welcome moment to sit back and adore these characters, before they are thrust into whatever tragedy and drama that awaits them.
  • Even though I gave it a high score...

    ... I still find it a little cringeworthy, after Mr Kringle discovers that his wife slept with his assistant 17 years ago, I thought that his reaction was justified, but a little ill-timed, but to rub salt into the wounds by going after a woman half his age was a little below the belt. I suppose alls fair in love and war?

    I also felt that Matt's girlfriend Ariel shouldn't really be afraid of her heritage. But then again a typical parent's reaction trying to protect their child no matter what they have done, even if it means dis-believing everyone around them.

    I know I haven't watched Nip/Tuck in a little while, but why has Matt done a sudden U-Turn accepting who his real father is, from the tortured soul who discovered that his ex girlfriend was a trans-sexual and then goes on a rampage beating people up for revenge.

    Ok I'll suspend disbelief and roll with this.
  • Maybe not the best of the season, but definitely worth watching.

    Now that the season finale is near (eyes in tears) I'd say 3rd season's been pretty irregular, but luckyly for us it has found again its way. This episode is on fine example of what Nip tuck is about, maybe not the most touching, funny, thrilling or revealing, but still with all the elements that should be in. I'm specially happy to see that Matt's regained part od his common sense, for a change.

    And then, I confess what brought me to write a review now was the next 2 hours episode trailer...Wasn't that awesome?? I can't wait to watch it!!
  • 2 big things

    as much as i love this show there was really only 1 big thing that was important in this episode it was showing that julie was keeping the baby oh and another that quentin is finally not working with christian and sean no more yayayayayyaya!!!!!!! So that is all i need to say abous that. (sry needed 50 words don't mind that last sentence)
  • A Nip/Tuck Christmas episode- a good idea, not well implemented.

    I hate having to give Nip/Tuck bad reviews, but here I am again after last week's dreadful Sal Perri episode. This episode is thankfully better in places and stays more true to Nip/Tuck rules and conventions, but still strays a little too far out of the box, and generally, comes across as being dull. It doesn't however, lose it's shock value.

    The patient this week is Mrs Santa Claus, and both her and Father Christmas want micro-lypo, to help promote a healthier Christmas and Santa. Their roles in sociey mean the two make for interesting patients, with a lot of potential to entertain. Unfortunately they're given parts as the overused "female patient argues with male patient partner" and sadly, don't bring much to the table. It's during the operation however that they do get to shine a little. Sean and Christian find a petrified foetus in Joy's stomach during the procedure. It's sick as it is to picture it, but, horribly, the foetus is then given more scenes and screen time than Annie McNamara. *Not good viewing*.

    Matt's latest love also pops up in this episode, unsurprisingly shocking and being controversial in the process. Her gripe this week is at the school nativity scene where the cast is entirely black. She goes off on one and persuades Matt to assist her in "cleansing" them. The ideology is sick and very much racist. Granted, people like this do live among us, but watching it all unfold on tv does make you feel a little uncomfortable. Ariel's screentime isn't helped by the accompanying music to her scenes- angry thrashy American punk, that feels totally out of place within the show. Continuing nit-picking, her scenes with Matt as a result feel more teen-drama orientated than the show we know and love, and unfortunately give the episode yet another black mark.

    The highlights of the episode are few and far between. It's revealed to us that Julia's pregnant again, Sean the father, and that she's keeping the baby. Elsewhere Matt's finally given some time to bond with his biological father, and comes as something of a relief to watch. It's easy, it's charming, it's everything you ever wanted for the two. Oddly, there scenes are similar to that of McNamara/Troy and their office banter, but that's no bad thing.

    As a whole, this episode is pretty weak, undoubtedly coming across as one of the worst of the season. It does pick up in places and ultimately remains better than Sal Perri, but still isn't up to much. HOPEFULLY, the finale will not dissapoint...
  • Tis the season... for at least one show to promise a big secret reveal.

    You know it's going to be a happy new year when Julia finds out she is pregnant, and Quentin swears they never had sex. (So the baby IS Sean's.) Of course, Julia is off to the abortion clinic, but thankfully both ends of the baby-making want the baby, so....

    Their other son, however, was busy being possessed by beauty in helping Ariel steal a African-American nativity scene. Don't worry, they replace it after they paint the statues skins white white. (Double word not a mistake.)
    And of course Ariel's craziness probably started after she found out she was 1/16 black, something daddy would surely be ashamed of. So Ariel asks Matt to steal bleaching cream (from his mom's spa) to turn her more white, which he does and then later second guesses himself. Ariel figures it out takes it and asks him to leave, and after seeing how crazy she is, he appears happy to oblige. But then the blond crazy screams over the burning pain, and it's Matt to the rescue.

    Eventually Ariel goes to McNamra/Troy for some 1st degree touch-ups, and it's definitely over between Ariel and Matt.

    To end the episode nicely, Christian and Matt sit down for some father/son time. It's about time!
  • That most bizarre of all possible creatures -- a "Nip/Tuck" Christmas episode.

