Season 2 Episode 10

Kimber Henry

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 24, 2004 on FX

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  • So alone

    El capítulo más divertido y el más triste al mismo tiempo, todo en uno. El hombre que se pone pechos para hacer un libro, su mujer que se da cuenta que es homosexual (por qué eliminaron la escena en que ella y Liz están en el bar?!), Kimber y su muñeca, very funny! But...
    Las cosas que uno hace para acallar la tristeza... como acostarse con la primera persona que se cruza para curar el amor perro, o Julia intentando (poniendo su vida en peligro) seducir a un hombre.
    Buen capítulo, de los que quedan en la memoria. Deberían darle más pantalla a Liz!!!!
  • Guys and Dolls

    Kimber was so great in this episode. While it's depressing that she's ended up in the porn industry, you can tell she has her head screwed on right, seeing her sex doll as a "business opportunity", instead of some new way to become a bigger whore or something. I also liked that she acted generally nice toward people, especially Julia. Kimber's conversation with Sean about masochism was particularly intelligent for her to be talking about, and it looked like Kelly Carlson enjoyed exploring that side of her character. She's an awesome actress, and when given material like this she can shine.

    I found Sean's treatment of Julia unnecessarily cruel. Yes, Julia did something wrong, but you have to see things from her perspective. She only recently discovered that Matt isn't Sean's son, and realizes that one foolish night in college resulted in the breakdown of her marriage seventeen years later. But Sean was plain nasty to her, especially when he revelled in her discomfort at Kimber's presence the morning after they slept together.

    I wasn't a huge fan of the Ike Connors subplot. I actually agreed with Sean that it was mostly a publicity stunt, and I was never hugely convinced by it being something to make him "better understand his wife's cancer". Plus the revelation that Amy was questioning her sexuality seemed a little tagged-on and unnecessary. Eh, by far the low point of an otherwise great episode.

    Featuring a memorable but ultimately depressing sex scene between Sean and a plastic doll, Kimber Henry was a powerful episode with a series-best performance by Kelly Carlson.

    Director: Nelson McCormick
    Writer: Jennifer Salt
    Rating: A-
  • A very intense episode, some of the most uncommon of things has happend on this very episode...

    THE most shocking thing for me on this episode was J.K Simmons appearance on it and especial the boob-job he got and the character he played here, i know its stupid to think that an actor is what he plays but it happenes, and in he's case, him playing Schillinger on oz left a very hard imprint of my oppinion on him...
    Anyhow, returning to the shocking things, apple martinys suck...and Absinthe rocks (is it really ilegal in the US ? cause here its not). Kimber sleeping with sean is creazy, and the whole scene with julia and the sex-perv is completly off the hook.
    and the scene with the miss kimber doll in bed asleep is fake!, it clearly showed real skin at first and then it turned to the doll after the message.
  • It was a fun episode, but it just felt like a filler.


    I was pleasantly surprised with the changes Kimber has made since we last saw her. While she is still into pornography (now she's strangely making life size sex dolls), she actually seems to be somewhat stable and on her feet; not relying on others to succeed anymore. Kimber is much more interesting when she's not so pathetic and vulnerable (although she is unfortunately still in love with Christian).

    While I think Kimber and Sean's new relationship is fun, I just don't think there's any way it can last. Both of them were just reaching out to one another in a time of convenience. Sean was on the rebound from Julia and Kimber received kindness and respect from Sean (something Christian or Bobolit never gave her), so it was just natural for both of them to fall into each other's arms. Sean was only kissing Kimber and calling her sweet names (when Julia arrived) to make Julia jealous, so I doubt his interest in Kimber is anything deep.

    One of the benefits from Sean and Julia's split for me is that it leads to a good introspection period for Julia (which will be explored further in upcoming episodes). Even though Sean and Julia have split up, Julia still is dependent on Sean. While I don't blame her for calling somebody for help with the violent Roger, calling Sean just made her seem weaker in his eyes. Julia has always been reliant on somebody else to survive, and she needs to learn how to take care of her self now.

    Final Notes and Quotes

    - Christian: “Your husband does have a point. Everyone has their own level of tolerance for pain.”

    - It was very weird for me seeing J.K. Simmons (Pope from The Closer) with boob implants.

    - Kimber requesting an operation for her doll was just plain silly.

    - Sean really has been treating Julia harshly, and she did have somewhat of a point when she asked why Sean has been able to forgive Christian but not her. While Sean may not have completely forgiven Christian like Julia thinks Sean was pretty amiable with Christian today, which is something that can't be said about his relationship with Julia.

    - I have to say that Joely Richardson looked extremely hot dressed up for the “hooker bar”.

