Season 5 Episode 2

Joyce & Sharon Monroe

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 06, 2007 on FX

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  • A Marilyn Or Two Written by Ryan Murphy Directed by Charles Haid

    Christian (to Julia): "Is Ollie rich?"
    Olivia: "Yes very and it's Olivia".

    Another episode with a fair amount of changes but at least there are a few consistencies surrounding it too. It's well documented how perversely dark this series is and while this might be a lighter episode, there are still some stuff regarding Sean and Christian that will spark opinions.

    The role reversal between these two is definitely the most telling of the bunch. It forms the backbone of this entire episode and it also raises how shaky both Sean and Christian's friendship can be at times too. Friends should be happy when their pal is getting a taste of success.

    Christian unfortunately seems to be more in the mood for sour grapes as his jealousy of not becoming instant hot property since relocating to LA messes with his judgement. Virtually every episode Christian has said and done some despicable things. However when it came to Sean they weren't always meant to be vicious here. That is until now when they pretty much are.

    What ways could Christian possibly sabotage the only constant relationship he has with another human being in order to satisfy his ego. Well there's breaking professional boundaries by calling up US Weekly and blabbing about Carly Summers' recent bout of plastic surgery.

    Yes Christian had no problem with doing that particularly nasty deed and Sean's clear annoyance of his recklessness didn't exactly deter Christian from trying to steal Sean's newfound fame.

    The one thing Christian didn't bank on was Fiona getting wind of his little plot and making sure that US Weekly printed a more favourable story about Carly. So instead of a plastic surgery scandal, Carly looks good because of the healthy diet she's on. Normally you'd feel kind of cheated (or not care) but there's something intensely satisfying in seeing Carly's reputation saved by Fiona's quick thinking and great connections.

    Two episodes in and I will admit that Fiona is an effective addition to the series. While her motives for saving Carly were probably more for her benefit than her client's, anyone who nixes a nasty scheme of Christian's deserves a medal. Like I said before, there's nothing more gratifying than seeing Christian defeated when he's behaving like a prick for no reason.

    Another reason to like Fiona is that not only does she seem to be a savvy businesswoman but she can also see through Christian's crap. In a show where too many women actually fall for Christian's charms, it's always great to encounter a female who can call a spade a spade in regards to the randy plastic surgeon.

    When Christian tries to appeal to Fiona's better nature by admitting his insecurities of being in Hollywood, Fiona's quick to remind him that he's never going to be anything more than someone trying to make a comeback. Maybe it's a harsh thing to say but hey, Christian has said much worse to people who didn't deserve a smackdown.

    Fiona very nearly dropped Christian for his attempts to gain fame through Carly and a part of me wanted her to. Now I love Christian but I do occasionally tire of him getting away with treating people like dirt so Fiona had my respect when she busted his balls for his idiotic behaviour.

    Still Fiona must see some potential in Christian because not only did she keep him on but she also got him a Playgirl gig to boot. Heck Fiona even allowed Christian to touch her breast in order to rise to the occasion. I have a feeling Fiona and Christian's rapport may transfer to sex and when it does, please try to do the opposite of what you guys did with Michelle. You have a good character in Fiona, don't destroy her.

    Christian did however get his bit of fame from stripping off. However instead of the usual array of bimbos and chicks with bad self-esteem issues, it was the gay mafia that were more interested in Christian. I find it funny watching a hardened homophobe like Christian getting propositioned by various (mostly seedy) men. However I agree with Sean and Liz's option to ridicule Christian's desperate need for fame and vanity.

    Then there's the patient screwing, which is Christian's art form. This time he brings two duelling Marilyn Monroe impersonators together by putting them in a room together and then ending the very episode by screwing them. Still it's a lot less repulsive than Mandi and Randi in Season One, poor Abby and the bag in Season Three or the mom/daughter combo in Season Four.

    As patients go, both Joyce and Sharon fill our bizarre quotient of the series and it's actually quite nice that they end up resolving their feud and ultimately working together on the Walk Of Fame. Plus I did enjoy them singing to Christian during the sex scene. That was pretty original and neat for the series.

    However the worst things Christian tries to do to Sean in this episode is to tell his mate that Julia is in a committed relationship and also to put the moves on Kate. The Julia thing is a nice reminder that she and Sean are better off apart but the thing with Kate is just plain skeevy.

    He taunted the woman about her body issues and then he sleazily tries it on with her just because Sean really cares about her. Christian did actually admit that's why he behaves like that to Sean and while I'm relieved that he has the sense not to actually go there with Kate, even I wanted to punch his lights out. You wouldn't deliberately do that to your worst enemy never mind someone you consider a brother.

    For Christian to be jealous, you have to argue that Sean is doing quite well for himself, which in fact Sean is. That doesn't justify Christian's behaviour. Why shouldn't Sean get some recognition? Why is Christian so obsessed with wanting to become instantly famous all of a sudden? Also why can't Liz and Linda have more to do except for make a funny snark here and there?

    Sean is in arguably a better place than Christian right now. Hearts And Scalpels may be a pile of crap but its crap that's giving Sean a nice bit of measurable fame and the practice some decent clients. These are both good things. Sean has every right to revel in these. God knows Christian would if he was the cash cow.

