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Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 27, 2005 on FX

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  • Choices

    Matt está devastado por no tener a Ava y decide ir por ella. Al encontrar a su hijo muerto (gusaneado) cae en la policía y ahí se entera por boca de Sean que en realidad su amada era un transexual. Eso lo hace replantearse su elección sexual. Aclara que le calientan los trans y va a un bar en busca de uno, con consecuencias desastrosas.
    Julia y su madre al fin tiene una noche de paz fumando marihuana. Delirante, relajante.
    Quentin hace sus primeras armas en Troy/McNamara (será the Carver?).
    Christian regresa al bisturí con un pobre gorila.
    Nip/Tuck, season 3, episode 2: Kiki 8,8.
  • Show Me the Monkey

    Erica continues to be one of the best characters in the series, completely stealing the show in just two scenes. Her talk with Matt was both honest and believable, and I loved how she later bonded with Julia over the bong. It's a great scene featuring real-life mother and daughter, and you can tell Joely Richardson and Vanessa Redgrave had a ball filming it.

    Matt's breakdown is excellently written. You can completely understand his initial frustration, but his behavior with Cherry is plain uncomfortable to watch. And I doubt anybody can see the closing moments and not root for the group of transsexuals acting out their revenge on him. I really loved Matt's interaction with everybody in this episode. His visions of Ava were great, especially when dream-Ava challenges him over his sexuality, and learning to be man enough to figure out what he wants. Famke Janssen (in her last appearance, as of 2008) brought so much to this show, it's a shame her movie career stopped her from sticking around longer.

    The medical subplots were pretty average. The KiKi story never really interested me, but I did love the Ramirez plot. It was pretty clear that something bad was going to happen to him, and I liked how they left it open-ended, with Sean left having to operate on him again, despite probably knowing he'll never be able to escape his past.

    Director: Elodie Keene
    Writers: Lyn Greene, Richard Levine
    Rating: B
  • Christian: “Look, maybe Kumba can see past Kiki’s scar to her inner beauty. Maybe he’s not a shallow bastard like the rest of us”

    This episode made me uncomfortable on many levels.

    First, we have Matt learning that Ava is a man (that scene where he finds out, I have to say, was truly excellent drama), and beginning to question his sexuality. He goes to a transsexual bar ready to experiment (guided by his imaginary Ava, to which I might add Famke Janssen looked radiating this week), only to cruelly beat up a transsexual named Cherry when, after making out with Cherry, he sees her/his penis. (I'm sorry if I'm misusing my pronouns here).

    Matt knew exactly what he was getting himself into by going to the bar, so his spontaneous fury and anger towards Cherry was out of line. Matt’s notion that Cherry "tricked him" is just an excuse he made to comfort himself because, really, Matt’s too scared to admit the truth.

    Okay yeah, what happened to Cherry was an injustice, but I think ganging up on Matt, beating him to a pulp, and then urinating on him was a little too much. Despite my desire to turn away at one point during the scene, I have to say the editing was well done as during Matt’s pounding we got inter cuts of Marlon (the patient of McNamara/Troy who wanted his gang scars removed) getting beaten by his gang as well. It was fitting, as it showed that no one can escape their actions, and the two scenes complimented each other.

    I understand why Julia was furious at Sean for telling Matt the truth about Ava, and I actually somewhat agree with her. The news upset Matt very much, and consequently set him off on a downward spiral into trouble. It was very understandable Matt’s fury and pain, as that information would be very hard for any teenage male to take; teenage years are confusing and painful enough as it is. It is better for Matt to find out now, though, and keep away from Ava, rather then discovering the truth later after years of sexual intimacy.

    On to the main patient the week: Kiki, a gorilla, needed a scar removed so she could mate. I found it fitting that Liz could relate to Kiki's outcast place in her society, and I was gad Liz stood up for Kiki by convincing Christian to perform the operation. It was unfortunate that Kumba, despite no physical scarring on Kiki, was still able to sense that something was different about her and attacked. The case provided a good parallel to human societies, especially when you consider that we share 98% of our DNA with primates, and made a good, thought-provoking statement about many societies’ disapprovals for anything outside the norm.