    For most of this rather trying and tedious season, Sean and Julia have both been undergoing a lot of serious introspection and personal growth.

    It wasn't obvious that that was the main idea until last night, when the pain of the idea that Julia and he wouldn't be together to raise their child was just all over Sean's face. The man was so lost, and his urgency to be where Julia was, even if only to drive her to the clinic, was made very clear.

    But with all of the angst and anger and denial and adjustment Sean has been doing, all the hitting and fighting and lashing out and storming out and sleeping around, he got a really good perspective on what that looked like when this sort of ridiculous character came in with his wife and her lithopedion and carried on and rejected her for something that happened 18 years ago. It wasn't significantly dissimilar to Sean's reaction to discovering the truth of Matt's paternity and you can tell where his sympathies lay. He was very uncomfortable with Kringle's reaction, and then when Kringle came in with Circe, it drove home how ridiculous he'd been behaving.

    Heading into the season wrapup, Matt helps Ariel steal the black Nativity scene statues from school (it's exactly the sort of thing she'd get all upset about -- a "mudbaby"? Oh what a giveaway -- and the dragging of the wiseman behind the car was just horrifying) and is uncomfortable with her assessment that they're not getting white enough -- even though they're milk white, and the Christ was almost certainly Middle Eastern just like everyone else in Judea. The problem is she can't get white enough, but again with the overreacting. There are a thousand different foundations she could wear if she was that nervous, but this show took her over the top. While she was frantic enough to do real damage to herself, Matt got to look at what true belief looks like, and it's ugly.

    The story she gave her father is telling: that Matt had asked her to lighten her freckles. Matt tells him the truth -- that she's worried about being 1/16th black and wanted to chemically lighten her face.

    Her father's presented with these two scenarios, and chooses to believe his daughter's story about the freckles, even tho she's clearly applied this bleaching agent all over her face. There's confusion, then there's denial, and then there's //this// guy.

    I really loved the end of that storyline, tho, with Matt owning up to his debt to Christian and the rain washing the paint away from the statues.

    As for Julia, she does have some legitimate concerns. In Season 1, her pregnancy was stillborn because she was under too much stress. But now she's running a business. Will she be able to manage it and everything else? Maybe she'll lose the child again, and maybe she won't, but most important was that moment when she came running out of the examination room and saw Sean running towards her. That was absolutely wonderful, and said maybe more about where they were and what they meant to each other than anything else could've.

    I ... really love Sean and Julia together. I hope they can make it work.

    This was the denoument to a deeply written and wonderfully human story of three people who love each other very much. It took all of that -- everything that happened all the way through the past season or so -- for everyone to realize how much everyone meant to each other, and despite the scattering -- Christian and Matt eating Chinese food in front of the game, Ann in the Epcot Center with the Epsteins and Sean and Julia heading off together in the rain -- there was a great deal of foundation laid for next week's explosive season finale.

    Well done, everyone. Well done.
  • For the first time since the season premier I'm reminded what keeps dragging back to this series...

    The first time I watched "nip/tuck" it was in the form of a netflix of the first three episodes, and ended up with me driving down the costco the next day to pick up the rest of the first season not being able to wait for the netflix discs to come. And then came season two and season three on FX.

    Season three has been a rolle coaster on ups and downs, but it hasn't been the "Nip/tuck" I feel in love with that much... there has been too many left-field story lines (such as the whole Anne Hache arc)... But this episode brought the bizarre, the unusual, the unbelievible, and the hearthbeats all together in perfect "nip/tuck" fashion.

    The Doctors are finally back together and this week they are giving lipsuction to a Mrs. Santa Claus actress... but things get complicated when they discover the remains of a 17-year-old calcified featus... and yet things get even weird when Julia discovers that she is pregnant (and Quentan lets it slip that he never slept with her)... Also there is a whole subplot involing Brittany Snow tring to bleach her skin whitter (like she needs it, she doesn't even have a TAN!)...

    But like I said this is a typical class A "nip/tuck" episode... and next week is the big reveal of the Carver!

  • we all know

    we all know that quintin costa is the carver i mean lets see he werid bi and tough and knows everyone that got carved who else whould know that rhea rynolds fake the carving the only people that knew was christin sean and him so it had to be one of them
  • I really enjoyed this episode overall. We are certainly climaxing to something big..... something very big.

    The Kringle storyline was just okay. The N/T writers contrived their classic paralleling stories between the patients lives and Christian & Sean's personal life. It is classic N/T to do that, but sometimes I personally don't care for it, and didn't in this episode.

    Julia being pregnant is pleasant if the baby is Sean's. However, I question whether Quentin had sex with Julia the night they went dancing (tango episode). They woke up together, she couldn't remember anything and said her thighs hurt. Hmmm. I know Quentin told Christian they didn't have sex, but these men lie all the time. The thing is they have us feeling all warm and fuzzy about this baby being Sean's, and I have learned with N/T don't assume anything!

