Season 6 Episode 8

Lola Wlodkowski

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 02, 2009 on FX

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  • Let's Talk About Sex

    This Episode was all about Sex, Sex with fat chicks and hot chicks. Christian encounters Lola this fat chick who wants to get her moles removed. Sean on the other hand, is considering a monogomous relationship because of one of his patients who has one. The scene that he imagened was soo Funny!! The relationship that Liz and Christian have is back to normal which is cool. Julia moved back to New York with the kids. Matt is not in this episode but i am curious to what he has done to that guy in prison. Overall, this episode was not the best but it was entertaining and funny! Rating: B
  • In the Nude for Love

    This was a major filler episode up until the last fifteen minutes. Before that it was only mildly interesting, the hallmarks of the bad script being that Sean and Christian were pretty much only reacting to guest stars, not actually driving any of the storylines.

    The Lola storyline didn't offer any major surprises in relation to Christian. While I liked Danica Sheridan's portrayal of the character, the story didn't really interest me. I did love the Kimber in her fat suit though, and her scene with Christian toward the end was ridiculously sad. They both hate themselves, and Kimber once again just gives into him despite his sleeping around and treating her like crap. Unfortunately with this show emotions and attitudes fluctuate from episode to episode, so with something like the Christian/Kimber relationship, you never know what you're going to get. Which is incredibly frustrating when you're a fan of them as a couple.

    Part of me almost wants them not to end up together now. Like Kimber said, Christian gets back with her because he thinks that she (somebody he pretty much hated up until recently) is all he deserves. Maybe they both deserve better people. I think at least Kimber does.

    The Barbie/Ken subplot was pretty funny, and I liked Sean's fantasy sequence with the '50s outfits and the separate beds. While I saw it coming, I loved that Ken came out of the closet and got together with G.I. Joe.

    Disappointed that Julia once again appears to have been written out. And once again it feels like the writers didn't even prepare for it. There was no indication last episode that Julia was about to abandon Sean and return to New York, yet here we get just one line of dialogue about it. Not cool.

    Besides the excellent last couple of scenes, Lola Wlodkowski was a pretty average episode. Not without some great performances, but lacking in a huge amount of substance.

    Director: Eric Stoltz
    Writers: Lyn Greene, Richard Levine
    Rating: C+
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