    Final Notes and Quotes

    - Matt's haircut symbolized his want to change, and the new transformation he took today into "the dark force" (sorry I've been watching a lot of Star Wars lately).

    - Erica: "That's what's wonderful about being young. There are no mistakes, only research."

    - I loved Erica in this episode, and it was a hoot out of watching Erica and Julia laughing uncontrollably while high off weed. Interesting mother-daughter bonding activity.

    - Outstanding Performance of the Week: John Hensley did an excellent job this week; he took Matt's teenage woes to a whole other level.

    - Sean: "I'm not sure changing how you look, will make you change how you feel inside."

    Matt: "I needed change. I guess I just got tired of looking at myself."

    Final Rating: 2 1/2 out of 4 stars.

    - Tim Bronx
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  • The Shape Of Things

    It's been quite good to watch 'Kiki' again, as I think I initially did this episode a grave injustice. Seeing it only as a slightly bizarre hour involving surgery on a gorilla and Matt getting pissed on by a bunch of transsexuals initially, I find the episode has more to offer with another viewing.

    The overriding theme of this episode appears to be 'the shape of things'. Apart from the scar surgery on the gorilla, there is a former MS-13 gangbanger who wants his tattoos removed so he can clean up his life. Of course, both of these surgeries go awry- the gangbanger Marlon finds that whilst his skin is clean, his past crimes still count against him and ends up getting beaten up by his former friends at the end. It is interesting to note that perhaps Marlon's subplot is perhaps the weakest link in the episode. Kiki's scar surgery removes the imperfection but the male gorilla that is to mate with her still senses it and attacks and kills her. Perhaps the major storyline of this episode belongs to Matt who not only finds Adrian's putrid and decomposing body (a scene it is not advisable to be eating during) but also finds out that Ava was a man. Obviously the kid goes a bit nuts, goes to a tranny bar, picks up a nice girl called Cherry (Willam Belli) but freaks out when he finds out that 'she' is pre-operative and still has 'the best of both'. In rage, he beats her in a scene that is uncomfortable and hard-hitting (excuse the pun). But the transsexuals get their revenge by attacking and urinating on him after school.

    There is a lot of good stuff in this episode, not least a brief but welcome performance by Famke Janssen. She completely dominated the second season with a brilliant performance as the seductive, manipulative Ava and it was nice to get shades of that here, even though she only appeared in Matt's dream/vision. Another knockout performance by Vanessa Redgrave as Erica; her scenes with John Hensley and Joely Richardson are particular highlights of the episode. I never thought I'd ever be writing the words 'Vanessa Redgrave' and 'bong' in the same sentence, but to see her getting stoned is an absolute joy.
  • "Kiki" is barely a classic Nip/Tuck episode that is so ahead of its time in case of pure originality.

    "Kiki" is barely a classic Nip/Tuck episode that is so ahead of its time in case of pure originality. This episode is a deep digger on sexual and personal character of Matt. As young people, we made so many judgements in our minds to evaluate our relations with anybody interacting with our inner side such as our family, our lovers and our friends. We don't want to be left out and manage every single way to be a normal person in everyone's eye!

    Matt is on that journey for this episode and he is shaken up to his core in the process. The editing of the ending with that other ex-gang member and Matt running away from what they had done, is inspiringly visual with that music on the background.

    Besides Matt, there are another plots going around Kiki, an ape to have her face fixed to mate with another gorilla, Julia and her mother having a bonding after Matt's situation and so on...

    Anyway, this episode is informative about our freaky side that no one knows! It is a revealer what if we caught up with it!
  • Boring

    One of the more boring shows in the history of Nip/Tuck. Season 3 has been a let down but is still better than most other television shows, yet a let down for this one. There are more bad shows than good ones in this particular season.
    This is one of the bad ones, and it wreaks.
  • One of the best episodes I've seen so far.

