Season 3 Episode 10

Madison Berg

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 22, 2005 on FX



  • Trivia

    • Music:
      "Wishin' and Hopin'" – Ani DiFranco (Christian performs Kimber's stomach micro-lipo )
      "This is Not a Love Song" {Public Image Limited cover} by Nouvelle Vague (Christian asks Sean and Matt to be his best men at his apartment)
      "Cherish" by The Association (Christian and Sean sample wedding cakes)
      "Atomised" by Forss (Ariel pierces Matt's ear)
      "Honeydew" – Tom Quick (Christian looks at Sean &Julia's wedding photos/Kimber confronts Christian/Kimber informs she's staying at hotel to observe wedding 'tradition')
      "Canon in D Major" by Pachelbell (Christian practices wedding vows with Sean outside church waiting for Matt)
      "Jesu O Joy of Man's Desiring" by Bach (Julia visits Christian as he gets ready for wedding)
      "Canon in D Major" by Pachelbell (REPRISE) - (Kimber waits in dressing area before wedding begins)
      "I've Been Loving You Too Long" – Otis Redding (Sean informs Christian that Kimber left / Matt/Ariel hugging after stealing patient files from McNamara-Troy / Sean sitting w/Christian in church / Sean reveals he'll come back to the practice)

  • Quotes

    • Christian: Maybe I'll always be alone. Maybe thats just the way it's meant to be.
      Sean: You know, you've never really been alone.
      Christian: Really? My bride left me at the altar. My partner left me for a midlife crisis. Am I missing something?
      Sean: I can help you with one of those things. I'd like to come back to the practice.
      Christian: You mean that?
      Sean: I do.

    • Julia: (to Sean and Christian) So much water under the bridge. And here we are. Still standing. Still pretty fantastic. Let's toast us. (hands them glasses) To survival with grace.

    • Julia: Everyone is terrified before their wedding, Christian. You know that cliche about life flashing before your eyes when you die? Well, the same is true of weddings. Every reason that marriage is wrong and impossible rises to the surface. That's why there's so much champagne at weddings.
      Christian: That's why you slept with me. Isn't it?
      Julia: My fears about Sean turned into the need to find out if you were really the one.
      Christian: Theres still something. Someting unresolved between us. After all these years.
      Julia: Sleeping together didn't resolve anything. We simply made a mistake that many people paid dearly for.

    • Kimber: Did he do this to you? All this bitterness as a result of loving you too much?
      Gina: No, I was always a bitch.

    • Ariel: I believe people shouldn't disguise themselves amd hide their identites. I mean, I don't hide who I am. And I would like to know if someone is Asian or Jewish or what their real gender is. And, oh my God, those sex-change operations that plastic surgeons do... did your fathers do any of those?
      Matt: Yeah, I think they did.
      Ariel: That to me is truly immoral. Playing with something that's as sacred as someone's sex. Playing God and spreading disease and fear... I'm not a Nazi, Matt. I am a purist.

    • Matt: (about Ariel's earring) Is that a swastika on it?
      Ariel: It's one of the world's oldest symbols. (Matt laughs) Don't tell me you're gonna freak out about it. People are so ignorant abouit it.
      Matt: Well, it's got some pretty evil connotations, Ariel.
      Ariel: It's on Buddhist prayer wheels and Native American amulets. See, look. It's four Ls. Light. Love. Life. Luck. My dad gave it to me. He's very very smart.

    • Ariel: I'm asking you to address that fact that it's acceptable to make a black person white but not to make a white person black. Michael Jackson is whiter than I am.

    • Christian: How can we be of help?
      Ariel: I want you to dye my skin black.(off their looks) Basically, I want to look African-American.
      Christian: We don't dye people's skin.
      Ariel: No, but you would bleach my skin, wouldn't you?

    • Cake Tasting Hostess: (to Christian and Sean) You two are the most elegant, sharing couple I've ever met. So honest and so generous of spirit.
      (the men hold hands; Christian kisses Sean's hand)
      Christian: Julia's not the one for me, sweetheart. You're the one I want. The only one I want.
      Sean: I love that you love me in that way, baby. Can I try the chocolate? (Christian feeds Sean a forkful of cake) Mmm... divine. Delicious.
      Cake Tasting Hostess: We fly in the chocolate from Belgium. We call this one Forever My Love.
      (the two men start laughing)

    • Sean: Since Julia and I split up, have you and she ever talked about giving it a try?
      Christian: I don't think we've both ever been single at the same time.
      Sean: That's not an answer.
      Christian: I don't harbour any feelings for her if that's what you're asking. I wouldn't do that to you. Again.

    • Kimber: A way to a man's heart is not entrapping him with your tragedy.

    • Kimber: I was hoping you might be a lady about this, Gina.
      Gina: You're no lady and neither am I. You're just the lucky whore who was in the right place at the right time.

    • Wedding Planner: (overhearing Sean and Christian's conversation) I'm sorry, I just have to say something: I've been doing this for a lot of years, and you two are the most elegant, sharing couple I've ever met.

    • Julia: (to Christian after kissing) That was your wedding present to you from me.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • "You had me at Matt the wierdo" is a riff on the famous line from Jerry Maguire: "You had me at hello."

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