Season 5 Episode 19

Manny Skerritt

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 10, 2009 on FX

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  • An original episode.

    Original episode with plenty of humor and character development.

    A man comes into the practice named Manny Skerritt who wants his penis reduced in size so will stop pleasing himself orally. Before the surgery starts the new anesthesiologist Dr. Theodora "Teddy" Rowe and Sean start taking pictures with the mans penis and Aidan Stone comes into the operating room to get information and finds out about Manny who can pleasure himself orally.

    Aidan Stone is pitching a playwright to Sean about his life. The problem is that is sucks. They want to pay him 350K but Sean does not want his name tarnished and is refusing him. Teddy is talking to Sean encouraging him to go for it.

    The sad part of this episode is Kimber is pushing Christian to inject botox and other chemicals into her daughters, his granddaughters lips so that she can get modeling spots and bring in a lot of money. Christian refuses and Kimber starts injecting them into her daughters lips herself until she goofs it up making her lips lopsided and Christian has to fix it. In the end, Christian looks in the mirror like he had sold his soul.

    Aidan Stone in no in to see Sean & Christian to get a halo taken off of his head from a broken neck and want inches added to his penis so he can pleasure himself. It appears that he broke his neck trying to do just that. While under Sean takes a picture of his before enlargement penis which is described as very small by Teddy for leverage if he doesn't get what he wants in the Sean McNamara screenplay that Aidan is writing.

    The major character development coming out of this episode is Christian becoming more responsible. He is being responsible about the pictures Sean and Teddy were taking and very responsible about the injections into his granddaughters lips. He didn't have sex with a single woman in this episode. Are we in for a new Christian in the upcoming season.
  • The Deadly Tightrope Written by Ryan Murphy Directed by Dirk Wallace Craft

    Kimber (to Christian, re Jenna): "Collagen's a natural substance. Babies get their ears pierced. Do you consider that child abuse?"

    While I don't consider piercing a child's ear as abuse, it does however look stupid and wanting to shove botox into your child's lips is even more stupid. Then again, this is Kimber and stupidity does circle around her quite a bit.

    Three episodes ago, she showed a lack of sympathy for Christian getting cancer and now she's harassing him to put botox into his grandchild's lips. Kimber really doesn't know when to stay away. I know you can argue that the reason why she wouldn't dare ask Sean would be that she'd be afraid of the response he'd give her but still, why ask Christian?

    Maybe deep down she's hung up on him still or maybe every other surgeon really did turn her down flat. Either way, every time as a viewer you assume Kimber can't become any denser, she manages to outdo herself. Seriously, how is this woman allowed to be parent?

    Christian to his credit actually had the good sense to turn her down flat and even threatened to fight for custody of Jenna if she pursued. Unfortunately this was one of his emptier of threats as he allowed himself to listen to Kimber's reasons behind wanting botox on Jenna's lips.

    It seems that Kimber wants modelling to run into the family and because Jenna doesn't have full lips, she might not score more beneficial contracts. Personally at eighteen months, Jenna's life shouldn't have something as insane as that hanging over her head.

    Also by the time both Steve 1 and Steve 2 arrived on screen, I really wanted to punch them both. Emitting every bad stereotype, these two jerks along with a string of judges only Kimber's stupid desire to have Jenna subjected to botox.

    Christian actually thought that by becoming Jenna's manager, he'd do something good and prove Kimber. When he didn't, he nearly went through with Kimber's demand. Luckily for viewers, Christian had enough of a conscience to turn her down so Kimber ended up shooting her own child with botox.

    For Kimber, this is easily the most despicable thing she has ever done on this show. Because of it, Christian had to shoot Jenna with more of the stuff in order to salvage the hack job Kimber did. It certainly explained his loathing and last scene with Jenna prior to one of her shoots.

    I'm not exactly sure if Kimber taking the fall for Christian is something to be viewed as heroic or nice. Actually I am and it's not. Its Kimber fault all the way. All Christian was clean up her mess and fix his granddaughter. Still Matt was justified in his anger.

    However Matt wasn't justified in attacking Christian with an empty syringe. Matt really should get his facts in order before going off on one. You'd think someone with his kind of history would know that but this is the second week in a row in which I've felt sorry for him.

    I also liked him for lamenting on Kimber's mothering skills. However while he was utterly true about them, there was also a degree of truth in her calling him a loser. Matt really does need to get his act together if he wants to be a good parent to Jenna.