    I loved this epsiode. I think it's awesome how writers get you to the edge of the seat. I thought the episode got to the climax when Matt and Marlon were being chased. Can anyone please tell me the name of the kinda-sad song when Marlon and Matt were being chased?
  • Different Strokes Written by Lyn Greene And Richard Levine Directed by Elodie Keene

    Erica (to Matt): “Do you want a safe life or an authentic one?”

    Hmm, safe versus authentic, which to decide? Well over the past couple of months neither has exactly done him the world of good. Over the course of knowing him, he’s nearly stolen his ex’s girlfriend, ran over another girl and let his friend take the fall, discovered the hard way that his uncle Chris is really his father as well as entering a relationship with a woman who not only a sinister spin on the phrase “femme fatale” but also used to be a man. Not that that part really matters, it was Ava’s ultimate deception of her secret that is really the issue at stake. At least it should be.

    After being virtually ignored in the season premiere, the Matt/Ava/Adrian arc is finally reopened when Matt looking for the extra ticket to Paris, only to stumble on Adrian’s rotted corpse in Ava’s apartment. Nice! As the police begin to think Matt may have something to do with Adrian’s death, Sean opens up another Pandora’s Box by telling him about Ava’s vaginal reconstruction. After branding Sean a liar and storming out of the police station, Julia and Sean bicker over whether telling Matt about Ava was the right thing to do. This may not surprise most people but I’m with Sean on this one. From a parental perspective, would you want your kid involved with a manipulator like Ava? Sean did the right by telling Matt; it’s just too bad it blew up in his face is all.

    Excellently played by Jon Hensley, this episode is incredibly Matt-centred that almost all the other plots pale in comparison as the already unstable Matt escalates into scary new territory. Even the usually condescending Erica, the only one who offers Matt advice and insight that is helpful isn’t able to bring down the time bomb that is Matt and let’s be honest, he was creepy in every scene he was in tonight’s episode before is full on Mr Hyde transformation. Getting wasted, stoned and attacking Sean’s parenting skills, Matt’s primary reactions to learning Ava’s secret was his sexuality.

    Maybe I’m in a minority but I never thought Matt was or might be gay and even if he had known Ava used to be a man and still repeatedly slept with her, that doesn’t make him gay in my book. I foolishly thought when Erica told him it was okay to experiment; I thought this could have diffused the situation a tad. Oh how I was wrong.

    Instead Matt went to a transsexuals bar, fantasised about Ava some more, which although highly quotable and insightful was disappointing. I love Famke Janssen and if Ava is going to play any role this season, I don’t want her relegated to flashbacks, fantasy or dream sequences for any further appearances. Then he hooked up with a blonde transsexual and started making out until Matt realised she was pre-op and freaked out and started beating the holy shit out of her which shocked the hell out of me. Ryan Murphy said Matt would take a darker turn this season and he wasn’t joking either and his transformation here (yes I’m talking about the much needed haircut) literally made him unrecognisable. I actually did fear for the woman’s life he was beating but oddly enough I lost sympathy later when she rounded up her own friends to beat up Matt and piss on him. Matt deserved the kicking of a lifetime for what he did to that woman but for them to piss on him was disgusting, degrading and undignified. By doing that they made themselves as bad as Matt.

    Outside of the Matt plot this week, already tensions are brewing up in the office over Quentin’s arrival which is a shame because I actually quite like the guy and not just because Bruno Campos is easy to look at. Sean and Liz quite like the guy but Christian is hostile but I enjoyed all fours interactions with each other and individual members in this episode.

    As for the main patient of the week, a mountain gorilla by the name of Kiki wanted her scar on her face fixed so her chosen mate (she chose him on the internet) wouldn’t attack and kill. This is Nip/Tuck so what do you really expect? Not only that but Kiki can sign over 1000 words and while this may impress some people it took a lot of baiting from Liz to get Christian to operate on her. However, despite his resistance, operating on Christian made him feel good about himself until Liz had to tell him that Kiki’s mate Kumba slaughtered her anyway because animals have a sixth sense about things like scars, even if they aren’t visible to the human eye, apes can still sense them. That actually sucked and not because it took Christian off a high but just because. At least we didn’t have to witness that particular bout of violence, even for this show it would pushing their luck.