    Sean's even managed to get the respect of Aidan, who is still a total airhead. Why – because Sean actually stood up to the guy and refused to take crap off him. It's a pity the writers and crew members aren't the same way with Aidan. Then again, he is something of a parody character and you can just tell that Bradley Cooper is having fun in the role.

    Then there's also Kate. Both Dylan Walsh and Paula Marshall have some nice chemistry that helps to make their attraction believable but this show's overindulgence of destructive relationships may kill Sean and Kate before they even get off the ground as a couple.

    They go to an awards ceremony and when they start to kiss, Kate reciprocates by slapping Sean and then insisting they have to take it slow. The slapping part was extreme but I get why she wanted to take it slow. Given that Sean's track record with women has been every bit as disastrous as Christian it would be in his best interests to take things slowly.

    Kate also then asks Sean to do surgery on her, which means that yet again another woman he's in love with or plain screwing is having to go under the knife. You wonder if this is also healthy in his relationships. Sean does get emotionally with his lovers very fast. Even Christian was perceptive enough to point this out. That being said, I actually do like Kate and I would like this one to actually work but the girl's got body issues that will threaten this relationship if there not dealt with head on. Is it too much to ask that we get at least one relationship this season that isn't totally destructive? Come on, Ryan, you definitely owe us at least one.

    If Sean, Christian and painfully single Liz don't get their better halves, then what are the odds of Julia being the exception with her girlfriend Olivia? Yes, you heard right – Julia has a girlfriend and it would be a shock if this was possibly another show and if I hadn't heard rumours back in Season Three that Julia was supposed to enter a relationship with another woman.

    The thing is as a viewer we're denied the starting point of this relationship (kinda like with Kevin and Jason in Brothers And Sisters' second season), so we're into an advanced stage of their union. Julia and Olivia seem happy enough to move in with one another and obviously Julia is ready enough to tell Sean and Christian that's she moving on with her life.

    The lad's response is typical of them really. Christian's quick to make a few homophobic jokes and fortunately for us, Olivia's every bit as quick to put his idiotic remarks to one side and actually kick his ass in a game of pool. Also can I commend the show for casting Portia De Rossi in the role? There's every chance I might end up disliking Olivia later on in the series but at least she's played by an actress I happen to like a lot.

    Sean's a bit better though and tries to get some answers from Julia without being too judgemental. Julia doesn't strictly define herself as gay or bisexual and as a viewer, your own interpretation is probably going to be more satisfying than an actual answer within itself. She openly admitted to fantasising about women during her marriage and she did kiss Ava in a dream sequence in Season Two.

    As for what kind of couple she and Olivia are, it's hard to tell. Sure they seem happy, have the fact that they are both parents in common and have a good sex life and are communicative but unless this is a relationship of actual substance and not just another flash in the pan, I'm gonna be very wary of them.

    Also in "Joyce And Sharon Monroe"

    No other patients besides Kate, Joyce and Sharon. It's good the show is keeping the patients integral to the plot.

    Kate: "What are you doing on Sunday?"
    Sean: "We don't operate on Sundays".

    The Hearts And Scalpels scene with Aidan's hissy fit also happened in the previous episode.

    Christian: "You're right, I'm an ****
    Fiona: "The town's full of **** what makes you so special?"

    Christian: "Spill it"
    Julia: "I'm seeing someone and it's serious and we're moving in together".

    I suppose it was inevitable that there would be a sly dig to Grey's Anatomy. Kate also lost out to the lead actress in Law And Order: SVU.

    Kate (to Sean): "Wow you're a dreamboat and a gentleman. Is there anything I can hate about you?"

    Christian (re Fiona's breasts): "Jesus, they're fantastic"
    Fiona: "Thank you".

    One of Christian's gay admirers struck a very Dr No pose in the office. If only Christian had been wearing a tuxedo during that scene.

    Christian (re Playgirl): "You remember what this is Lizzie?"
    Liz: "Cheap porn".

    Kate (to Christian): "I know how men in this town think. Once a fatty, always a fatty".

    Kate went to Julliard which Aidan seems incredibly threatened by. Also Olivia is a doctor of Chinese Medicine which annoys Erica.

    Christian: "Very kinky. Where's Papa now?"
    Olivia: "Where do you think? After he impregnated me, I bit off his head".

    No Wilbur, Matt and Kimber in this episode and Annie/Connor had no lines.

    Sean: "Did you ever fantasise about women when I was screwing you?"
    Julia: "Yes".

    Olivia (to Sean/Julia): "I kicked his ass"
    Christian: "Yes she did".

    Standout music: "Blue Satin" by Henry Mancini, "Can't Stand Losing You" by The Police and "Perpetuate The Circle" by Jed and Lucia.

    Kate: "Why is it so hard to say no to you?"
    Sean: "Because I look so handsome in a tux".

    Chronology: None has been specified since "Carly Summers".

    I wasn't entirely sure about this episode at first but in the end, "Joyce And Sharon Monroe" won me over. Christian did generally piss me off but I did enjoy Fiona, Kate and Olivia but overall, it was a build up episode.