    As for Liz, one week in and I'm still missing her. Sean misses her too and so does Christian, despite his crap attempts to hide. At least Sean blamed Christian's departure without getting too uppity about the whole thing. And it was Sean who decided to hire a replacement.

    This meant the much hyped appearance from Teddy or Theodora Rowe. Hiring Katee Sackhoff was a brilliant choice because even without the Battlestar Galactica association, the woman is without a doubt one of the best actresses on TV right now and she's perfect for this show.

    Teddy's pretty much a liberal spirit kind of girl and with any luck that won't mean that she becomes a psychopath in later episodes. Her flirting with Sean was cute and while her "Live Fast Die Young" mantra reeked off clichés, she injected some much needed fun into this episode.

    Taking pictures of Manny's penis prior to surgery might not have been the most professional thing to have done but it was nice for once to see Sean lighten up. Also there wasn't any time wasted in hooking the pair of them up either. Please Nip/Tuck writers; let Sean and Teddy's relationship stay on the fun side.

    Also on the side of fun was the return of Aidan. You'd think with Matt revealing his acting aspirations last week that Aidan would've served as a device for him. Instead Aidan wanted to make a biopic on Sean and even resorted to getting Manny to try and sue McNamara/Troy when things weren't going his way.

    However given that Aidan is such a buffoon, he soon ended up on Sean and Christian's mercy when he nearly broke his neck. Let's just say that there are some taste tests that you shouldn't partake in. In other words, don't do a Manny Skerritt.

    So Manny's problem was that he could pleasure himself orally. When he got down on the floor, I really was hoping that we weren't going to get a demonstration. Hats off to Supernatural actor Mischa Collins. Aside from the self-pleasuring, Manny might be one of the more normal clients that we've had in recent episodes. Also in "Manny Skerritt"

    Why was the "Previously On" bit for this episode so long? I could understand it with "Ronnie Chase" but here it felt so unnecessary.

    Manny: "Will you stop with the judgemental looks. Don't tell me you guys have never tried it."
    Christian: "That close."

    I had to laugh with Christian. His only interaction with Teddy was his attempts to fire her and that sank.

    Christian: "Let me be clear, Kimmy. I will never ever do another surgery on you again."
    Kimber (re Jenna): "Well that's great because I look and feel great. I'm not the one who needs the touch up, she does."

    Sean: "How do your patients react to your uplifting tattoos?"
    Theodora: "I've only gotten complaints from other physicians. Uptight old farts."

    Where exactly is Ram nowadays? Kimber hasn't mentioned whether or not they're still with each other.

    Steve 1 (to Christian, re Amber): "She was a beautiful girl before the botox; she's a beautiful girl now. The only difference is her college fund is full."

    Sean (reading the script): "You killed Christian?"
    Aidan: "I didn't know what to do with his character any more."

    Having Morgan Fairchild play Colleen was a good casting choice. Having Sean also be in the CIA for Aidan's script was similarly funny. Aidan is certainly no threat to Kevin Costner.

    Theodora (re Manny's penis "Nom must stay."
    Linda: "Nom must stay home at night and play with that thing. Oh yeah!"

    Aidan: "I know it's hard to believe but I'm not really a doctor."
    Manny: "Oh, okay. I'm sorry, who are you?"

    Aidan called his script "The Deadly Tightrope". Also who replaced Sean as the lead on Hearts And Scalpels?

    Matt: "Kimber, alley cats who dump their litter in gutters make better mothers than you."

    Theodora: "Of all time? Sean, you should go hang out with Mr Skerritt. You two have so much in common. You both love blowing yourselves."

    Standout music: "Suspicious Character" by The Blood Arm. Was it appropriate that it was played during Aidan's surgery?

    Kimber (to Christian): "Don't worry grandpa, your reputation is safe. I'll take the fall. Everyone thinks I'm a horrible mother anyway."

    Chronology: Over a year since "Carly Summers" if Jenna's eighteen months old.

