Season 5 Episode 11

Kyle Ainge

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 29, 2008 on FX

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  • Did I just want an episode of 'Tales From the Crypt?'

    Least this episode is a step up from the previous one. Firstly, I cannot believe how cool, calm and collected Christian is after killing Gina. So calm is he, he screws Wilbur's teacher - who happens to be biting the children and blaming it on Wilbur. While Christian is screwing her, she bites him. He puts two and two together and threatens to tell the police, she gets her teeth capped so they can't match up the bite marks. Go Figure. This episode's patient is a man who let his wife eat part of his arm while they were trapped in their wrecked car for ten days. Later on in the episode she ends up feeding him part of her arm to kind of even the score. He gets an infection, she ends up on the operating table.
    No sign of Julia this episode which is one of many inconsistencies I've been noticing lately. Sean is acting somewhat normal, not sleeping around and no scenes on that stupid tv show. His agent turns out to be some murderous teddy bear maker who stuffs a rival agent to death because she is fixated on Sean and doesn't want him leaving her. Guess this storyline will go on for a while... *sigh* Come back old Nip/Tuck... I miss you!
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