Season 5 Episode 2

Joyce & Sharon Monroe

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 06, 2007 on FX

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  • There's No Business Like Show Business

    I'm loving Julia's storyline. While it could easily be dismissed as a cheap gimmick, there's something so right about Julia going "from dwarf-humping to carpet-munching" (hee!), like it was always meant to be but just never fell into place till now. We've had a couple of hints in the past, but nothing as major as the development in this episode. I also love Olivia. She's sassy and entertaining, and it's great to see Portia de Rossi back on TV.

    The Marilyn Monroe girls were awesome. Their scenes were really enhanced by the vintage music used, and it was a perfect surgery for the show's new transformation. But I never got the competition between them, since Joyce was so obviously the better impersonator. She was completely Marilyn. She even looked facially identical. The final shot was creepy though, with Christian so desperate to feel like his old self that he made them act like they were sleeping with a famous movie star. Their breathy singing of "I want to be loved by you" suddenly made the whole storyline so sinister...

    Meanwhile, Sean got a new love interest in the form of the gorgeous Paula Marshall, playing the lead actress on Hearts 'n Scalpels. As much as I like their new relationship, you can clearly see Kate is unstable. She has a lot of issues over her body image, and it was pretty depressing to watch her get so angry and disgusted when she first made out with Sean. I hope they don't screw her up too much and make her completely irrational, since they have great chemistry, and it's neat to see Sean in a new relationship that doesn't involve a dying woman or a nutjob.

    Another masterpiece episode, again confirming that pretty much everybody has changed this season. Still featuring the meta humor of last episode (loved Bradley Cooper tearing off his clothes to use as a tourniquet) but also a lot more character-based drama, Joyce and Sharon Monroe continues to prove that the move to LA has worked wonders for this show.

    Director: Charles Haid
    Writer: Ryan Murphy
    Rating: A