    I have to admit that in spite of the Jenna angle, "Manny Skerritt" actually marks a serious return to form for this series. Everyone's motivations were mostly understandably, Theodora showed promise as a character and there were too many scenes that had in hysterics. I actually loved this episode a lot.
  • Kimber sinks to a new low

    "Tell me what you don't like about yourself" I can imagine that Sean and Christian never thought they would see the day that a man wanted a penis REDUCTION. And the reason behind it was Seems Manny Skerritt had a problem. He compulsively satisfied himself orally. We also get to meet the new anasthesiologist this week. Teddy. I don't know what I think of her just yet. She seems like the naughty girl in school that every guy wanted to get with. She had Sean breaking the rules in no time. Christian wasn't happy with that, which I found pretty ironic considering how many patients he has bedded. Oh yes, let me not forget about Kimber. Seems she wants baby Ava to be a baby supermodel and the only way that can happen is to plump up her lips. The reasons she gave Christian played at his heartstrings (not for Kimber, but for Ava) I really dislike Kimber this season. She has turned into a cold and manipulative witch. She had no guilt about what she did to her child, whereas Christian showed genuine remorse for his part in it. I dont know if Kimber will ever grow a conscience, maybe Christian killed that part of her with the way he treated her for most of the series. This whole ep was set against the backdrop story of Aidan trying to buy the rights to Seans story with Colleen. I really wasnt jazzed to see Aidan again, although he did provide some comic relief when we found out how he broke his neck. :)
    Looks like next week is going to bring even more drama and I can't wait. I was glad to NOT see Julia this episode, but I wonder if we will ever see the kids again?
  • Suck It and See

    Just when you thought Nip/Tuck's characters couldn't become more reprehensible and gross, along comes baby collagen injections and playing around with an unconscious patient's penis.

    Bradley Cooper was awesome, as always. His Deadly Tightrope scenes alongside Morgan Fairchild (uncanny impersonation of Sharon Gless, by the way) were hilarious, while all the Hollywood in-jokes scattered throughout the dialogue were great (loved the "Paddy D... Dempsey" line). I couldn't help but think Ryan Murphy was being ironic when Aidan mentioned cutting boring characters like Julia from the script, and killing off Christian as he doesn't know what to do with him anymore. Julia's done nothing this season besides getting ashes thrown in her face, while Christian is becoming more of an assh*le by the episode. Could Murphy actually be getting tired of this show?

    I'm a little ambivalent when it comes to Dr Teddy Rowe. Katee Sackhoff was great (unsurprisingly, since the BSG fans treat her like the second coming), but the character is too much of a pain in the ass for me. While I like that she's bringing Sean out of himself, her scenes with Manny Skerritt's ginormo-penis came off a little embarrassing and (I know I'm coming off Church Lady here, but whatever) obviously unprofessional.

    The continued annihilation of Kimber reached new levels of evilness, although I guess she has a point about Jenna. I liked her conversation with Christian about how screwed up they are due to their lack of love as children, but that motivation was ruined by how completely insane Kimber's scheme is anyway. Injecting your 18 month-old child with poison to get her a modeling gig is just nasty, and the latest in a long run of actions that have made Kimber and Christian plain gross people. They really are made for each other. Still, I loved how the ending was written, with a twist I genuinely wasn't expecting.

    One short moment I really liked was when Kimber and Christian visited the modeling audition, and Kimber remarked that it was "so Hollywood". When in fact, it was merely a bleak, badly lit room filled with a panel of aggressive casting agents and a cheap backdrop showing a sunny beach. Awesomely depressing.

    Yet another sexual fetish was unveiled on the show, and at least this one had a lot more ('scuse me) bite than that baby fetish earlier this season. Aidan's reaction to Manny's penis was hysterical, as was his attempts at covering up his own "self-sucking gone wrong".

    An enjoyable episode, but one that again pushed the characters into new lows. It's all well and good to keep your characters flawed, but the show needs to learn that one day Christian and Kimber's actions will go too far (if they haven't already) and drive away their fans. If the show wants to end with its characters finding some kind of peace and experiencing personal growth, this isn't the way to go about it. Unless Nip/Tuck will actually end with everyone wading through deep seas of garbage, depression, loneliness and misery...

    Director: Dirk Wallace Craft
    Writer: Ryan Murphy
    Rating: B
  • Kimber wants her daughter to have lip collogen injection and she is onle 18 months! Sean has a new love intrest which makes him do career threatening things, Christian is trying to stop Kimber from doing stuff to the daughter, very good episode!!!!!!

    In thid episode, Skerritt wants a penis reduction because he keeps sucking on it. Kimber wants to inject lip collogen to her 18 month daughter so she can become a model! How crazy?? Sean as in love with this new anesthesialogist and she makes him do dangourous things which can be career threatening! This episode is very good with a very intrugiung plot, it seems like something really BAD is going to happen within the next 3 episodes i mean i am looking for an intense finale!!! Next episode looks really good Tune In!! It looks like Christian will propose to Liz and Sean is gonna get into some trouble!! CANNOT WAIT!