    As for Quentin, I thought he was bi because of the 4 way sex with Kit, but I wonder if he is all gay and just got off that Christian was there. I personally don't think Quentin is the Carver, too obvious. Not N/T style.

    Matt, well I am liking him more. And I really enjoyed the bond with Christian on Christmas Eve. Neither one of them really had anybody, and now finding each other was really a nice touch. Isn't that so typical in a father teen-age son's relationship to be hot and cold like that.

    I truly hope Matt does not see Arial again. I found her storyline and character very frustrating to watch. I am mildly curious to see her Father learn and accept the truth about her Mother, but knowing N/T this will most likely be the last we see of them. N/T is forever having characters exit and we are left wondering what happened to them.

    The paint washing off the nativity at the very end was my absolute favorite scene of this episode. The message -- you cant cover up what you are deep down inside.

    Over all, very good show. Sean and Julia are closer. Matt and Christian are closer. Quentin is out of the practice. I feel this episode was to show us these relationships strengthening -- for they will surely need all the strength they can muster -- and we all know they will need to be strong for the hell that is about to hit.
  • (NOTE: As we found out last week, The Carver has his own myspace at Visit it .. before we find out his identity once and for all next week.)

    (NOTE: As we found out last week, The Carver has his own myspace at Visit it .. before we find out his identity once and for all next week.)

    Holy crap, I thought it couldn't get much bigger after last week's shockingly unbelievable episode, but another great installment was this final episode before the two-part season finale next week!

    A couple dressed as Kris Kringle and Mrs. Claus come in asking for a liposuction. Apparently, they want to get rid of the "fat Santa" image and want Ms Kringle to get a micro-lipo. However, what ends up happening is, during the procedure, Christian hits what feels like a tumor or a hernia, and when they open her stomach up ........... it turns out to be a FETUS!!!! The dead baby in her stomach right there .. that was kinda pushing the envelope! even for Nip/Tuck! We later find out that the fetus had been inside the woman for at least 15 years, and she never knew it! All this time she and "Santa" had been trying to get pregnant ... and she never knew. Later, we find out that she cheated on "Santa" 17 years ago with a kid who worked for them ... and not only that, she shows her true colors when she calls the kids that come to see Santa "little brats." Now, Mr. Kringle is ending his marriage with her. What a load of BULL!!! Santa didn't want his wife to get the lipo so that they could promote "anti-obesity" to kids after all! He wanted it because he's a horny asswipe! Now that he's dumped his wife, he's picked up some slut to be his new "Ms. Kringle!" And now he wants Sean to give her a set of Double D's so he can "show off their Christmas spirit!" WTF?

    Meanwhile, Matt's new girlfriend continues to be racist as she sees a Christmas display ... in which Jesus and the Virgin Mary are portrayed as African American. She becomes determined to save the "sanctitiy" of Christmas by putting a stop to it. She and Matt steal the display from school grounds at night and start painting the figures white. Then she reveals that her great grandmother was black, meaning her mother is 1/8 black and she's 1/16 black (OMFG!!! Call the authorities .....) .. so she claims if her dad ever finds out he'd disown her for sure. So now she wants Matt to steal some kind of cosmetic lotion or something from De la Mer, his mom's spa, of course. After Matt stole it for her, she immediately turned on him after he tried to warn her, and she started applying it immediately ... then as Matt was turning to leave, she suddenly started screaming .... her face felt like it was on FIRE! The stuff was some heavy-duty bleach burning her skin! I laughed my ass off she is such an ***** moron! After Matt takes her to Christian for treatment, he calls her dad and tells him everything, but she denies everything, and of course the dad believes her. Christian defends his son Matt and the two start to bond. [b]The two spend Christmas eve together, doing what every "American" does, watch football while eating Chinese takeout! YEAH!

    Also, after Julia collapses while decorating the Christmas tree, Sean treats her and finds out that she's pregant! So ... could it be Quentin's child? Whom she's already broken up with? When Quetin stops by to collect his check from Christian, he reveals that he and Julia never actually slept together, which means the baby must be ... Sean's? Except Sean talks to Christian later and tells him that it can't be his ... or is he lying? I'm so confused now. Later at the abortion clinic, both Julia and Sean confess that they both know it's Sean's baby, right before Julia is about to go through with the procedure. At the last minute, both of them turn back and meet each other halfway ... both of them want to keep the baby ... and they are reunited ... on Christmas Eve. The stolen and painted Jesus and Virgin Mary and the rest of display have been put back ... as it begins to rain, washing off the white paint and revealing what's really inside.


    And holy crap .... the preview for next week's two-part season finale looks UNREAL!!!!!!!!!! You do NOT want to miss this! We've wondered who The Carver was for nearly a year and a half now! And finally, in this CHILLING finale, we'll find out ... but not before a crapload of s**t happens! Do NOT miss next week's finale! From the looks of things, it's gonna be UNREAL (which you can expect from all of Nip/Tuck's premieres/finales).