Season 5 Episode 2

Joyce & Sharon Monroe

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 06, 2007 on FX

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  • Head scratcher and banger...minus the blood lose.

    Now I can not in all honesty say I hated and/or loved this episode but it was definitely a head scratcher for sure. Let me begin with the HIGH points: 1) We get the return of Julia and we come to find out she's now a nearly born lesbian. I like this twist because it adds more depth to the character and all the tied in relationships. 2) We get to experience each Dr. without the other, how they handle the change of scenery, fame, and relationships. Now for the BAD: 1) No storyline outside of the Julia thing, it felt like there was a lot of downtime on the set and they filled it with garbage. 2) It seems like its becoming less about the practice and more about individual egos and I'm for one waiting for some more slice and dice eps.

    All in all I rate this as a GOOD episode because it kept me glued but not great or awesome because like I said there was nothing really worthy of the show premise.
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