    The episode seemed to have an overwhelming sense of different strokes running throughout and not only did it run into Kiki but the secondary patient of the week, Marlon Ramirez, a former gang member of MS13 also wanted to not change his physical perception but his mental one too. Quentin was reluctant to operate and Sean sympathised with his plight but neither could help beyond the physical side and Marlon found out the hard way his former pals weren’t keen on him changing his spots. Talk about being stuck in a box.

    Also in “Kiki”

    Other patients of the week: Mr Ramirez had his tattooed “tears” removed. Each tear represented a kill, so he has killed five people. There was also a girl having an ass lift or something.

    Christian: “Look maybe Kumba can see past Kiki’s scar to her ‘inner beauty’. Maybe he’s not a shallow bastard like the rest of us”
    Dr Forsythe: “Don’t be so hard on yourself. Beauty attracts to preserve the species. In evolutionary terms, Dr Troy, all males are bastards”.

    Sean: “I kind of need my fingers to operate”
    Quentin: “I know. Me too”.

    We learned that Quentin worked in Sudan and fixed a Denka Chief’s finger. His light-hearted flirting with Liz was amusing.

    Browder (to Sean/Julia): “You can catch up with him later. It’s a lot of information to digest. For all of us”.

    I’m not a zoo expert but surely there had to have been someone supervising Kiki and Kumba if they had known an attack was a risk.

    Erica: “That’s what great about being young. There are no mistakes, just research”
    Matt: “My research doctor has lead me to conclude that I get hard for hermaphrodites, sorry transsexuals. Oops”.

    Christian (to Liz): “Okay I just want to point out that it was you who compared yourself to a gorilla, not me”.

    No Kimber or Kit in this episode and very little mention of The Carver.

    Ava: “Are you man enough to make up your mind about what pleases you”
    Matt: “Funny, you didn’t tell me who you were”.

    Most hilarious scene in this entire episode was Julia and Erica getting stoned together and Erica telling Julia she was proud of her. How nice was that?

    Julia: “But you’re a terrible mother”
    Erica: “I thought I was too but it turns out I didn’t do such a bad job”
    Julia: “You mean compared to me?”
    Erica: “No I mean evidenced by you”.

    Standout music: “The Track Of My Tears” by Smokey Robinson and The Miracles and “Strawberry Letter 23” by Brothers Johnson.

    Second episodes are usually average stuff, even on this show but while I still prefer the season premiere for some odd reason, “Kiki” manage to kick a lot of butt and didn’t sting on the shock factor. One of the darkest episodes on the series but that doesn’t always have to be a bad thing.
  • This show gets more and more disturbing by the week

    Episode 2, of season 3 and Nip/tuck is just getting crazier. The episode is mainly based on Matt and his discovery that Ava used to be a man. Ava makes a fictional return, as she haunts Matt in both his dreams and in his weed induced high. His discovery of Aidan was absolutely disgusting, really horrible to see. It was terrible for Ava to leave the body of her dead son/lover lying there but at the same time kind of understandable.

    John Hensley was brilliant in this episode. Matt may be insane, but he is a brilliant actor. The scenes with Erica- the two of them smoking pot- were weird as he talks very graphically about sex but at the same time extremely funny. The thing with the pre-op transsexual was very hard to watch. It was so graphic and violent but again brilliantly done.
    I love the parallels that Nip/tuck does and they did another one in this episode with the ex-gang member and Matt. Brilliant TV but upsetting all the same.

