Season 5 Episode 12

Lulu Grandiron

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 05, 2008 on FX

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  • Foreboding things to come.

    I liked this episode. The writers have really made an effort to develop the guest characters as much as they can before they get killed off. Colleen's is just plain creepy and it was further enhanced by her murder of Bob in her apartment. Who would have thought she was capable of it? The Kimber/Ram/Eden thing is something that is predictable. Cat fights between Kimber and Eden will just detract or maybe distract from something that is going to happen soon. I've watched this show from day one and have been impressed with it ever since. They've had a few "jump the shark" moments but for the majority of the time it has been entertaining. I don't think they need to pursue the Matt/Emmie thing. That could possibly be the swansong for the show. The undertones of the show referring to actual events and persons is just hilarious. When Christian was interviewing Lulu and her requests I just knew they were referring to the horrifically mutilated Jocelyne Wildenstein aka The Bride of Wildenstein. In any event it was still hilarious when she bleated from her bed, "I'm one hot pusssy".