    - Outstanding performance of the week: Both Dillon Walsh and Joely Richardson did a good job today.

    - Ike Conners: (to his wife) “Oh that’s rich. I get these breasts so I can be more in touch with my feminine side and what they’ve accomplished is putting you more in touch with your inner dyke.”

    Final Rating: It was a fun episode, but it just felt like a filler. 2 out of 4 stars.

    - Tim Bronx
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  • Ike wants female breats; Sean and Kimber have sex; Julia was mistaken for a hooker by some sleezy guy named Roger.

    This is the first time I've watched this show and I think it's weird. Maybe I caught it on a wrong day but I just found it completely strange that Ike got female breasts to sort of see how his wife went through. Unfortunately, it had a negative effect and he wanted them removed and the Mrs thinks she may be bisexual.

    Kimber's doll, personally I found just weird because it looked very real and what shocked me the most was when Sean just lost it and actually had full sex with the doll. And those parts when it would be doll Kimber and then cut to it as if it were real Kimber. Then, the real Kimber came in and Sean had sex with her. Julia came in and seemed pissed.

    So she made herself look a little younger and wear a slinky black dress and go to a hooker bar and nearly hook up with some guy named Roger.

    It's all strange to me, basically this seems like softcore porn on cable. It's probably worse on other episodes but I didn't think it was all that great that I should recommend it to my friends, yet it was just bizarre. I guess this was somewhat mediocre. But I'm giving it a 7.6 anyway to be nice.
  • Of what Television has come to. Actions that bring about whatever illicit gratification but no significant contributions whatsoever.

    My view of it was that it was totally outlandish and exactly what I would expect to see on TV. Where do they get these story lines and who/what kind of minds can come up with this stuff. There have been times when I actually thought that just maybe some of the things we see on TV shows are images that mirror the very soul/minds of the real life people who come up with them.
  • These Boobs Are Made For Walking Written by Jennifer Salt Directed by Nelson McCormack

    Did you ever notice that so much time has passed since a certain recurring character has reacquainted themselves with McNamara and Troy that you wonder why you haven’t noticed their absence or really cared about it either?

    The character in question this time around is Kimber. Last time we saw here, she was a strung out junkie with acting aspirations and now she’s a porn star. Oh wait, I already knew that but now so does Sean and Christian when she has a consultation for her vagina to be moulded in order to make her sex doll look more authentic. Christian, not interested in renewing ties with Kimber wants to turn this particular job until Sean reminds him of how much they stand to make as a result of this operation.

    I’ve never been a fan of Kimber but this episode had me relent on the character in a few ways. I liked that she didn’t up and leave when Sean was the one who did her mould and their conversation about masochism and trust raised some interesting points. In my opinion Kimber is partly a masochist because most people wouldn’t put up with Christian the way she has but Sean was right to tell her she was kind. This episode proved it too. I loved how she didn’t freak out after Sean confessed to having sex with her doll (I wonder how much stick Dylan Walsh got for that?), her sensitivity towards Sean’s problems with Julia and she was rather dignified with Julia too.

    As for Sean and Kimber as a couple, I know it’s not going to last and this pairing is merely out of convenience for both of them, so while I’m not particularly rooting for them, I’m not totally against this coupling either. It certainly beats watching Sean be miserable but one thing I didn’t love was Sean gloating his relationship in order to goad Christian. It felt far too obvious and although Christian doesn’t love Kimber, he was definitely pissed off with Sean dating her. Sean and Christian were rather chummy in this episode but you’d be foolish to think that all is well with them.

    At least Sean is civilised with Christian. Poor Julia doesn’t even get that as Sean ups his hostility towards her. Getting a paternity test for Annie, arguing over a waffle iron, threatening to change the locks, it was even nastier to watch than Federico and Vanessa in Season 4 Six Feet Under. As much as I feel bad for the guy, I don’t think Julia deserves to treated the way she did tonight. It was hypocritical of her to slate Sean’s choices though but unfortunately Julia seems to be taking a downward spiral as her attempts to get laid to a guy named Roger starts off nicely at first but all too quickly turns sour when she freaks over a fetish of his and Roger gets too aggressive and a frightened Julia calls Sean. In the end, Sean is disgusted with her turn of events and the last shot of Julia is terrible to watch.

    Also in “Kimber Henry”

    Other patient of the week: Ike Connors, a well respected writer has a breast augmentation as solidarity to his wife’s cancer ordeal. Instead the fake boobs cause him too much pain and reveal a secret about his wife’s sexuality. Brilliant guest star in J.K Simons though.

    Christian: “Heads up”
    Liz: “I assume this is some male bonding by which your partnership is being reaffirmed”.