    Kiki the main patient in the episode was very sweet. It was nice to see that the doctors don’t care about just making money. It was really sad when she was killed, but I think this was to draw another parallel this time with Christian- his physical scars may have healed but his inner ones haven’t just like Kiki’s. Interesting to see that Christian is taking the responsible doctor role- a sign of things to come with Quinton perhaps? Talking of Quinton, he was good in this episode. We didn’t se much of him but enough to see that he may drive a wedge between our doctors who are already fighting about him.

    Overall it was an extremely good episode with some brilliant acting especially from Matt and Erica.
  • Matt finds out the truth about Ava, Quentin makes his introduction, and a gorilla needs surgery.

    After the somewhat disaster that was the opening episode of Season 3, Kiki undoubtedly marks a return to form, and focusses largely on the Ava-Matt storyline of last year. As a result, it feels a lot more of an opening episode than 'Boone ever did, while at the same time still managing to introduce new themes and storylines.

    The episode opens Sean and Christian in consultation, but interestingly, the "patient" is a doctor. As conversation progresses we learn she's not her for herself, but rather, she's here representing mountain-gorilla Kiki. It's an odd choice to have a patient, but knowing all these cases are based on real life makes the whole situation a lot more comfortable to watch. As a patient Kiki was certainly different, but like Boone last week, came across as being a breath of fresh air. The same could be said about the character of Quentin Costa.

    With only previously three scenes in Nip/Tuck under his belt until now, this episode gave him a chance to promote himself. His dialogue and office-chat with Liz was interesting but mild eccentricities from him later made him a little difficult to watch. Regardless he's fresh, and his development over the coming episodes will be great viewing.

    Continuing on from his relationship with Ava in Season 2, Kiki sees Matt having a dream about Ava. She tells him to meet her in Paris, so he heads to her house to get the spare ticket, only to find Adrian's 1 month-old-rotting-corpse, far more disgusting than any surgery scene can ever hope to be. Later at a police station where being questioned, it's soon revealed to Matt that the last place Ava was before Paris was on the operating table, getting the last surgery as part of her transexual operation. Pissed, and feeling slightly confused, Matt goes into a downward spiral, taking drugs and getting violent with another transexual as a result. After two years of waiting, he finally gets a well needed haircut too, but that's of less importance. John Hensley, however much I dislike his character, was fantastic throughout.

    The second episode of Season 3 and already things are back on track. The previous dissapointing episode still in the minds of many, Kiki is a true return to form for the quality of Nip/Tuck. Lets just hope Ryan Murphy can keep it up!
  • Matt's trip to the dark side yields one of the most shocking episodes yet. Spoilers in review.

    We’ve all wanted to change something about our appearance to get something we desired, whether it is love, money, status or freedom. However, often the reality is that no matter how much we change our looks, we can never get away from what we are inside. Nip/Tuck explores this issue to its most extreme and disturbing. This is easily one of Nip/Tuck’s more unsettling episodes, largely because of Matt’s further descent into violent self loathing following the life changing revelation about Ava’s past. Though the title patient storyline is underdeveloped, the rest of the story is potent.

    It begins with researcher asking the doctors to operate on a gorilla. The title gorilla has been studied to see how animals understand language, and the researcher hopes to breed her to see if Kiki can pass down her skills to her offspring. The problem is that when they found Kiki, poachers had slashed her face while they killed her mother. Kiki now has a large scar on her face. If the male mate found this, he would likely attack and kill her. This isn’t the first time someone came to them asking to fix an animal, as we remember from “Escobar Gallardo”. However, the circumstances are certainly different. It isn’t vanity to win a dog show, that’s for sure.

    Although Kiki is the title character, most of the scenes were likely cut because Matt’s downward spiral is the biggest part of this episode. Christian’s arc, including why he became so invested in Kiki after initially blowing it off, is not explored enough. He claims that working on Kiki has made him forget about The Carver (which is probably a lie), but it isn’t given enough time to convince the audience of either argument. Therefore, the impact of Kiki’s death, and the added affect that Christian isn’t forgetting The Carver that easily, isn’t as strong as they were hoping.

