Season 5 Episode 11

Kyle Ainge

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 29, 2008 on FX

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  • Annoying and not very easy on the stomach, but nerve wracking for sure.

    This was an incredibly twisted episode if you ask me. A wife and a husband feeding eachother their own flesh, Sean's odd agent Colleen killing a high profile agent in a very twisted and weird way, and Wilber's teacher randomly biting children....

    But as out there this episode was, the suspense was there which made it extremely entertaining on a whole.

    The focus of the show has been narrowed down, but that's really not a problem Though, it would be good to hear a word or two about Julia's illness... it's been a while since the Carver so a character like Colleen is actually a breathe of fresh air. I'm sure she won't last long but her creepy presence gives a very unique feeling to every episode she's featured in. The only thing that felt "off" was Christian's calmness. He killed Gina, damn it!

    Though his vision of telling Wilber what happened was priceless. I nominate that to be the scene of the episode.

    Overall, odd episode. Much like Frankenlaure in season 3, this episode did test our stomachs. But unlike that episode, this one was actually relevant to the plot.
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