Season 2 Episode 12

Julia McNamara

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 07, 2004 on FX

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  • Ava: \"Sometimes we have to be brought to our knees in order to get in touch with who we really are and what we want. We can\'t heal until we hit rock bottom. By the looks of things, Julia, you\'re there.\"

    I\'ll start things off by saying that I usually don\'t like alternate reality episodes. They detract from the main plot and are usually cheesy and predictable. I loved this one though. It was the ultimate journey into Julia\'s psyche, and I had loads of fun watching it.

    Having Ava along as Julia\'s coach for her \"life dreamt of but not chosen\" made it even better, and the banter between the two was highly amusing (Ava: \"How interesting that even in the realm of possibility you lack common sense.\" Julia: \"Apparently you\'re a bit*h in every universe you inhabit.\"). Ava turning into the \"Angel of Death\" at the end was a nice twist, and also symbolized Ava\'s dark status in the McNamara\'s lives. The first time I saw this I seriously thought for a second that Julia might die, and while it would have been a creative way for the writers to write her out I\'m glad she\'s not out of the picture.

    The main focus of Julia’s alternate universe was what the outcome would have been if Julia had chosen Christian instead of Sean. The result isn’t very pretty. It looks like the lack of morally aware Sean in their lives has lead to both of them being vain jerks (well more of one in terms of Christian). They don\'t like charity, enjoy threesomes, and money is what they hold their standards by. One of the first of the many reappearing guest stars in this episode was Jude, who works for Julia and Christian and who Julia is sleeping with. Don\'t feel bad for Christian though because of course he\'s getting some on the side also with Kimber (looks like some things never change no matter what universe you’re in). Julia and Christian’s bonding activity outside their practice is snorting cocaine. Sounds like couple of the year, no?

    Just as I had begun wondering when Sean would make an appearance, suddenly he pops in with a huge smile on his face. It was refreshing to see him so cheerful and content with the life that he shares with, wait for it, Megan O\'Hara (I guess this took place before she died of cancer). Putting a nice little twist on the Sean/Julia/Christian love triangle Julia begins to lust for Sean, who in this universe is the unattainable one. This episode confirmed that it really isn\'t a true love for Christian that makes Julia lust after him, it\'s that Julia is never satisfied with her life. Sean, who is enjoying his life and marriage with Megan very much, denies Julia when she eventually propositions him, throwing her back into the downward spiral that occurred in her real life.

    I always said that Sean and Julia would never last until she cleared all those \"what ifs\" she has in her mind, and this episode did a pretty good job of doing that. Even with a successful career and marriage to Christian Julia still isn\'t happy with her life and ends up smashing through a glass door anyway. Ava was right. It’s not the circumstances that have to change it’s Julia.

    One of the most rewarding scenes of the episode was Julia waking up, realizing, and telling Sean that he’s the one she’s truly loved all along. All I can say is that it\'s about time Julia. Winning him back won\'t be easy though.

    Final Notes and Quotes

    - I loved seeing almost all the character\'s we\'ve come to know in the past two seasons making a return, including Mrs. Grubman, Suzanne Epstein, Kimber, Erica, Jude, and Megan O\'Hara. They did an excellent job with continuity, and it was perfectly believable all the paths the character\'s lives had taken (except maybe for Erica, I can\'t imagine her working for Julia).

    - Ava: \"I might have something to offer you, something you want back.\"

    Julia: \"Like, my son?\"

    Ava: \"Yourself. I\'m here to help you find it again.\"

    - Liz was a fertilization expert in Julia\'s alternate reality (probably a result of Julia hiring Jude for the practice instead), and she had two children. The children thing doesn\'t make sense, as Liz said in the beginning of the season that she never had wanted to have children early; she wanted to wait until her father died.

    - John Hensley appeared to be having fun as a nerdy version of Matt who grew up without Christian\'s genes or bad influence.

    - Ava: \"Sweetheart, it\'s you that has to change, not your circumstances.\"

    - Sean: \"Despite her wonderful qualities, Julia was never satisfied. And I don\'t think she ever will be.\"

    - Outstanding Performance of the Week: Joely Richardson of course.

    - All the past references made this episode a special treat for the fans that have been with the show from the beginning.

    Final Rating: What an amazing hour. 4 out of 4 stars.

    - Tim Bronx
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