    Christian’s reduced presence in this episode also hurts the ongoing resentment he has towards new partner Quentin Costa. We still get some good moments, as Christian brushed off Quentin’s complimenting Liz as coming on to her. But the one moment that will stay with viewers is his odd comments about working in Africa and blood oaths. This is meant to draw some suspicion that Quentin could be The Carver. Of course, each of the characters will have moments like these throughout the season until The Carver’s identity is revealed.

    One aspect missing in the season premiere was Matt’s feelings following the Ava fall out. They made up for it this week. We see that he still has intense feelings for her as evidenced in his fantasy where he remembers the extra ticket still at Ava’s house. Of course, he doesn’t know that Adrian’s rotting corpse is there. One thing I wish they explained was how much time had passed between seasons. Considering the rate of decomposition, it had to have been some time.

    Both Sean and Julia are brought in as Matt is being questioned. They initially rule it as a suicide, but they still want to question Ava, leaving the door open for her return. Sean’s surprise when he finds out that Matt was planning on finding her is a bit of surprise in itself; he must’ve known that having Ava leave wouldn’t erase her from Matt’s memory. To keep Matt, Sean reveals Ava’s secret. Obviously this was a bad decision, and that’s not taking in the fact that Sean didn’t consult Julia or Christian before.

    This revelation sets off a chain of events that send Matt into territory darker than he’s ever been before. Later that night, Matt gets drunk, and curses out Sean, even playing the “you’re not my real dad” card. Matt begins to question his own sexuality and the truth isn’t one he’s ready to face. He already sees transgendered people as “sick and disgusting”. Therefore, any exploration would be a disaster. Erica pointed it out very well when they were smoking weed together. Repressing his feelings, especially with rage, is going to cause him a lot of pain, as we saw at the end of this episode.

    Erica also provides one of the rare moments of levity, when Julia walks in on her smoking. I'm not sure if Erica re emersion in marijuana is possibly a long term story for Erica, but as a one off scene, it’s good stuff. Julia’s confused about how someone who grew inside her would turn out this way. Erica seems to be happy knowing that she’s a better mother by comparison. I'm sure such guilt will persist with the parents for a long time, especially as Matt gets darker and his humanity fades.

    Matt decides to explore his feelings by visiting a transgendered bar. After some doubt, his subconscious manifests as Ava. Of course, this side of him argues that he should pursue what pleases him, regardless of whatever it’s labeled. Although Ava wasn’t born a woman, she still pleased him more than anyone else has. This thought convinces him to go somewhere private with someone he meets.

    Initially he seems willing to experiment, but when he discovers that she is a pre-op he, we see Matt’s unadulterated brutality. He proceeds to beat him severely as we see later in this episode. It’s an absolutely disgusting and unsettling mix of rage and self hatred. The episode ends with a violent confrontation when Matt’s victim and his friends gang up on Matt for revenge. This event stands to be a turning point in both Matt’s story and for the season arc.

    John Hensley, as Matt, delivers one of his strongest performances to date. During the scene where he shaves his head, his attitude and mannerisms are downright scary. Matt has a history of being cruel; he’s left his friend to rot in prison, he broke Vanessa’s heart, but this is a devastating new low. You really don’t know what he’s capable of now. Shedding his hair was a symbolic shedding of his old identity and the new identity is angry and violent.

    On the other side of that equation is of Marlon, the former gang member trying desperately to shed his image and start a new, nonviolent life. However, his past life isn’t as easy to get away from as having his gang tattoos removed. Many places won’t hire him because of his criminal record. And after one unsuccessful search, he encounters the gang bangers who don’t want him to go clean. They chase him and beat him.

    The gang chasing Marlon is paralleled to the transgendered kids chasing Matt, each culminating in a vicious attack. It’s interesting to see how these two characters’ situations are similar, but different. Both are attempting to shed an image, but they’re going in different directions. Marlon is trying to make a peaceful life for himself, while Matt is descending into a world of violence. Both men meet similar fates which will be a critical moment for their stories (assuming that we see Marlon again). But Matt doesn’t see any problem with his trip toward violent self destruction. It’ll be interesting to see if he ever does.