    Christian: “You’re officially a whore now”
    Kimber: “Wrong, I’m a business woman”.

    Character bits: Christian is still sour about Kimber trying to stab him in “Sophia Lopez Part 2”, legal proceedings between Sean and Julia have started and Kimber’s video from “Mrs Grubman” has shifted 40,000 copies.

    Sean: “Maybe I’m old fashioned but I like a woman with a few flaws and a brain”
    Christian: “And where did that get you?”

    Liz made a comment in the beginning that reminded me of The Carver’s epitaph. That plot hasn’t been forgotten, right?

    Ike (re breasts): “This is pain, this is the real deal. Just like an elephant stamping on my nads”.

    Sean: “Don’t you think it’s a little strange that I made out with your doll?”
    Kimber: “I’d think there’d be something wrong with you if you didn’t”.

    I liked some of the ideas Ike had for his book – Men Are Pussies, Women Are Lions etc. No wonder Liz approved of his decision to get breasts.

    Roger (re absinthe): “It makes you horny as hell”
    Julia: “I don’t need absinthe to feel horny”.

    Sean: “I got laid real good. By Kimber”
    Christian: “How much did you pay her?”

    No Matt in this episode. Chronology wise, it’s a couple of weeks since “Rose And Raven Rosenberg”.

    Roger (re Julia): “I’m sorry if I was insensitive but if you don’t want people to think you’re a hooker, then you don’t dress like one”
    Sean: “You’re the kind of asshole that thinks all women are hookers”.

    Standout music: “A Boy Named Sue” by Johnny Cash and “Machine Says Yes” by FC Kahuna.

    This wasn’t a bad episode. Not a huge highlight either but something about “Kimber Henry” was very watchable if only average to the usual brilliance we’re used to seing on this series.
  • The words "Filler" and "Not Needed" come to mind...

    Another day at McNamara-Troy, and thankfully, after the events of the last episode, the two are now working together again. There's work to be done...

    The patient this week is a man called Ike Conners. After his wife having breast cancer, Ike visits the surgery with the Mrs and announces he'd like breast implants, merely so he can see what his wife went through. Later on in the episode he requests the doctors remove them again, as his wife seems to be enjoying them a "little too much", all with little characterisation and backstory inbetween.

    I didnt find myself attracted to this story at all, and to be honest, I didnt really enjoy it either. While I totally understood where Ike was coming from to an extent, the notion of a man getting breast implants still seemed a little odd, and made sure I wouldnt fully enjoy the episode. Furthermore it was hard to get attached to the characters, and were generally hard to like. Regardless, J.K Simmons did a great job playing Ike Connors, and made the story slightly more bearable. If only just.

    Another saving grace of this episode was the visual return of Kimber. She also visits the surgery this week, with an equally absurd request as Ike's: make her sex doll's privates more realistic. After much hesitation from Christian, the doctors decide to do it. Sean ends up taking the doll home and out of the office, and it's not long before playtime begins. Still angry at Julia, he vents his frustration on the doll, in yet another, surreal Nip/Tuck scene.

    Kimber visits later on that night looking for the doll. Noticing the mess the doll's in, she realises what Sean has done, and it's not long before they have sex. The next morning Julia visits (uninvited). Discovering what Sean has been upto she leaves in disgust, and later on that night, goes looking for a man, before getting in trouble and calling Sean for help. Deeming her not as independent as she thought she was.

    This episode is full of waay too surreal,weird and generally out of character moments. Things will happen only to be countered later on in the episode, and as a whole, this episode fails to move the series along, seeming nothing more than just filler. Yet again, the writers also abandon the previous storylines, forgetting entirely about both creepy Ava and son, and the Carver.

    I'd be lying if I said I enjoyed this episode, and it didnt do anything to interest me at all. To sum up this episode? Filler, and without a doubt, unpivotal.
  • We see Sean dark side

    Wow, where do i start with this episoide, i think i will start with the patient 'man wanting boobs', i as a guy was deeply distrubed by this i mean i don't care how much u love someone i wouldn't do that but OMG, i can't believe that he found out his wife might be gay as result, i felt so bad for that guy. he doesn't deserve that and if u really think about it's actually Liz fault i mean she guilted Sean and christian to do, yes he could gone somewhere else to do it, so i should blame her.

    Sean and Kimber, i thought we saw end of her in season 1, trust the writer to bring her back as Sean re-bound women but distrubing the doll, Sean is really angry even after 3-way last week i would of thought it would got it out of his system but look like he's still dealing with it. The good thing about this is shows that Sean isn't a sissy, instead mopping around like little boy, he's getting angry and making sure he can upset Julie, the look on her face when she met Kimber in their house and then the doll. priceless.