    This episode is one of Nip/Tuck’s edgiest, most disturbing episodes. Matt’s anger dealing with his sexual identity, hoisted by some superb acting, is at times relatable and other times revolting. Even without The Carver, just mentioned so we don’t forget him, this season is shaping up to be the darkest yet. Thankfully, they included some comic relief, as Vanessa Redgrave with a bong can only provide. But I don’t think Ryan Murphy and his team have any plans to take this season off the course through the darkest valleys they can imagine.
  • Boundary-pushing, taboo-facing, wild scenarios meant to use drama to bring out insights into relationships, sexuality, and identity. Exactly why I love Nip/Tuck.

    I was wondering how Nip/Tuck could get anymore lurid, revealing, insightful, and daring. The stars have been promoting this season as the most daring yet, but I was skeptical.

    But, this episode was boundary-pushing taboo stuff. Though less time was spent with the familiar characters and their current tensions in light of the outrageous plot, it was worth it. The surgery with the gorilla was an amazing plot, which felt like it almost went by too quickly, with not enough insight into evolutionary biology and sexuality taken from it.

    The anger, shame, violence, and questions of sexual identity that Matt felt though was completely relatable. I didn't expect him to go ape-crazy on the transsexual though. (And I can't believe I'm writing this sentence in regards to a television show.) But it felt raw and real, not sanitized and made morally correct by television. The consequences made it even more so. Cutting between Matt and the gangbanger was ingenious, as you understood that they both felt like outsiders from the world. It felt like too many plots were going on, but the energy and the drama was maintained throughout the episode as a result. With the abrupt ending, I'm thinking that the plots will be carried on in future episodes, so that hopefully will allow Ryan Murphy and co., to go back and mine some more out of all the swirling sexual identity, relationship, drug bonding, outsider notions, shameful anger, etc. swirling out of these stories.

    Damn. Can't wait. Bring it on.
  • Great episode, shows a lot of things that main shows will never touch like the world of transexuals.

    I loved the bong scenes, it\'s nice to see a show showing that marijuana isn\'t the antichrist. The transexual scenes in the club were very revealing as well, the kind of thing you\'d never see in normal cable tv espically in today\'s conservative right government. Does anyone know the name of the song that played at the end as character x and character x were being chased? (I don\'t want to spoil anything).
  • beatings aplenty

    wow this episode definitely continued the shocks of nip/tuck. ape beating ape to death, transsexuals beating matt, gangbangers beating ex-banger, wow! but still where's the carver? last season it was every episode with a new victim. but suddenly nothing.who could it be? the look on chrisitan's face when he heard kiki died was great. he keeps trying to be a good person and then it all falls apart on him. and dont get me started on matt, the way hes reacting is completely understandable but damn its shocking. great acting and even better writing.
  • Christian performs surgery on a gorilla, Matt finds out that Eva was a transexual, and Julia's mom shows up to help her deal with Matt.

    This was a great episode. Nip/Tuck is best when a scene just makes your jaw drop, and this is exactly what this episode did.

    I have never felt such sympathy for an animal until I saw Kiki. And I have never seen such anger portrayed by a TV character until I saw Matt brutally beat a transexual.

    The writers of this show know just what limits to push. Bravo.
  • OHMIGOD!!!! I LOVE THIS SHOW. It was off the wall, Matt is going crazy bizarre, shaving his head, and almost having sex with a transvestite, who he maliciously beats to a pulp. Julia and Mom are hitting the bong, and Matt and grandma bond over a toke.

    With each episode, this series never fails to leave me almost speechles. Although it's storyline is around re-construction of an ape's face, the brilliance in the writing is in Matt's rage. He goes to Ava's to try to find the plane ticket, and finds her son dead, decayed and maggotts were all over. He starts drinking and smoking pot, and has a wild tryst with a "chick with a D----" This humiliates him, and he literally takes all his rage from Ava, his parents, Christian, everything, out on him. He gets jumped in the end of the episode by the he/she, and all of his friends. I definatley will remember this episode for a long time to come.
  • Matt's back, and he is ticked.

    "S3x02 - Kiki" was pretty wild. There was a lot to cover with Matt and I completely get why they left him almost completely out of the premiere.

    Matt is entirely alienated from his family. Erica is the only member of his family he can even deal with (and I have to say I really loved Red all the way through this episode). But he shouldn't have worried. Last year, they discussed why as a transsexual, Ava went after sexually inexperienced men -- so they wouldn't figure out what was going on with her.

    And Matt hadn't.

    Of course one wishes Adrian had been taken care of, but Ava just left, which says something about her. Matt finding him was troubling, and finding out that Ava had been a man was devastating for him.

    But he was attracted to Ava because she was an extraordinarily beautiful woman. He's questioning himself, but they had to really construct that questioning between Sean and Erica.

    I don't think Matt is gay, but he for sure is confused. The way he went off on that pre-op displayed a violence nothing can explain beyond self-loathing.

    The patient-as-metaphor was acceptance -- the imperfection of a scar on Kiki (and to be honest, I'd have gone with artificial insemination than facial reconstruction, myself, simply because of the danger to Kiki's life), the significance of 'banger tatts, and the meaning of beauty and attraction. Matt shaved off his beautiful hair because someone thought he was a tranny. His self-image is so deeply damaged.

    And it was a nice moment for Red and Julia to bond. They were so beautiful together, and the energy in that scene was wonderful. Of course they had to be high to not be sniping at each other, but it was a beautiful, beautiful moment.

    This was a very, very sad episode. Beyond Red and Julia, the strained and broken relationships all lay exposed and writhing at the end of it. Sean was so angry, as was Matt, and Christian was at the changing dynamic in the office.

    Wonder what the vibe between Julia and Christian is now?

    Let the healing commence.
  • All right, now this is what I'm talking about! Nip/Tuck is REALLY back now!

    Wow ... this ep was WAY better than last week's season opener.

    Damn ... that body was completely deteriorated! I almost forgot that Adrian had killed himself last season, and when Matt walked in on the body, damn! I guess over the course of 11 months the maggots had completely devoured the flesh ... pretty gross.

    And Matt wouldn't believe he'd been screwing a transsexual all last season, even after Sean tried to tell him! What a moron!

    "She slings her poo around" (Christian on the gorilla) - f-ing hilarious!

    It was pretty intense the scene between Matt and Sean .... esp. when he played the "your not my real father" card!

    I really felt for that ex-convict guy ... the things he said .... really makes you sick how society views criminals ... even after they've paid their debt and cleaned themselves up.

    OMG ........ one of the coolest Nip/Tuck scenes ever! Matt was ready to screw that transsexual right there! Then he finds out he/she's pre-op and starts beating the hell out of him/her! WTF is his problem? Screwed up kid really thinks the operation makes that big of a difference? I mean come on! It's either a real penis or a MUTILATED one. Dumbass.

    And oh man!!! After everything Christian did, the male gorilla still killed the female one! She was killed, dammit!

    And damn! I loved that pot-smoking session with Julia and whats-her-name ... that was pretty cool.

    OMFG ... this is why Nip/Tuck completely pwned ... this was why this episode brought me back on the boat COMPLETELY!!! A band of transsexuals chased down Matt and beat his ass down! Then they took out their d*cks and peed all over him, symbolizing ... preop transsexual dominance???

    And at the same time the excon's old gang members chased him down as well and used their various weapons to recreate the scars on his face ... oh well... sucks for him!

    All right, now this is what I'm talking about! Nip/Tuck is REALLY back now!

    Charmed, Desperate Housewives, Nip/Tuck, RAW, Smackdown!, and the rest of the gang .... they're all back now! And brand new shows have replaced the ones that have now left us this season ... *sniff* .... well, Supernatural pwns! Bring on this new season! It's AWESOME!